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  1. Very interesting prospect. I'd like to see how this comes about. I'm not familiar with the particular soundtrack but I love Yasunori Mitsuda's music, so you've definetely caught my interest.
  2. Yeah there's a lot going on behind the scenes with PM's and on the forums. We have not had the forums for very long and we already have over 200 posts. I sent a PM to rpggamer180(Foxhull) about it. As a remixer you def got potential. We'll get back to you on it soon. There are def some good arrangement ideas on that Bonds mix. Speaking of the Bonds mix...update? I'm currently fighting a battle for ideal volume and making everything just sound better. It's kind of annoying that I have like 4 levels of volume adjusting nonsense (I'm trying to remaster everything softer so I have a wider dynamic range, pain in the butt. Plus knowing where the velocities need to be to achieve X volume level... The most annoying part is the varying volumes at which the samples were recorded.) It was Zirc's suggestion though, so I have faith that what I'm doing is gonna turn out good.
  3. actually, everywhere i have checked it is june mermaid Unfortunately, that's what happens when the mistranslation comes first. The wrong information gets spread around. Here's a portion of the back cover of the album: 神無月の人魚 Kaminazuki no Ningyo October Mermaid "June Mermaid" would be 水無月の人魚, or "Minazuki no Ningyo." Rather similar, if you notice. ...This is worse than being told that Santa is a lie. -- I'm planning on doing a mix of Tears of the Stars, Hearts of the People when my Bonds mix is done with, but I don't think I'm like, "good enough" for a project, especially one of the magnitude of Xenogears.
  4. It's kind of aggravating that you can't figure out exactly what the dimensions of the shirt are. It would be really nice if all ppls could stick to a standard for shirt sizes. I'm placing my bets on Medium, since thats what I've had my best luck with, however every now and then I get mediums that end up being way too small. (Luckily the VGDJ shirts aren't as big of an issue as cafepress has all the dimensions listed)
  5. This "album" is pretty nifty... Some of the tracks make me question just what made them reach OCRs standards (More than a few sounded like midirips), and others feel like they were rushed, but at the same time there are some pretty powerful tracks on there, such as Sadorf's Project Aquatic (although I still have trouble deciphering that it is indeed Aquatic Ruin), Oil Spill (God I loved this track), Hidden Pallace Future, Travelling Through a Dream (Which reminded me of a car commerical), and the great Robeatnik theme. Overall it's pretty great.
  6. ahh... I thought the reason the shop only had large sizes had been some sort of stereotypical reinforcement of fat = video game love... It made me frown when I couldn't order me a medium. I'm glad this is finally working out.
  7. More like, what do you consider good for mic recording? I'm still getting by with a BUILT-IN SoundMAX card, so I guess I don't understand what the difference is between using that or something in the 2-300$ range, and I surely wouldn't do it for enhanced midi or a smidge higher audio quality. Could someone explain to me the difference between a "high-end" soundcard and a regular one?
  8. From what I've seen so far on OCR, whenever someone submits something where they had another person play a live part for instance the other person gets credited and the piece becomes a collab. My question is, how would I give credit on submission to somebody I requested to record IRL who doesn't want to be a part of OCR? I apologize if this is indeed a stupid question.
  9. Hit F10 and look at your MIDI options. I think you have "Record to Step Sequencer" enabled. Aha! That was exactly it... I feel like an idiot now seeing that the option is in such plain sight >_>. Thanks much :3.
  10. I'm not seeing it, I have done that... Thats how I recorded to the step sequencer. The issue is not that I can't get the keyboard to work with FL, but that I don't know how to make the Keyboard useful in the Piano Roll. Attempting to record doesn't work as everything recorded attempts to go directly to the Step Sequencer instead of the PR. Basically, how do I change the focus to the piano roll, because clearly clicking on it isn't the answer.
  11. Ehh, a few questions actually (Kinda sucks that the threads don't work, but then again this topic is 4 years old) :E How do you go about automating an entire channel so that there can be deviations in the pattern for dynamics without having to create a new pattern? Also, does anyone know of any good recently made tutorials (other than Zircon's wonderful series) on mastering in FL and how to make digital synthesis sound good? Edit: I forgot my most important question :E. How the heck do you get the piano roll to work with a keyboard controller?
  12. Programs: -- -FL Studio 5 (Yeah, I know... I need to upgrade.) -Anvil Studio Instruments: -- -Yamaha DGX-205 -Sennheiser e816S Mic. (Currently unusable though without a way to get it over to my PC) -Trumpet (Although I can't record this yet) Yeah, both limited budget and the fact that I'm new to all this...
  13. Thanks... I'll do that then... I'm new here so I'm trying get my bearings.
  14. I guess it could be considered a FL question considering I am using FL, but the question seems a bit more I'm trying to make a transition in my song from a soft section with nothing but some synths and a kind of eerie reflection of the main part to the song to create a mysterious feel an then to build up to something huge, my question really is how do I go about making this transistion without it sounding abrupt. Additionally, how do you make something sound more full and massive as if it is all attacking you, I've heard it in songs before, where there is suspense leading up and then something very powerful, I've just never understood the spark that makes something sound big and awesome. My attempts so far have ended in vain making the melody and support in the peice seem monotonous and not conveying the feeling I want it to. All hearing it does for me is "meh, more sound, more melody, so freaking what". The only thing I've been able to make sound fuller is the drums (Using a sampled accoustic drumset), but I don't know make them have that kind of powerful feel that makes you go "wow, I feel pumped...". This is all for a remix of the music for Sonic 2's lost stage, Hidden Palace. (Which I am creating with the intention of seeming like something undiscovered and mysterious and working it's to showing the listener a vibrant past behind it and then softening back up to an end.) Suggestions? Was I not descriptive enough? Did I break a rule? Is this even a good idea to add variation to my mix, or are there other ways to maybe just keep a mysterious feel throughout the entire song without making everything really repetitive (I'm not sure how much is going to far with rewriting parts\adding new ones)?
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