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  1. My opinion is that the Hammer itself is useless to me. It can make a match that's going so good to something that completely leaves you assfaced. Meh, I love the item control. Off all the way.
  2. I suppose that it would be good practice. As with every other DDR available. Hmm, you think they'd do wireless pads?
  3. Guilty Gear X2 and basically any other one after that in my case has got to be one of the most balanced 2D fighting games I've ever seen. That and the music isnt too bad either. Basically the fact that everyone there has something to do with something with rock, or is directly influenced off something makes it alot more interesting. Cant wait for Accent Core to come out for the Wii.
  4. Hmm, never really noticed it, just was too busy trying to figure out how to play the damn thing. Still sort of new to the Pheonix Wright games.
  5. Not Simon, Trevor would be better, since well, I like Trevor. Anywho, the major reason that I figured that Snake is allowed to be in there, since well, Snake did start out on the Famicom/NES. So it makes some sense of why he would be back for more. Though I'm surprised, Snake with no guns? I guess we'll just leave it up to them for this one.
  6. I've always been a Luigi user...but it gave me Link. Yeah, this quiz is off.
  7. Actually I'd prefer Geno also. But wasnt Geno from another game?
  8. Actually, didnt Konami make their own bralwer? I forgot the name, but it included: Optimus Prime, Barbie, Bomberman, the wolf from Bloody Roar, Castlevania Chronicles Simon Belmont, Some other characters, and Solid Snake. I'll try to put up a link if I can find it.
  9. Are you being a conscientious objector or are you just unaware that Revolution is no more? Actually I still call it the Revolution rather than Wii, it just stuck with me since it was first talked about. Meta Knight being in there was a good plus. Though I really like how they added Wario Ware! Wario. That was something I've been talking about. Though I'm sure this has been talked about also, I never really got the purpose of the Nintendog? Perhaps a online feature to mess with others?
  10. Wow....is all I can say really. This is amazing work Shna, me being an obvious CV fan, oh it brings chills down my spine to hear it so well done. Keep it up! Edit: The piano parts remind me of KH...which is good.
  11. We all hate sigma... I had a harder time trying to get out of there during his "I'm gonna turn into an annoying wireframe grinning face while lava flows up" phase during X3. His forms before though, were a joke compared when I had the Z-saber.
  12. I liked the first half of the project, and I was like wow....if this were the OST of the movie..I'd buy it in an instant! And when I heard Pixietricks' voice on the second half, I literally yelled "Holy crap this is good!" Big CT fan, and its great to know that this was available. Really good job to all the remixers that made this possible for us fans!
  13. I've also noticed the mentioned ghost and goblins song. Also, he seemed to place the stage select songs from other MM. Or that might just me noticing that... But overall, it is rare to see MM7 songs here, and I love this one to death!
  14. I have a question to y'all. If I picked up WOW next week, would there be a difference to quests or other things of that nature? I'm really new to MMORPG's so I dont really know how it works
  15. Well, this mix brought up some old memories of me getting frustrated during Puppy Love....But I digress. This mix is really good, I thought it fit well with the EJ formula. Ah, Anything but Tangerines is my favorite song, so this does justice to it. Good job Protricity!
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