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  1. "I also want to stress that you cannot collaborate with people who are not on your team. This obviously means no collaborations with other teams, but it also includes people not involved with the competition, i.e. you can't get your sister to play drums for you, and you can't get your boyfriend to throw some vocals down either." After discussing with a friend regarding my track last week and wanting to get live sax on my track, I want to express that making this a rule is actually detrimental to any benefit this contest is supposed to give, and is poor producer work ethic for those who have the resources to do this type of work. When you use a sample library, you are collaborating with musicians that were strenuously recorded for use with your project. By claiming this to be a rule you are essentially saying using anything that isn't explicitly a synth is against the rules. If the reason for the rule is because it puts individuals at an unfair advantage due to the expressive nature of live recording, I want to stress that the process of arranging for players and recording is a complicated, work intensive process, with a lot of variables both before and after recording that more than make up for the lack of sample tweaking and humanization to make your samples expressive. Also, if the reason behind the rule is "samples only". What if I made my own samples of other people I want to use? If they just happen to play the same chord progress or melodic figure in my song, its still a sample. In addition, if the point of this contest is arrangement and you are going to outlaw session musicians you should outlaw sample libraries altogether, because the guy that happens to own well recorded, expensive sample libraries like Komplete, EWQL, LASS, etc are already at a disproportionate advantage to the dude still scraping by on poorly recorded soundfonts and stock plugins. In addition sample libraries are pre-mixed and mastered, so if anything, pre-manufactured samples are cheating in a sense. Now, I can see if you are concerned if external people are collaborating on the arrangement, but if you are doing the principle writing bringing in session players is exactly the same as loading up a patch in Kontakt, and thus shouldn't be an issue. I ask for you to reconsider your stance on this for future competitions.
  2. I guess the next question is where you acquired these "juices". Really excited to see what happens this week. Competition is STACKED. Gonna be a fun ride.
  3. Haha can't wait to see what you come up with buddy. <3
  4. Hylian, That track was AMAZING. Don't have much else to add.
  5. Suppose I should've noted earlier that I was mixing for Robot Museum this week. Got some nasty cooked up. >
  6. I've recently been playing Shining Force and it has been the most enjoyable RPG experience I've had since playing Chrono Trigger.
  7. Man this would be cool if it weren't limited to just Disney-Capcom themes, like including the Genesis Disney-esque game tunes like Castle of Illusion or later games like Kingdom Hearts, or even games from companies that are now part of the Disney machine, like the old Marvel games like Silver Surfer. (Tim Fallin ftw) I dunno, I was kind of expecting the twist to be something still in the ball park of Megaman like intro stages and auxiliary themes or hell, even a Megaman X or Megaman Zero theme. This is rather unexpected. I'm fine with it because I transcribe by ear anyways but I'm not gonna lie that it sapped some of my initial excitement for this event. For the sake of keeping the contest momentum up might I suggest not sticking to the Capcom-Disney theme after this week\round and pulling a random game out of the hat each week? I like the idea of the unexpectedness and this is a cool theme but I really think the contest is going to stagnate fast if we keep to this theme. You could justify this as a "Disney Takes Over the World" type of approach and acquire a new franchise each week.
  8. SuperiorX you are amazing for making us all these banners. Can't wait to start guys. Hope it'll be a fun experience!
  9. I can't wait to see how the Gravity Man toss up goes. Though my #2, Wave Man I saw a few people with too.
  10. Out of curiosity. What time window was this contest set to begin?
  11. DANG IT. You have no idea how much I love that song, and the source is long so there's a lot to work with it and its proggy. PS: Team Name revised: "Robot Museum" or "Night at the Robot Museum". I know it has robots but its a reference now.
  12. Desired Roster Name: Jameson Sutton Team Name: "It's Videogame Music!?!", with KgZ and Tunners, who should be registering right now. My selections: 1. Gravity Man 2. Wave Man 3. Search Man 4. Tengu Man (Rockman and Forte) 5. Aqua Man
  13. I just sent a WIP attempting to be the sod who claims NiGHTs. All the games I wanted to cover have been claimed, which fills me with great satisfaction that there is so much love for the Saturn. This is an extremely exciting project and I hope it gets greenlit.
  14. I really hate having to do this at this point, especially after having mah boi MainFinger have to arrange such a complicated piece, but I'm going to have to drop out. Things got really crazy this week and I simply haven't had enough time to devote to this competition (tis the way things always are. >_>) My track simply isn't done and I'm out of time to work on it. Twas fun and I wish everyone the best of luck going forward! I am truly sorry I have to do this. I'll be sure to show you guys the track when it eventually gets finished.
  15. Ahhh yeah Chemical Plant vs. Chaos Angel. This should make for a perfect first round, against a pretty meaty adversary. Lets do this!
  16. Whats with all the FL10 hate? It added the one feature I had desperately desired for years. (A way to merge patterns together), better delay compensation, etc. I remember the days of 7, constantly having projects corrupt, think I'd rather stick to the current version. Edit: I'm apparently the idiot who missed the trolling queue. >_>
  17. you know... I was just thinking it'd be kindof interesting if the winner of any given round had to take the losers track .
  18. I was thinking about picking pumpkin hill but decided it was too cruel.
  19. Shadix is a horrendously unoriginal name. Not only is it a last name it seems to be a common product of people trying to fuse the names Sonic and Shadow into a single word. I came up with mine when I was like 11 and its possible I was the first person to use the moniker (I even hold the registration of Shadix on a number of sites), but there are definitely alot of people running around with the name. I get angry IM messages from people irregularly claiming I stole their username. *sigh*

    Not sure what BZP is, so I'm sadly not your guy, but thanks for reaching out. I don't bite. ^_^

  20. I was a bit bummed Knuckles Chaotix wasn't on the list. That would've been some fun music to play with, however the lists we got should create some fun competition.
  21. you got 2 slots left I think. Edit: I'm being stupid and can't read. Ignore me.
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