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  1. This actually sounds quite awesome. I can't wait to hear the first WIPs.
  2. Personally, I think the choir is a bit too overwhelming. I'm listening through my headphones, and it actually makes me wince, especially in my left ear.
  3. Oh crap. I'm djwang88 but logged into the wrong account.
  4. My buddies play with Ken. Freaking awesome. You live near LA? Ken is amazing with Marth, sure, especially coming out of nowhere and winning a tournament a few years back, but I'm not very fond of how he beat Bombsoldier in that Japanese tourney, with the chain throwing against Falco. I won't say it's cheap, but it's not very exciting to watch, and it's a bit of a take-every-advantage-you've-got tactic. I like Azen better. With his play-every-character philosophy. Actually, Isai/Malva. With his insane SSB64 skills.
  5. If so, they'll probably be on the SSBM DC++ hub.
  6. Whoa, that's crazy. I know a lot of those people, but haven't talked to them in a while after fading out from the SSB community several months ago. Hmm, Cort and Saver, Unknownforce. Oh, and PC Chris, definitely. And some of the other names ring a bell, too. Edit: Jiggs's Wall of Pain doesn't work terribly well on Marth, hm? What with his giant range and all. At least you can DI out of anything he tries to draw you into, like short hopped double fairs or nairs strung together. But offensively, it's hard to get through his quick aerials. I like throwing these terms around. It brings back good memories.
  7. You blame spelling errors on a lack of sleep? That's odd.
  8. Oh. I figured a minor 7th is still called a leading tone. Then again, it doesn't makes sense...it really doesn't lead anywhere.
  9. Ahh...I was thinking F6, not Dm7. Right, a C# makes perfect sense now. Oh right, my bad. Was careless.
  10. Harmonic minor raises the leading tone, and melodic minor raises the 6th and 7th. [edit: gah, forgot to enable bbcode]
  11. Ahh, I wasn't thinking. A major is a little odd in the key of F, though, since it's III. iii is already a weak chord in a major key, and making it major, I think, sounds a bit strange. If you like it, though, go ahead and use it. I'm just speaking from my own limited knowledge and experience. Did you write this by ear when you had very little music theory knowledge?
  12. Usually, when you modulate to a different key, you should use some chord that's common to both keys. In that case, you'd write both what it is in e minor and F major and then do every subsequent chord in F major (with F: somewhere). At least, that's how I do it. Your progression (if you do one chord per measure) is, from what I can see, i-II-VI-V...and then you stick a I chord in and add a 13th onto the chord in the next measure (E6, if you like). To me, that seems like a strange way to get to F major. Here's how I would analyze it.
  13. Well, first of all, I don't think you'd technically be playing in a minor if you're using blues and Arabian scales. From what I gather, though, blues and Arabian sound quite a bit different, and cover a pretty different (with some overlap, naturally) set of pitches, so the tone of the song would likely change with a switch in scales. I'll echo the words of the people above me and say it's really up to you. Experiment with it and see if you like it. If you do, then go for it.
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