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  1. Yeah honestly I felt kind of odd suggesting it, after I saw the pics and especially the site design. Before I saw that, it was all, "sweet deal!" So far I've got one carpooler with me from Elkhart, still thinking of just driving back, depending on what he thinks. Do hotels have rules about how many people can stay in a certain kind of room? They might make you get a costlier room to accomodate more people--at least that's how it appears on the site. Can you say, "No, we're fine we just want a normal room"?
  2. Oh, don't even worry about it! I'm just glad I found out about it. Here's the other hotel, right across the street: https://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/fwadt-courtyard-fort-wayne-downtown-at-grand-wayne-convention-center/ It's 109 before fees, 124 all said and done. *** But there's an even cheaper option. There's a bed and breakfast two blocks away from the theater. The most expensive suite they have, which sleeps four, is only $100. 2 or 3? like $50-60. So basically $25 per dude instead of $50 or $75. Plus you get a free breakfast, and free cable. They have wifi, and the suite has an external entrance. Cons: It's really nice, but as it is a house, it's also pretty "homey" which means kinda flowery. No swimming pool. Would have to be quieter than in a hotel later into the night due to other guests, but if all the partying is being done out on the town, that's not an issue. The site is REALLY flowery. Probably cause of Valentine's day. But here are the rooms. http://www.lasallebb.com/our-rooms-and-suites/ Imo the Nottingham has the most dude-friendly decor, though the Mediterranean has three singles.
  3. Wow, I'd seriously think about this--I live in Elkhart, less than two hours northwest. Doesn't look like there's any way to "tack on one more" ticket to sit with the group, though. I might just ask friends from Elkhart if they want to go, and carpool there, and drive back. Thanks for the heads up, if this wasn't on the OCR front page I would've never known about it. [edit] I looked at a map, there's another slightly cheaper (still very nice) motel right by the theater as well. There are cheap ones but they're a lot farther away, which may not be a big deal.
  4. Dear sir or ma'am,

    I noticed that you commented in an Aphrodite Oceanus thread that you do not do illegal gaming. You have won my respect. Or my "internets for a week". :D Whichever you prefer to call it.


  5. I noticed this similarity between People Seized With Life from Chrono Cross, and a section of music from Smallville. The three chords, followed by the three melody notes, are exactly the same in the two pieces--just a half step off in key. [edit] There wasn't anything I could do about the dialogue--you just have to listen around it.
  6. Well, capitalism is about making money, not looting it. Selling someone else's work is a form of looting.
  7. I didn't listen through the whole thing yet, but I want to say that just listening to your voice, I think it has potential to sound really, really good if you learn to use it just a bit better. Have you taken (or thought of taking) voice lessons? I'm not a teacher--I just took voice for several years, and I know how much of a difference proper use can make in every aspect of sound. I suggest reconsidering singing it yourself. Natural can sound a lot better than synthesized, especially when the one who wrote a piece also sings it. You'd have to be pretty patient though, cause singing takes time and practice, and it'd mean you'd have to wait to submit it.
  8. You beat me to it! Drat! I was going to say that the following section (for reference, taken from Kureejii Lea's review on page 1) put into words exactly what I thought: "'All the World in One Girl' is more introspective. It shows an underlying, simple happiness and beauty. It's cheerful, but not obnoxiously so. The piano is light and intricate, flowing beautifully throughout the piece, and the organ is a lovely, lively addition that suits the song well. There seems to be quite a variety of instruments that are perfectly blended together. The drums don't do much, but they're subtle and carry the piece without 'intruding', so I haven't a problem with them." I'd add too the bit about not recognizing the Brinstar theme until I made a conscious effort to hear it--except for the part at 2:04. I heard that right away, and it has always been my favorite part. It's like angel food cake on piano. I love this piece and am very grateful for its existence. Edit: By the by, this art piece compliments the music beautifully--even though it's titled for the counterpart. Be sure to enlarge to picture. http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/40975299/
  9. This remix is one of my three favorite remixes out of the 500+ I have downloaded. I have played classical and electric guitar, so I can appreciate the skill, for one. I believe playing through the theme straight through once (with a few flourishes) was a great idea, because it establishes the piece and prepares the listener for the variations that come later. And it just plain rocks. As far as the variations themselves go, I think they're excellent. Melodic/harmonic invention is great, and more creative than most I've seen here. At 3:09, the variation on the original motif is fantastic. At 3:25, it could have even gone on, with a key change into the original theme to finish the piece, but maybe that would've been pushing it.
  10. I love how the lead into the ending made me think: 6:02 "here comes the picardy third..." 6:06 "okay, well, they'll definitely put it in the piano part...nice touch, leaving it out of the voice" 6:09 "here it is--this 4th will resolve down to the major third" 6:10 "no, it just went up to the minor 6th. ..So they'll put it in the final chord, a fast arpeggiation." 6:13 "...it wasn't there! But wow, that was a nice clean finish." I still felt like the major third was implied, just because I've heard it so often. I think my mind tricked me into thinking it was there, the first time I heard the piece. What I'm trying to say is that I salute you for the clean finish with no major OR minor third. It worked well for the piece.
  11. I like this mix. I should say that I love the original track's ambient feel and relatively solid melodic lines. It makes for a really good nostalgic experience. This piece mostly retains what I loved in the original, while jump-starting the energy. This is due in large part to the fact that the instrumentation of the melody starting at 0:29, along with the tempo, gives a real impression of soaring. A couple notes. When the melody starts, I think an echo effect would be more effective than a slow pan (same goes for any of the quickly repeating motifs). For example, I like the echo effect at 0:35. The rhythm of the ting-y bells often feels disturbingly random (first time 0:31), in spite of the fact that they clearly follow/echo the melody. And I agree with others about the ending being too abrupt. Other than those things, I really like it.
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