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  2. Edit: Please forgive my laziness. Would someone be so kind as to make a sig with an image from Shinobi, possibly this, or this, with the phrase "Death can't stop this." in it? Much obliged.
  3. I like the arrangement of the intro. I dunno, slow builds work for me. I kinda miss the old piano a little, just from the old 1:19 to 1:35 segment. I'd like to see a combination of new and old piano pieces. Ending with a piano sounds good.
  4. I'm am undeniably stoked that there are no voice samples in here. I mean, like, woah. Alright, putting stereotypical stoner comments aside, there are still some things to work on here. I still don't think it all comes together in the second minute minute; is it just me, or do the phrases start just a moment too late at 1:18? It just doesn't flow into one cohesive piece. Whatever, minor issue. Then you still gotta fix the buzzy bass thing during the last 94 seconds or so. And the rain stick ends a little too abruptly at 2:27. That is a nitpick though; not very important. I'm ramblesome today. Oh well. *likes idea of new piano stuff*
  5. Didn't hear that at all, the beginning sounded spot on to me. I didn't hear the offkeyness at those points as well. I dunno; I could be hallucinating, but I don't think so. Anyways, this keeps getting better, and I dig it. The only thing I have to say about the first minute is that you should ditch the voice samples. Altogether. Don't improve your voice samples, leave them out. It gets a little too stop and go for me from 1:00 to 1:55. From 1:00 to 1:17 goes together really nicely, as well as from 1:19 to 1:35 and from 1:38 to 1:54. My suggestion with this is just to take out from 1:19 to 1:35, but that's just me. The synth notes at 1:55, 1:59, and 2:03 did nothing but lessen the effect of the piano. The bass is bad. It sounds bad the whole time, but REALLY doesn't work from 3:07 onwards. It completely contrasts with all the synths you use during that period. The uptempo is nice, but can't really be commented on until the bass is gone. This thing is progressing in strides, keep up the diligence(it is quite impressive).
  6. This mix is purty. I especially liked the sleigh bell in there, and the hand drums(at least I think that they were hand drums) 1:28 to 1:40 created a really chill ambience. The fact that they were only used for twelve seconds of the song is troublesome, though; they would be much more effective if used throughout, such as the segment from 3:00 to 3:25. Also, on your main drums, it sounds like you're using a different sample for the second snare hit in the measure(not counting ghost notes, the one on 4). While the softer sound is nice, it may be a little too quiet, and sounds weird in contrast with the first snare hit in the measure. The intro to this song is masterful. I mean, the whole song is good, but from 0:00 to 1:40 is inspired. You might want to add a measure of just drums at the very beginning, but still, damn that sounds good. Edit: And for the record, I don't like the acoustic guitar idea.
  7. This is one of the most atmospheric mixes I've heard in a while. The beginning just exudes evil, from the off beats on the piano to the electric "footsteps" at 0:21, 0:52 and 0:57(I dunno why I subconciously labeled them that, but they made me want to see if anyone was following me). The evil laughing and voice samples made me picture someone going insane in a padded cell, and the beat had me imagining a giant evil monster of some kind lumbering up some stairs. I know these are all really subjective visuals, but you can imagine what kind of mix would spawn them. A very, very well done mix here.
  8. This is an definate improvement over the last version. This one is a lot more structured and seems to have a good flow. The best part of the song was from 0:39 to 1:16, the new piano stuff sounded great there and really seemed to work with everyhthing else. However, there's still a ways to go on this mix. You could probably have two measures or so with just the heartbeat and rain stick to create the atmosphere before bringing in the piano. The rain stick, while a good idea, should really only be in the intro. After that it just distracts from the rest of the song. The reason I said the best portion of the song stopped at 1:16 is because that beat doesn't work. At all. It works with the source tunes, but doesn't feel at home with your melody. The beat and the melody are supposed to work together, not distract from each other. Having a beat is good, but you would be better off with no beat than this beat. Like I said, the new piano stuff really helps, but it isn't flawless just yet. The two piano notes at 1:39 sound really dischordant and out of place. There were also a couple of places where it seemed rushed coming in as well(but I don't know if it actually is rushed or if that is just an effect of that damn beat). The robotic voice was creepy. Like Radiowar said, record yourself if you have a mike. If you don't like your voice or don't have a mike, go to the Remixing forums and request someone else to do it. There's also a really creepy background synth thing that runs from 1:55 to 2:22, it sounds like a robotic monster of death opening its jaws. You might want to cut this out. The synth from 3:10 to 3:44 is too loud, and the timing feels a little late, but again, this may be a product of the beat.
  9. This gets a little monotonous towards the end(not like, "damn, this is boring," but like "hmmm, this is pleasant, but its been going for a a bit much."), but you're just messin' around, I know. The bells kick all manner of ass. Can't wait to see how this turns out.
  10. I dig man, I dig much. The only gripe I got is that the muting at 1:34 doesn't seem to last quite long enough. I need to rest before I get to dancin'.
  11. This song, more than almost all other songs I hear on this site, reminds me of the game which spawned it. This is not to say that the piece stays too close to the original, far from it, it just captures the essence of the game(especially its end), and goes in a new direction. The lyrics are top notch, the drums don't piss me off too much, and I'm in love with the time signature. This song easily gets five out of five chairs.
  12. The first thing I think when I listen to this remix is that I would love to hear some drums on this. Hell, I'm probably going to put this on my ipod and actually drum to it, I want to hear the drums so bad. This song just needs that pop that a kick drum would give and the groove of busy ghost notes on a snare. Another thing I noticed, which initially manifested itself as vague sense of wrongness, was that this song felt a lot like an intro. All of the empty space felt like a perfect set up for something that never arrives. Actually, something kind of arrives around 1:40, but its does't have the punch necessitated by a minute forty of intro and only sticks around until 2:12 or so. I kept thinking "This is gonna break open like crazy," and then it never did. Like Splunkle said, fill things up a bit when everything kicks in, and stretch it out for a while. My final comment on this piece is about the piano at the beginning. It fit perfectly, and should've kept going on for a while. It also didn't come back anywhere else in the song. The beginning of the song is where you set the tone, and yours was misleading. The piano should have a presence throughout the song. I really like the foundation you've created here, and I hope you keep pursuing this piece.
  13. If anybody would care to make a sig with this picture and the phrase "...Is any of this for real...or not?" somewhere in it (with kind of a darker tone to the sig), plus any creative embellishments I sho' would be grateful.