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  1. Heh. You change any one of these factors, and it's pretty much no longer death metal. I definitely agree with you, though. That was always my beef with death metal (and that's coming from a metal-head). P.S.- When it's all Cookie Monster vocals, "none of it is." Ha ha.
  2. Hell yeah. Nostalgia rules. I remember this song amping me up while playing this part of U.N. Squadron. Much of the music from this game really dates the era as we were still not quite out of that driving arena rock style, yet. Top Gun-ish, if you will. Thanks for this, dude.
  3. I've listened to quite a few remixes on this website, and it's not all too often that I deem any worthy of downloading onto my MP3 player. This one is a no-brainer. That bass line is active like a mofo, the scratching is tight, the guitar complements perfectly. Whoever said this was very much akin to something Linkin Park might do was right on the money. Job well done. I'm off to see if you have posted anything else on this site.
  4. Just as I expected, Sixto. Almost pristine production. I do agree that the organ was a little too weak and drowned out in most parts, though. I also agree with DJP that perhaps you shouldn't have waited until the very end to display the significant arrangement modifications. This theme has been done so many times (especially in this genre) that it takes something real "new" in order to avoid simply being "old hat."
  5. Very surprised nobody has said anything about how the volume levels on the guitars are way, WAYYYYYYYY low!!! I would have liked this a LOT more if it didn't sound like an egotistical maniac DRUMMER had produced it so as to make himself the center of it all!
  6. lol I have no idea how to go about establishing any of the questions you just asked. Damn. These days you gotta be a composer, arranger, musician, producer AND a techie. lol
  7. Hmmm...448MB of RAM. I wonder what the problem is, then.
  8. Hmmmm, I wonder if this is why I've been having some issues getting Kontakt 2 to work seamlessly. Enlighten a computer illiterate, and tell me where exactly I can find how much my RAM my computer has? Is it under "Total Physical Memory" in System Information?
  9. Wow. Awesome, I didn't know it was so easy with WinAmp. I thought it was gonna be a big song and dance.
  10. While the source material is certainly catchy and nostalgic, I can't help but think those are the main reasons this piece was accepted. There really wasn't much of a deviation from the original. Although the rhythm guitar(s) were right on, as far as the lead is concerned, I heard quite a few dead notes (one totally missed at 2:04), and more poorly articulated (hit too soft/hard) notes than I would have liked. Rhythmically, some notes were lagging, too. As the contributor pointed out, it does have a "two takes and record" feel to it. Some may call that "charming", but it seems awfully strange to me for it to have been accepted. I have heard rejected works that clearly invested far more time and effort than this. As a guitarist, I can safely vouch for his skills, but the performance could have easily been cleaned up with more takes. I'm surprised the judges did not ask for a resubmission.
  11. Hi, everyone. Male musician/composer/gamer from NYC, here. Love the site. It has resurrected my love for gaming and fully made me realize how frickin' cool the music is. I know quite a bit of music theory, but I'm a little bit of a newb when it comes to "home studio" production. I use Finale 2006, and I'm learning Kontakt 2 (when my CPU can handle it lol). I definitely wanna contribute submissions in the future, and I've even got one brewing right now, although I think I'll probably have to collaborate with someone who has better equipment! I've visited the Judges Decisions forum and have gotten a good feel for what is expected! Hope to get to know all of you better! Thanks!
  12. Hey, everyone. Newb to posting, but not to music, or the website... I think something is pretty clear, here... Aside from the token elitist who smirks while obnoxiously presenting negative criticism, I think the issue here is really that of possible NEPOTISM. It is understandable if people are angry because they think this submission is not being scrutinized like any other submission due to the "sacredness" of its birth (not to mention the "big guns" who were involved/present). Speaking as a musician/composer who wants to eventually submit a piece, as well as someone who has been left scratching his head at what the judges accept and reject...I'm not at all surprised at these responses. With that said, I have had the song on "super-repeat" for a while, now. I will withhold any criticism or praise of it and let that fact do the talking. I must say, though...I'm pretty disappointed at the amount of rudeness that pervades these forums. It's like some kind of powertrip to tear someone down with your opinion. Sadly enough, even in the Judges' Decision forum have I shaken my head at the lack of tact when "passing judgment." Comments like "Bleh" or "terrible" hardly seem necessary. Ideally, however, I would like to become a pleasant fixture here and maybe even be at any future meet-ups (I'm a NYC resident). My love for music, composition, and the great memories attached to video games is strong enough to endure any negative aspects I may find, here. My two cents. Oh... P.S.- The amount of nit-picking over something as ridiculously petty as the word "unthaw" is pathetically comical. lol
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