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  1. Hey Bahamut, I decided to cancel my "Rocket Knights & Axel Gears" project, due to a lack of interest. I'll still be able to do Cerebal Sparkage though, plus I'm planning on a Rocket Knight fancomic. =)

  2. I agree, Tetrisphere had some very nice music!
  3. I did a short (and unfinished) quickie of this before, just to see how it sounded. However, it was during the time I was using ModPlug Tracker (or OpenMPT) at the time.
  4. Ah yes, Tetrisphere. That was one fun N64 game.
  5. Here's my Soundcloud page: http://soundcloud.com/rapidkirby3k I really should consider finishing my songs and remixes though.
  6. While I still have my RKA remix (Cerebral Sparkage) to do in Renoise, I plan to remix Stage 2 from the SEGA version of Sparkster. =)
  7. Whoops, I almost forgot! Welcome to Overclocked Remix! =D

    And to answer your question, it goes like this: [ URL = Link ] Name [ /URL ] Without the extra spaces. ;)

  8. Although it could use some work, your gallery looks decent enough. =)
  9. Do you have any examples for your artworks as well? Just thought I'd make sure.
  10. Because I wanted to focus on the retro ones for this project, despite the latest one being my personal favorites. It was my main intent when I first planned this out.
  11. After watching a speedrun of Contra: The Hard Corps and listening to its intense music, I thought I'd request either a DnB and/or Dubstep mix of the game. =) For those who want to go for it, here's some of my favorite tunes:
  12. I forgot to make a new post about this earlier, but I went ahead and updated my remix project's title to "Rocket Knights and Axel Gears", along with extending its deadline to 2013. While finding the new name is still a WIP, feel free to make any suggestions for a better title. Also, and I considered doing this since the beginning, I plan to create my banner for this remix project. Expect to see it in the main page and my signature soon! =) As always, I'm still recruiting members and remixers! =D
  13. Oh, you know I love Animusic! =D I came across Animusic by watching its commercial on television one morning, so I went ahead and bought two DVDs and the Blu-Ray. Gotta love that Pipe Dream!
  14. http://soundcloud.com/rapidkirby3k/rk3-total-tekkno-xstacy-v2 Just finished redoing my remix of Cubic's "Total Tekkno Xstacy" in Renoise today, plus it's currently pending for approval at AmigaRemix! =) I hope you'll enjoy listening!
  15. Gonna try my best, and thanks! =D Anyways, here's a short preview of what I was working on lately. I call my remix: Cerebal Sparkage Expect a full WIP from me soon! EDIT: Updated the WIP preview. =)
  16. Your mix sounds neat! =) I may upload my version at Soundcloud soon. I see what you mean.
  17. Since I'm not able to PM you for some reason, I wanted to let you know about my remix project thread: http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=36925

    Also, love your remixes, especially the Super Metroid and Megaman 8 ones. =)

  18. Hello folks, while my RKA/Sparkster remix project is still in its young stages, I'm deciding whether I should change its title. In fact, the name "Rocketeer Opossums are Awesomer" is actually coined from an idea I had based on the RKA franchise, and a certain inferior game I used to play on SEGA Channel. I may count that as an extra drawing though. As I considered making this change while I was writing all its format in OpenOffice, does anyone here at OCremix have any suggestions for a new title?
  19. Alrighty, will do! Thank you for the advice. =)

  20. I can add you as "Claimed", if you want. While Stage 7 from RKA interests me, I may as well claim it.
  21. Here's a remix I did for the Remix64 forums, using Renoise: http://soundcloud.com/rapidkirby3k/do-it-now This is actually based on the song from Interactive's Dance Trance I musicdisk, as composed by Cubic (David Lübner). Enjoy! =D
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