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  1. I loved this mix. The intro was very reminiscent of Trigun's "People Everyday" to me. Very good work.
  2. Brilliant! I personally have always loved Super Mario RPG and this mix is truly awesome. Pssst, make more Super Mario RPG remixes.
  3. You know for some reason this makes me think of Aurora Borealis... and I like that! It's an excellent remix for my tastes.
  4. Hey guys, amazing job on the album I'm enjoying it very much so far. I have to agree with Tommy Tallarico's assessment, so much talent.
  5. Definitely like the mix. I'm not much for finding all the technical flaws in these songs... so that's the gist of it for me. Keep up the great work.
  6. Seems that way. Honestly it's probably ideal to vary them, it gives all the characters their strengths and weaknesses. I sure wouldn't be happy if every single character had the same moves.
  7. You know, I haven't drawn in a long time but this game was intense for me. I'm in.
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