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  1. Awesome! Should I put you in as "Claimed" or "WIP"? Just thought I'd make sure I got it right. =)
  2. Hey Zircon! I was going to post my demoscene remixes I had posted at the Remix64 forums, but I'm not for certain if I'm allowed to do so at OCremix. Is the "Post Your Originals" the correct place? =)

  3. Hey KyleJCrb! While I have sent a PM about my project thread to you, I'm also seeking advice about projects. =) Do you have any suggestions, if any?

    Also, love your KNGI website! It looks great! =D

  4. ROCKET KNIGHTS & AXEL GEARS An RKA Trilogy Remix Album Latest Update: March 12, 2012 Claimed another song for Disc B. Still recruiting members! PROJECT MANAGEMENT Project Founder: Rapidkirby3k Project Director(s): Rapidkirby3k Album Artist(s): TBA Remix Website: Coming Soon! ABOUT THE GAMES For now, select any of the following articles at Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Template:Sparkster GUIDELINES Although I prefer electronic and rock music for this remix album, any music genre is allowed. This remix album's deadline will be September 6, 2013. LEGENDS Black = Unclaimed Blue = Claimed Green = Work-In-Progress Red = Complete TRACKLIST OST TITLE (REMIXER – RMX TITLE) DISC A – Rocket Knight Adventures (Sega Genesis/Megadrive) Interlude Stage Introduction Stage 1-1 Stage 1-2 Stage 2-1 Stage 2-2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5-1 Stage 5-2 Stage 6 Stage 7 (Rapidkirby3k - Cerebral Sparkage) Stage Clear Mid-Boss Boss Final Boss Ending Staff Roll Continue? Game Over DISC B – Sparkster (Sega Genesis/Megadrive) Title Screen Game Introduction Meeting With Evil Stage Start Stage 1-1/1-3 (DusK) Stage 1-2 Stage 2 (Rapidkirby3k) Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Mid-Boss Boss Boss Defeated Stage Clear Axel King Gedol King Gedol Defeated Normal Ending Credits Returning the Sword Password Continue? Game Over BONUS DISC – Sparkster (Super Nintendo/Super Famicom) Title Screen Setup Password Introduction Lakeside Steel Works Bird Submarine Pyramid Musical Town Shooting Fortress Level Complete Boss Battle 1 Boss Introduction Boss Battle 2 Final Battle Ending - Part 1 Ending - Part 2 Continue? Game Over LINKS Rocket Knight Adventures (Project 2612) Sparkster (Project 2612) Sparkster (SNESmusic) If you have any questions and/or comments about this project, you can either reply here, or send me an email or PM.
  5. Hey there, how it going? =) That TTA signature takes me back to my childhood. =D

  6. That's great to hear, Siamey! I'm glad to hear Jon Holland is still around. =) That actually reminded me the time when Neil Biggin found me and sent me a PM at DeviantART, because I had his name as my favorite composers.
  7. After watching a longplay of this SNES shooter, it would also be cool to hear a remix of the game, especially Deep Core and Charge. Deep Core Bonus Stage Charge
  8. I once had HyperZone planned a while back. =) Maybe I should revive that idea...
  9. Yes, it would be sweet to hear a remix of "The Showdown".
  10. As a person who played this during the SEGA Channel era, I always liked the songs. I once did a remix of this game a few years ago. Unfortunately, being a total 'n00b' in general and following the rules improperly at the time, it was a flop. =/ Now that I think of it, I should create a better remix of TMNT: TF, better than the one I did years ago. =)
  11. Seconded! =) I once tried a Speedball 2 mix a while back, but it was unfinished when I moved from Modplug Tracker to Renoise. Maybe I should try that again, along with Gods and The Chaos Engine.
  12. http://www.project2612.org/details.php?id=62 (in_VGM required) Although I have played this underrated game on the Sega Channel back then, I suddenly got myself hooked on it again after watching a CD32 longplay. The CD32 version had different music, by the way. In other words, it would sound epic to hear an ambient/electronic remix of the Opening Theme or the Sewer Duct. Or maybe even Kadaver's Base.
  13. Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. =) I was thinking about creating an IRB remix sometime in the future.
  14. (Carousel) (Funky Writer) (Crystal Space I) (Enemy Mines I) (Enemy Mines II)Despite being a difficult game, it would sound epic to create an electronic remix of Sub-Terrania, if possible ;D
  15. All this time, I was posting threads regarding updates to one of my remixes and not pressing the reply button. I just got so fixated on another forum, but for OCremix, I won't fall for that mistake again. For posting this new and important rule, I thank you for doing so, halc. =)
  16. Thanks bLiNd! =D Before I continue my Vortex remix, do you mean the middle, after, or everything in the remix? I'm just making sure I understood everything. EDIT: Nevermind, I figured it out.
  17. Hey JH, how's it going? Just came here to let you know that I sent you a PM. :grin:

    Also, in case my RK3 signature bothers you because of its similarity to yours, please let me know and I'll go ahead change it. :wink:

  18. http://soundcloud.com/rapidkirby3k/rk3-beyond-circuitry-wip Yep, it's another RK3mix from yours truly, but this time I used Renoise! However, it's not complete just yet and I may have to tweak or change some instruments before doing so, if necessary from the OCremix crowd. Enjoy listening and critique away! EDIT: Replaced the WIP file with a more recent revision.
  19. Driving #1 Driving #2 Driving #3 These songs came from the Sony PlayStation version of Sim City 2000, for those who haven't heard them before. While I have the PS1-exclusive songs finally uploaded at YouTube and MediaFire, it would be awesome to hear a remix of them. Do you have what it takes? ;D
  20. Yep, just started using Renoise a couple of months ago, and its features are awesome!
  21. Although I haven't played it before, I was thinking about doing a mix of MegaRace sometime. I liked its songs. =D
  22. Awesome, I just watched a speedrun of the Sega CD version and I liked "Future Shock"!
  23. Sounds definitely like an awesome sale, thanks for letting me know!
  24. Despite having an incomplete ending, I always remember playing this game when I was into renting at the time. It would be awesome to hear a few remixes from this underrated gem in the Megaman universe, preferably the Woodman & the Needleman theme. If somebody were to go for it, here's a few songs I like: (Woodman) (Needleman) (Enkerman) (Dr. Wily) (Megaman) (Cutman)
  25. While I'm practicing melodies and chords in Renoise by using random VST instruments for right now, I made plans to create a Snowboard Kids remix. Both games on Nintendo 64 are involved, of course. =D Also, should there be a Snowboard Kids project that focuses on the two N64 games? I thought about creating a remix project in the future, probably sooner or later.
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