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  1. Now that's something I never thought I'd read on here (about a Sonic remix anyway). haha Thanks for the feedback.
  2. Hey guys. I recently got a remix of S3&K's Doomsday Zone completed. And since I managed to avoid getting any snobs in here, I'd appreciate it if all you guys could listen and comment over at this link: http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?p=804554
  3. I spent quite awhile on this one. I tried to keep it close to the original, like with my Green Hill Zone remix. It was tougher than usual to get this sounding good mastering-wise, but I did my best. Available to stream on YouTube: An MP3 link is in the video's description.
  4. Nice job on those last 2. I'm particularly loving the Bomberman Hero one. It's quite aggressive, but uses Deep/Soul House chords, which I love.
  5. Thanks, but I reckon the only way I'll get a submission on here is by collaborating with someone who's good at mastering. I'm ok at basic mastering, but all I really use is Fruity Parametric EQ 2. I've never been able to understand compressors or any of that crap.
  6. Bah, I'll never get a submission accepted on here. I just post on YouTube. People there like it for what it is, rather than critique it for what it isn't.
  7. Wow, I expected much harsher feedback since it's Sonic, but thanks everyone! The synths used come from VSTs Hypersonic, Sylenth1, Rob Papen's Blue and Vanguard. I'm considering trying the similar short-tribute format on Sonic 3 & Knuckles' file select theme. Actually, a lot of Sonic tunes come to mind that I might be able to successfully remix/reconstruct so this could be a good venture.
  8. A short simple tribute here. I always thought it'd work well since the original was already a bit oriented that way. Listen & Download:
  9. The original didn't have percussion and it does say Ambient up there. Plus it's not that repetitive really. Apart from maybe the intro.
  10. Hello? Zelda remix? I'm surprised no one's responded. It's my best one yet aswell.
  11. Hello again. Just got this remix done and uploaded: The structure is basically that it alternates between some plucky xylophone sounds and futuristic Vangelis-esque pads. Aswell as including the original melody, I've made some alternate versions of the melody both in the first 2mins and towards the end of the track. The project was actually started in 2010 (just after the Last Day remix, I believe) but it took me awhile to get the ideas together. I've been really getting to work on it in the past few days and I feel now it's finally finished. I look forward to any kind of feedback here since in the past I was indecisive on a few things. Hope you enjoy Check here for other Zelda remixes: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?p=PL7485E64A2C5F104E
  12. That's more a matter of opinion, I reckon. The purpose of the sax section was to not only break up the song, but to re-introduce the ambience from before. You have the panned instruments with instruments slowly coming back, then it ends pretty much as full as it started. Yeah, fair point. I suppose it'd sound more natural if there was more variation in the percussion, but I'm still relatively new to the Latin sound. I've only done it once before, and that was done in Logic where it's easier to edit and cut up samples. I assume by properly you mean professionally or more to the standards of this site. Thing is, I don't think I'll ever have a submitted remix here. The judges tend to flatten creativity with suggestions of modification. I like to have some kind of natural (or as much as possible) flow to each of these remixes. I am pretty strict when it comes down to it, though I suppose I'm more "youtube remix" material. Nevertheless, I appreciate all comments and points raised here.
  13. Yeah, I probably should've mentioned I added a percussive element to it and in keeping with the original style. Though just after the New Wave Bossa Nova melody (not Jigglypuff's song! haha) plays, it goes even more to the original source with panned bongos and tablas. Thanks for the feedback. I was originally going to have the Zora's Domain melody playing in the key of C after the New Wave did its thang, but then after realising I'd have to revert back to the original key, the ZD melody would be overplayed, so I just changed the arrangement instead.
  14. I got my 4th Zelda remix done today. Zora's Domain from OOT. I went back to basics with this one, not getting too bogged down in trying to make an extravagant version. There aren't any effects used, though this gives you the option to apply some water SFX perhaps I do try to "unloop" the song though, as I always do. A familiar and somewhat related melody creeps in around half-way through. Watch & Download: Hope you enjoy!
  15. Thanks guys I have my sights set on either the Song Of Healing or Zora's Domain next. Since I was recently successful in creating an original Bossa Nova piece (to those curious, check here), I should be able to keep the original feel in a potential Zora's Domain remix.
  16. You might have to do that with mine aswell lol. I'm finding it hard to improve upon what you last suggested.
  17. Just finished this one today. It's been ongoing ever since my Last Day remix, which I made around 7 months ago. Several attempts later and I finally have something I'm proud of. It features some effects, some even from the game. Listen & Download: I tried to make a more complex remix here which tells a story. Similar to my previous remix, I have a "storyboard" (basically a timeline of what happens and what each part of the song represents) I've prepared. Read each event as you reach the track time indicated (otherwise, it's a spoiler ): 0:00 - A sombre version of the dawn theme contributes towards setting the scene. 0:21 - The moon rumbling & single bell signify 12pm on the final day. 0:25 - The main melody starts, symbolising the open clock tower and countdown timer. A lot of the story is told through this big section. The chimes come in as the listener walks up the tower stairs and enters the clock tower to face the Skull Kid. 2:16 - The melody turns futuristic, referencing Last Day and explaining that time until impact is much closer. Bring the four here! 3:08 - Finally, the listener plays the Oath To Order. 3:30 - What will happen? (A cliffhanger melody) 3:41 - What's That? 3:56 - It's the giants! They're on their way. 4:48 - The four giants fight against the moon's fall. 5:39 - Finally the moon has stopped falling, but to rid the evil once and for all, you must follow the cursed mask into the moon. 6:07 - The warp sound symbolises that of the one used in the cutscene. The listener is transported to the moon. A hazy field with a lone tree lies infront of you.
  18. It's not a game remix as such, but AVGN is related to gaming and it's a theme so I think it should still count. I actually did this one back in 2009 but I'm still as proud as when I first finished it. It incorporates elements from the theme mainly based around Kyle Justin's vocals. There's no vocals in it, but it recreates his sections with instruments. So if you know the theme well, you'll probably hear stuff like "He's gonna take you back to the past" and "He'd rather have... a buffalo..." in here somewhere. As usual, I have the track on YouTube and download links are in the video's description: Hope you enjoy.
  19. Could you please edit your first post in this thread? http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=32734 Please make my email unclickable. I'm starting to get spam and this seems to be the only site on the net displaying my email.

  20. Interesting comparisons there. I've heard good things about NiGHTs (both the music and the games), but still haven't played either of them (I oughta get the Wii one sometime). I don't hear much of a problem at 6:13 but I suppose soon after when the snare fill comes in, things do get a bit muffled, yeah. Mastering has never been my strong point. As for the MP3 download, it's in the description of, as with all my videos (located just under the credits). Thanks for your feedback
  21. I recently made a Club Mix in the Euro-Trance genre to "Coming With Resort Feeling", the theme to Otohime Town in Mystical Ninja 2/Goemon's Great Adventure for the N64. It's a calmer kind of Euro-Trance than I usually make and is more akin to old Ian Van Dahl tracks (eg: their remix of Kelly Llorenna's Tell It To My Heart). I stuck quite strictly to the original forumula, so don't expect any Mozart-y OCR type remixing here, but I had fun with it and I feel I stayed true to the atmosphere, which is most important, I believe. To those unfamiliar with the theme, I shall paste links to the original aswell as my remix below. Hope you enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7dyOSRZJPU
  22. Ok I've rendered my WIP at the following link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/zdoyg4 (expires in 30 days) I'm reasonably happy with what I've got up to 1:35 (which is where I want to start the Epona melody). Any suggestions, please let me know. I wanna try and get this finished. I'm aiming for at least 3mins.
  23. Ah I see. Yeah, I can't see it happening to be honest. Thanks for your help. Very concise
  24. I tried remixing it a few days back, but am having trouble since I don't know what speed to follow. It's very difficult to judge it from the original track and I doubt any bpm-detection software would get it right. I'm just wondering if anyone knows the correct tempo or if I'm wasting my time finding out? I had plans for using it as an intro back-to-back with the Forest Temple remixed, but am having doubts. Please help if you can
  25. I don't know how many of you are familiar with this VG series, but it's from the makers of Harvest Moon and has been going about as long. LOTRK (or Kawa No Nushi Tsuri in Japan) is a Fishing RPG. I got both GBC games when I was 10 and 11 and recently tracked them down again. Anyways, this is the theme music to the beach area of LOTRK2. This is the first area you get to when you play as the teenager. The original is very short, but I added extra to it, building up intros and outros around the main melody. Basically, from 2:14 until 2:43 is what's heard in game, albeit with more primitive instruments, obviously. Original: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?lzrdd307zz8c38u [0:34] My Remix: [7:18] (Choose 720p or higher for good quality)PS: If the guy from the Hylian Melodies project is reading this, I'm still working on the 2-in-1 remix
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