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  1. If anyone wants to send what you thought of my story thanks for the imput... apparently i need the help if i got 1 vote for the last few contests... ---------------- Now playing: zircon - Final Fantasy 6 Dirt Devil OC ReMix via FoxyTunes
  2. Now my life has been quite the strange one for sometime. I lived with my father and we were both wanderers exploring the entire world. We went all over the land from the frozen north to the wastelands of the south. My father carefully mapped the lands and marked where we had been so we wouldn’t camp there again, for what reason he did this I know not. On our travels he showed me basic survival techniques as well as how to hunt and how to use a blade. He also taught me some things that he said would help me in the hard times that the world was facing, such as reading, writing and basic arithme
  3. yeah for the effort of random cause all a freeform contest is, is being random... well so i have two sorta thingys i made so i was just asking the general opinion of you all for ideas... one is a post apocalyptical satire... and the other is a skit/how to make your own and fight with your own boffering (swords that are covered in foam and dont hurt when your hit) weapons. So let me all know with pms and ill do that but otherwise im probably going with the boffering thing... XD ---------------- Now playing: Koji Kondo - Legend of Zelda Medley via FoxyTunes
  4. Yeah today was overall a pretty lazy week... so much work i've just been biking around for about an hour and thats about it. I got a call that i was accepted for a role in the ren fest so that totally made my day... the role i have is using two short swords in a piratey scene so that should be fun... but i have to compete with someone else for that role on saturday so hopefully i get it... otherwise a pretty ok week i guess?
  5. Yeah not much got done this week... i managed to spar against a few people and ride my bike for about an hour a day... I had to work everyday this fricken week and that made it difficult to do anything... this week is clear though and ill do much better. anyways thats my check in. ttyl P.S. Sorry about being late and all
  6. Check in: Yeah I've been doing basic things for now... some weight training so i can lift the broadsword with more ease. Did many hours of stretching to increase lunging distance. I was using the broadsword and working on basic parries and such with a sparring partner. It was rough for the first few hours but got progressively easier as the day went on. Got some bad scrapes so im out of it today but tomorrow ill do the fencing techniques and work on those... Well thats about all for this time... (Also i like the DDR idea and probably will start doing that lol)
  7. Yeah thats fine as long as my poem is counted as an entry im fine. Hope you guys like it and feel free to write any comments or anything! Thanks.
  8. ok i have a poetry submission too i just submitted what i thought was better... well here goes... Alternate Reality In the dark of night, not a noise is heard In the dark of night, not a person moves ahead They all lay sleeping in their beds While in their heads are lingering dreams most absurd In the dreams of people, all their wishes come true In the Dreams of people, nothing can stop them from what they conceive The all consist of various fantasies, both real and make believe While in their thoughts they know that the dream cannot ensue In the last minutes, we cling to our dreams In the l
  9. Yeah ill go in on it too. GOAL I'm 5'10" and 185. My goal is somewhat of a different fitness track then the others here. My goal relates to the activities that i normally do: fencing, renaissance swordsmanship (for my show job at the ren fest), and biking. My goals for fencing would be the following three: - Sucessfully complete a bout with using at least 10 successful techniques - Learn how to effectively use the 2 and 3 parry - Improve Lunging distance My goals for the renaissance swordsmanship would be: - Being able to effectively use a 30ish lb bastard sword - Work on the speed of attacks
  10. This is my entry in the short story category. The synopsis of it is pretty much a guy lost in the desert and if you want to know more, read it! Well here goes and hope you like it. Also if you have suggestions please feel free to message me. Wandering the Corridors of Thought by: mechasonic4ever A bright light radiated from the Sun, which was high up in the sky, making the desert seem even hotter. Water was scarce, food was sparse, and the wind blew nothing but blistering heat making this trek seem disastrous as I grew faint. I proceeded onward through the harsh environment, knowing n
  11. Im in for the games once again... On the google games my name is CrusaderKnight
  12. Music is a way to talk from within your soul and Reuben indeed expressed that. This loss is tragic but he will live forever in his music and bring happiness to all who listen to it. You have my condolences and dearest sympathies. God Bless.
  13. Ya know if any of you use igoogle they have a gadget thing that tells the last 5 or so new songs on the site. Very useful
  14. PS2: Ratchet and Clank Ratchet and Clank 3 Jak 3 Gamecube: Super Smash Bros. Metroid Prime 2 Echoes Sonic Adventure 2 Battle
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