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  1. i love this stage, and the remix does it justice. well done
  2. that was f'ng brilliant congrats on a masterpiece
  3. this is by far the best re-mix i've ever heard from any game just awesome! well done
  4. Congratulations. You have ruined this track. You've crapped all over it with the bass. This specific tune is supposed to be slow and mellow, not ridiculously choppy. Terrible. Absolutely terrible.
  5. Very well done. I love how mellow this track is. You would figure that most people would ruin this if they tried to mess around with it, but you pulled it off very nicely.
  6. It started off good, but the thrash-type of metal style you sort of infused in this track kind of ruined it for me. You needed to stick more to the actual music rather than tailing off into a tangent with your own guitar-work. I would of liked to see some other stages too. This entire game is filled with great music. It's a shame just to waste everything else by leaving it off.
  7. by far, one of the best translations directly from a video game. i love the pan flute
  8. whoever posted above me was on some serious crack, and has probably never even played the original batman game. I've had the actual nes cartridge of batman, and this brings me right back to when i played it as a kid. Sounds very familiar, except different parts of the music have been highlited/changed. I like it. This has unexpectedly sounded awesome as soon as i heard it. I love the sped-up version of the main theme in the background, and it works perfectly in a techno-ish sense. The entire track sounds wicked...though it could of worked without the voices, but even then, they still do work and they don't sound too bad because they're in the right places. Very well done.
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