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  1. Really awesome job on the songs. I was shocked when a new Sonic project was released. I went to immediate download mode and got it the weekend I came back from college.
  2. This man a genius with this song. I downloaded it a while back and i'm still listening it to do this day.
  3. My friend introduced me to this song since it is his favorite song from the site. I agree that this song with vocals is a win. Great job
  4. Ahh yes Dkc this is one of my favorite songs from the many DK songs there are. I've downloaded this song a long time ago I just never got around to reviewing it. 2 thumbs way way up.
  5. This is also a Great song at first I thought there was a pause in the music but i didn't hear the piano till now. Great job on this track.
  6. This track by far is one of my favorite tracks. I just love it. I can't express how much this song made my day today
  7. I would like to request a remix of paper mario fight with the Crystal King. Here's the link to the song http://d3.ffshrine.org/soundtracks/Paper%20Mario%20Original%20Soundtrack%20(Mario%20Story)/223-freeze!.mp3 I don't really care what style it is in the song itself is well done. A friend and I were talking about this song the other day. Then I thought about the Ocremix and thinking that somebody should be able to do a remix. Thanks to anybody that replies or makes a song out of.
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