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  1. I just got back to playing my "old" games on my DS, which are mostly largely unfinished. I love Final Fantasy - Chocobo Tales. It's incredibly simple, but with great charm and the Final Fantasy universe, it sure manages to win me over. Super Mario 64 DS is also great fun, starting all over again.
  2. To be honest, I don't think anyone in their 20s should think about themselves as 'old'. We have experienced alot of stuff that the previous generation hasn't, and I am actually glad that I've seen gaming from NES and upwards. It does give some perspective. And while most kids these days seem to like FPSes and gore-filled games, I still take pleasure in playing a good Mario platformer or two. I think that's cool.
  3. There are also many different types of vibratos, I'd actually recommend you read up at www.vai.com , he got some good stuff on classical vibrato, round vibrato, rock vibrato, etc. Some players have really sloow vibratos, while others have slightly nasal and swifter-sounding vibratos, like Clapton. Basically, play alot and it will come to you. It did to me, atleast.
  4. Yes! And there shall be much rejoicing. Anime-like cutscenes .. great graphics .. classical Megaman gameplay .. yes .. yes .. ;_;
  5. Looks great!! Yoshi's Island was definatily one of my favourite platformers on the SNES. Ahh, the good ol' days .. I really want a Megaman game for the DS. ZS, plz?
  6. Well, take what I said with a bit grain of salt, then. You don't have to take it literally. I believe that people that are okay CAN make good classical music, but most likely not. Classical music can be the most powerful of all the genres of music, and is very subtle. Theory controls the music oh-so-much. You so obviously missed that joke... Hahaha, I guess I did Sorry about my lack of humor. I've been taught for two years of a teacher who's methods and thinking resembled very much what you just said, so I guess you'll have to excuse me abit there.
  7. Well, take what I said with a bit grain of salt, then. You don't have to take it literally. I believe that people that are okay CAN make good classical music, but most likely not. Classical music can be the most powerful of all the genres of music, and is very subtle. Theory controls the music oh-so-much.
  8. Ahh, well that sort of explains it I guess. And then I'm perfectly fine with it. Have there any words on a Harvest Moon DS title then?
  9. It really depends, really. Just now it's nothing more than a future idea, a small project, I haven't even chosen the song yet. But all these tips are great, thanks alot guys. I really know how to bring this stuff up to where I want it, definatily. We'll see how I manage to pull this off - hopefully you'll eventually see some results. This is my first project, after all. Yipes! ;X
  10. Though it might be obvious, or maybe not, classical music education will definatily help on this point. Making good classical music is all about knowing the rules; and how to break them to create good music. That's how it seems to me, abit anyways. Not trying to say that you can't create anything good without knowing music theory, because I definatily believe you can - but it'll be a help to know the basics, such as cadances, I - IV - V, and so on. Even if you have no musical powers inside of you, you can create okay sounding music just knowing those basic rules. Good luck anyways!
  11. Harvest Moon has always been one of the best games, ever in my opinion, because it approaches gaming in a casual, careful and non-violent way, and manages to pull it off with one of the oddest game recipes ever (manage a farm? Atleast at first it was sort of weird). Putting in fighting elements will basically crush the heart of the game, in my opinion.
  12. Haha, thanks alot for the suggestion! You were right about the guitar settings; I simply erased the Low on my shitty PEAVEY Rage amp, raised the High, lowered the Mid just abit, turned up the treble, pushed the Bass all the way down .. yeah. We got ourselves some cold guitarsound. I don't think that'll be the hardest part, to be honest. This will probably be a one-man project - and I can't play drums, so I have to rely on samples. Do you guys know of any good way to implement blastbeats, and metal drumming etc? Will it be just a matter of getting some drum samples I'm happy with, and then implementing them manually? That will probably be abit tough, considering my drum knowledge is zero. Hopefully, it can get abit better in the process. Lots of blastbeats, aswell as some heavy drumming would really do. Also, since I'm basing this on video game music I won't really be needed much vocal, but some vocal rasping is needed to spice up the overall material. I guess to record these types of vocals there are different approaches, right? I could manipulate it to get the sort of voice I want. I don't want it to be edited, so should I just distort it? Oh, and by the way, Darkthrone has a mixer where there's a button called "Necro" that makes the whole production sound, well .. necro. Tr00 kvlt! Please keep the suggestions coming!
  13. So the new Harvest Moon game with feature fighting? That sounds really so odd. I've been a fan of the series since the Gameboy days, and I can't say I seem to like the direction they're taking. I guess we can only pray it'll be good.
  14. Does anyone of you guys know if MusiciansFriend ships exclusively to the US and Canada, or if they ship internationally? They got so many frickin' good deals and equipment .. unfair that you Americans get all the goodies.
  15. Yeah, basically, Steve always plays like some kind of model, he poses and shit, and likes to show off like your average mall kid. So I wouldn't really watch him to learn that sort of thing, although he's one of the best guitar players I know of. Basically, what he's doing, is playing the first two strokes with open strings, then for the 'X's he holds his hand close to the strings; enough to mute them for the "chugg-chugg" sound. It's not really hard to do; his sound is what makes it sound so heavy and hard. Plus I think he's using his Bad Horsie wah-wah in that song. Silver Vai FTW!
  16. Hello, everyone! Not sure that the title was fitting, or if the word "soundscape" means something (I think it does), I'll just get on with my question .. Basically, I'm a fan at the moment of writing of two things in music - black metal, and video game music. In my head I have lots of classic videogame tunes that would fit perfectly in a black metal-ish soundscape, soundpicture, production values of a black metal band, etc. Not sure what to call it. Please not that this question is not FL-related, that's not the program I'll be using when making this. I believe that will be ProTools (I will attend a school that's using it). I want the classic, thin production along the lines of Bathory, Mayhem, Hellhammer, Burzum, Immortal, Emperor, and espicially Darkthrone, which is legendary for the worst production ever in an album, "Transilvanian Hunger"! Personally I think it's great. I just want a dark, gritty landscape. Nothing fancy - I want to go for the horrible production. Instrumentation will basically be guitar, I play a Gibson Les Paul Classic fitted with EVO humbuckers, giving me lots of low end and bass. How can I make the guitar sound more gritty? Should I just boost the treble to hell? Are there any tips any of you can give to something like this? I hope I'm not boring any of you to hell, but I really would like to hear what you have to say. This is a project I really, really want to complete. I'm not familiar with editing sound yet - I just have the vision in my head. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you very much for any input, I appriciate your time.
  17. Thanks alot. I tried enabling MIDI output, still no sound. How do you send the samples to the channels from the MIDI file then? (Sorry if I'm asking stupid questions, but this is a FL question thread after all ).
  18. This one brought a smile to my face. It's cheery and nice, and while I haven't played Gauntlet too much I really enjoyed this one.
  19. I don't know what to say, to be honest, that hasn't already been said. This is a masterpiece.
  20. Just another quick question, I imported a MIDI file to FL6. But when I play it, it doesn't play at all. My volume on everything else is on full, and it works, but not when I play the MIDI track. Can anyone tell me what is wrong?
  21. Aha, I understand. I'm currently using the FL Keys as my main plugin right now then.
  22. To be honest I've never heard of anyone who wanted to change their humbucker into coils, but perhaps that's just me. Have you heard of soapbars? P-90s? My friend has em, sounds kinda' like a coil on a Gibson to me, though ofcourse thicker. Why not just buy some Jaguar pickups, like the Kurt Cobain signature guitar has? I bet that one has the sound you are looking for.
  23. Hate to say it, but I have no idea. I just bought FL6, and I haven't imported anything new such as plugins into the software. Do you mean plugin as instrument, channels or something else (my guess is something else)? I'm just importing channels and using the standard sounds there. Atleast I understood what you said, the Piano Roll enabled me to do exactly what I wanted. Thanks alot!
  24. Hello, I have a simple question. When I add a new channel to any pattern and play it, it always plays for too long. I want to shorten it's longevity and want to create a more staccato bass. And turn off that damn delay. I have read the user's guide, but I can't seem to find the problem. Can anyone please help?
  25. Yeah, I like it very much actually. Nice walking bass fits the jazz mood, the only thing I can't say I like was the piano. The rhytm it plays something feels a little, uhm, weird. Hard to describe. I also think that the piano should not be so much in the foreground of the sound layers, a little back would do it good. A little brighter piano would atleast suit my tastes better aswell. Anyways it was absolutely great work, I admire you that you can make such great jazz songs!! Awesome, keep it up man!
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