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  1. To be honest, the bots are more entertaining than half the posters here anyway.
  2. [sauzer] attn: bahamut you are a bad moderator. discuss. <Bahamut> there's nothing to discuss [sauzer] so you admit it [sauzer] freely <Bahamut> yup [sauzer] k <Bahamut> I already got PMed for lock hate THESE MODERATORS ARE TERRIBLE RESHUFFLE PLEASE
  3. I guess you guys are still failing to realize that the people you want to be mods will never be mods. 'cept myf.
  4. How can you be such a Don Juan if you even need music to seal the deal? Haha
  5. Yep. As I said, I did it. ETG doesn't block a damn thing. tor works like a charm
  6. doesn't have word "official" in title
  7. The "Unmoderated" forum is now akin to what you would find in most forums' "Random!!!!!" sections. It's not what it used to be and that's no longer an idle statement. Point is, feel free to go.
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