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  1. I knew that someone one day would make a remix of the Mansion song! One day me and my friend, were watching a speed demo of Castlevania II:Simons Quest, and wondering "What if someone did a metal version of this song?" And lo and behold someone did do it, and to our surprise it was really good! Kudos on making it how it sounds!
  2. I've practically already praised you in the topic concerning of you playing most of this song with that bag over your head (which was the shite by the way) But being a long time Castlvania fan, (since numero 1) This does justice to Clockwork, so including I like me some piano solos often, so again, Dshu, great job!
  3. Yeah, I agree, this Finale is rather good (but like the others have mentioned, I want the rest...) But I loved the them of the WEAPONs in FFVII, so having it orchestrated along with the Highwind theme is well, nirvana for me, hehe, so (I know I'm gonna end up saying this to all the remixes I like) Thanks for making this for us FF fans! Also, has anyone else noticed how the middle sounds well very Star Wars like? I thought it was just me, but I was told that also by a friend, so I thought that was rather interesting
  4. I've always welcomed Megaman Remixes and this is no execption, this is really supurb of how it follows the Robot Museum exactly, which I guess is a plus for me, but besides that, I love how the tempo is and how much energy you can feel from it, its cool and thanks for making one for us Capcom and Megaman fans
  5. I loved this remix, simply because it captured the anxious waiting of being in the same area as Mother Brain, and pretty much the energy you feel from being close to beating the game, but besides that, I thought the way the Remix sounded was really on the top of my list
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