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  1. If anyone wants to send what you thought of my story thanks for the imput... apparently i need the help if i got 1 vote for the last few contests... ---------------- Now playing: zircon - Final Fantasy 6 Dirt Devil OC ReMix via FoxyTunes
  2. Now my life has been quite the strange one for sometime. I lived with my father and we were both wanderers exploring the entire world. We went all over the land from the frozen north to the wastelands of the south. My father carefully mapped the lands and marked where we had been so we wouldn’t camp there again, for what reason he did this I know not. On our travels he showed me basic survival techniques as well as how to hunt and how to use a blade. He also taught me some things that he said would help me in the hard times that the world was facing, such as reading, writing and basic arithmetic. Every time we went over a lesson at supper as we were around a fire, he would also tell me stories of the past, which sounded so magical and mystical that they were almost surreal. After every lesson he would just tell me good job, pat me on the head and say go to sleep. Sometimes in his stories he would talk about himself and mother but he would always be brief on those stories. Now I don’t remember much of my mother being that I was only five when she left this world but I knew that she was a great woman. He would say things about us living in a peaceful land but never went into detail about it. After he would talk about those stories, he would silently lay down and even though he was silent I could always see tears glazing his sad face. As we traveled, we would come across something to trade for some bread or wine but mostly we lived on what we found in the uncharted. We lived a meager life always finding some woodland to live in for a while. We ate what meat and fruit that we found and whatever we had left we took with us to town and sold for gold so none would be wasted. When we came to village or town, my father would hire himself out as a scout and leave me in the woodland that we lived in for the time. Eventualy as time passed on he would let me come along but I wouldn’t do much for the job just be someone to make sure that the people didn’t run away without paying. As we would do these things we began to gain a reputation for great explorers and people started to wait for us in the towns that we traveled around. People would over us food, gold and sometimes even weapons to safely take them to some destination. As I said earlier, these were dark times for the land and rogues wandered the land freely and attacked and killed whomever they could find for there goods. Both my father and I began to be known as Guardians, which people thought as a mercenary group of sorts that fought for the common people. I could see that this would bring my father joy but at the same time, I couldn’t help but wonder that something upset him about this but nonetheless we continued on this lifestyle well into my teens. As it approached my sixteenth birthday, my father left for a small town really early and came back right when I was waking up with a large package wrapped in cloth. He was saying how proud he was of me and in response gave me the package which contained a longbow made of yew as well as well as a quiver made of what looked like animal skin. As I was looking at these things astonished, my father was telling me he made the quiver with the skin of the first animal I ever hunted, and the bow in the one that I thought looked so neat when I was only a child. The bow stood about 6 feet tall and had iron spikes on both ends as well as small iron sheets on the front ends to act as a close range weapon if needed. Now my father was never one big on emotion so I was curious as to why he did this, but he wouldn’t really reply only said that we both were going to town to escort a small group of soldiers from the largest province in the land, the Crimson Republic. Now I knew that our group was gaining a lot of praise and glory over time, but I had no idea that the Emperor himself would ever come to us for a mission. We were to go to a village that was the border town of the feuding provinces of the Crimson Republic and the Dukedom of Acta. We were to take this family for conspiracy and bring them before the Emperor. Now as we began this journey I couldn’t help but wonder why we were doing this, because in all of my father’s stories, the Dukedom was a place of peace and harmony and the Republic was nothing more that greedy warlords. Nevertheless we went on, meeting up with the troops and going on toward the village which was about a week away, by foot, from the capital. The trip was seemed very short mainly because of all the conversation I had with the soldiers. They were mostly new recruits from neighboring villages of the Republic and they were scared of the dangers that were ahead. Mostly we talked about things like fencing, legends, stories and our dreams. All of these soldiers were doing this just to get the money to leave for the Dukedom which led me to believe that my father’s stories were true about the Republic. My father was silent for most of the trip but went off at night for several hours at a time coming back with tears in his eyes and an angry look on his face. I didn’t pay it much mind until he began to act like that in the day when we were approaching the village. One of my friends among the knights as well as I asked him if he was alright but he didn’t answer. At first we thought it was because of the fact that it was personal but then we saw what was ahead. The village was in flames sending a huge column of smoke up into the sky as well as the ringing of iron echoing through the plains. We all ran toward the village with our weapons armed, but none ran as fast as my father. When we got to the burning buildings, we saw that it was all an attack by none other than the Republic itself. Several knights of the Republic were all attacking villagers but with the diligence they were taking it looked like they were searching for someone. Soldiers began to attack us as they saw us approaching but my father took out his sapphire blue and his obsidian black scimitars and fended them off with ease. As the battle began to take our side, the soldiers on our side as well as me safely got the villagers out and told them to flee to the Dukedom capital and warn them and most obeyed. After most of the villagers were gone my friend ran back in as well as I to get my father out but we saw him nowhere in the burning ruin. Several of the Republic soldiers were gathered in a spot and we could see between them that my father was one of them. In a blind rage, my friend and I took charge at the soldiers as I got arrows into the back of three soldier’s necks before they noticed us. They grabbed us and held there swords to our throats and my friend and I both began to fear for our lives. My father screamed to let them go but they wouldn’t listen. While they were talking I saw that a small girl about my age was hiding behind my father and I knew that she must be safe so I drew quietly my dagger from under my belt and stabbed the guard as my friend did the same. We both ran to my father’s side and stood there as he stood almost like a monolithic wall guarding us. He told us to run toward the wastelands as he slipped me his notebook with all his maps. After he did that he walked toward the soldiers and said that he would surrender himself if we three could flee. I started to cry furiously trying to run toward him, but my friend held me back as we both began to run out of the wreckage. As we were at the southern edge of the village beyond the burning I saw both of my fathers scimitars with a piece of parchment tied to them. The parchment read this short message: Son, these are two of my most prized possessions and they will get you safe haven with the people of the wastelands. I know you will survived because you are my son so I only ask that you look out for your friends as I looked out for you. Always know that both your mother and I have never been prouder of you. With this message, I took the scimitars very carefully as I began to cry again we all ran toward the south following my fathers maps. We were all very scared and very nervous, but we went on nonetheless going toward our goal. We took refuge in a small forest that was, according to the map, the last source of fresh water before the wastelands. Now as we stay in the camp we all talk among one another and give us formal introductions before I lay down to think about what has all happened today. I keep watch for a while to make sure my new friends, Selene and Talus, are ok and then fall asleep on the soft dirt. ---------------- Now playing: Scaredsim - Valkyrie Profile Until You See the Light in Valhalla OC ReMix via FoxyTunes
  3. yeah for the effort of random cause all a freeform contest is, is being random... well so i have two sorta thingys i made so i was just asking the general opinion of you all for ideas... one is a post apocalyptical satire... and the other is a skit/how to make your own and fight with your own boffering (swords that are covered in foam and dont hurt when your hit) weapons. So let me all know with pms and ill do that but otherwise im probably going with the boffering thing... XD ---------------- Now playing: Koji Kondo - Legend of Zelda Medley via FoxyTunes
  4. Yeah today was overall a pretty lazy week... so much work i've just been biking around for about an hour and thats about it. I got a call that i was accepted for a role in the ren fest so that totally made my day... the role i have is using two short swords in a piratey scene so that should be fun... but i have to compete with someone else for that role on saturday so hopefully i get it... otherwise a pretty ok week i guess?
  5. Yeah not much got done this week... i managed to spar against a few people and ride my bike for about an hour a day... I had to work everyday this fricken week and that made it difficult to do anything... this week is clear though and ill do much better. anyways thats my check in. ttyl P.S. Sorry about being late and all
  6. Check in: Yeah I've been doing basic things for now... some weight training so i can lift the broadsword with more ease. Did many hours of stretching to increase lunging distance. I was using the broadsword and working on basic parries and such with a sparring partner. It was rough for the first few hours but got progressively easier as the day went on. Got some bad scrapes so im out of it today but tomorrow ill do the fencing techniques and work on those... Well thats about all for this time... (Also i like the DDR idea and probably will start doing that lol)
  7. Yeah thats fine as long as my poem is counted as an entry im fine. Hope you guys like it and feel free to write any comments or anything! Thanks.
  8. ok i have a poetry submission too i just submitted what i thought was better... well here goes... Alternate Reality In the dark of night, not a noise is heard In the dark of night, not a person moves ahead They all lay sleeping in their beds While in their heads are lingering dreams most absurd In the dreams of people, all their wishes come true In the Dreams of people, nothing can stop them from what they conceive The all consist of various fantasies, both real and make believe While in their thoughts they know that the dream cannot ensue In the last minutes, we cling to our dreams In the last minutes, we know that reality is near They all try to resist, refusing to give what they hold dear While in their dreams, they are pried from it at the seams In the seconds before, all the memories remain In the seconds before, the vivid tales stay clear They all hold on to them, as they seem to disappear While in their minds, they know not what tomorrow’s dreams contain
  9. Yeah ill go in on it too. GOAL I'm 5'10" and 185. My goal is somewhat of a different fitness track then the others here. My goal relates to the activities that i normally do: fencing, renaissance swordsmanship (for my show job at the ren fest), and biking. My goals for fencing would be the following three: - Sucessfully complete a bout with using at least 10 successful techniques - Learn how to effectively use the 2 and 3 parry - Improve Lunging distance My goals for the renaissance swordsmanship would be: - Being able to effectively use a 30ish lb bastard sword - Work on the speed of attacks And Biking would be to just bike for about 1-2 hours every day. Exercise: For the Fencing parts my exercises are basically to practice the techniques against a dummy target for about 1 hour... and then do some endurance exercises (if any of you have any tips for that please message me!). For the Lunging distance I plan on doing some simple stretches to improve my horrible flexibility. For the Renaissance swordsmanship, i would again work on the endurance exercises as well and basic resistance exercises (need to be able to do a 45 min skit 5 times a day at the same progress). Also some sparring with a person or a dummy target would improve the overall handling of the sword. So thats about what i would do for my goals... If any of you have any resistance, endurance or other exercises that would help me obtain these goals i would really appreciate them! Thanks!
  10. This is my entry in the short story category. The synopsis of it is pretty much a guy lost in the desert and if you want to know more, read it! Well here goes and hope you like it. Also if you have suggestions please feel free to message me. Wandering the Corridors of Thought by: mechasonic4ever A bright light radiated from the Sun, which was high up in the sky, making the desert seem even hotter. Water was scarce, food was sparse, and the wind blew nothing but blistering heat making this trek seem disastrous as I grew faint. I proceeded onward through the harsh environment, knowing not what has even happened as this environment was forcing me to have these haunting memories. Continuing through the desert my vision became blurred as I was sent to see my past yet again… “Today is a very great day for you all, today is the day that all of you, my Elite Knights, will aid your great land and destroy the Shadow,” explained the emperor dressed in plated steel armor holding a steel lance as tall as him, “Now, you will all storm the great citadel that has destroyed the woods and claimed the crater it left as its new home. You will all destroy the troops making a path for me to get to the throne room to destroy the leader, any questions?”… And in an instant the horizon went back to the exceedingly scorching desert as I, in my sapphire blue robes, was marching onward through the infinite sands as the sun began to take its descending stroll to night. Along with the blistering heat, a fierce wind began to blow hindering the process of walking greatly as the horizon yielded no salvation. Knowing that the sand would blind me or suffocate me I dared not to open my eyes or mouth except in dire need. As the wind picked up and I became weary from the lack of oxygen and lack of sight to where I was, another memory slipped into vision making the winds seem unimportant… “Talus, you must go help the emperor! We cannot hold off these enemies much longer!” a soldier pleaded with Talus as he fended off many enemy troops. Listening to his advice, I, following the path that the emperor took, proceed up the winding stairs toward the tower quite swiftly. Upon reaching the top, the gigantic doors at the end slowly creaked open as if magically letting the faint noise of an organ distill the air with its aura. With my eyes, I could not believe what I saw but ahead of me at the throne was none other than my greatest friend Nasir garbed in black robes as he sat on the throne holding a fine goblet in his hands. The emperor was already ahead talking with Nasir trying to reason with him. I could not hear what they said exactly but the emperor seemed to be talking of peace. At this instant, Nasir released a demonic and almost sarcastic laugh and then taking from his cloak a silver dagger, he stabbed the emperor in his chest, whispered something in his ear and pushed him to the ground. “I see you have reached me, dear old friend, but now I face you as your enemy” Nasir chuckled, walking over the king who was breathing very faintly clutching his chest, “You can surrender or we can spar as we used to but for much higher stakes… The choice is yours” “I cannot fight you Nasir, but only plead that you stop. Darkness has clouded your mind and tainted your soul cant you see that?” Talus explained “You can stop this foolishness and together we can find the true leader of the Shadow” “Once again, you prove to be as amusing as you are naïve. I am the leader and I befriended you only to get your magical talent and bend it to my will” Nasir proclaimed taking yet another sip from the goblet, now standing up in front of the throne Without another word I grabbed my bow and fired an arrow, which had a blinding white light trailing it, at Nasir sending him careening backwards toward the end of the throne room. “You always were the better fighter Talus, but now I command the Shadow so you cannot win!” Nasir declared and sent dark tendrils from his fingertips and snatched the bow from my very hands. Knowing that a scimitar lay in the sheath to my side, I grabbed it and flew at Nasir preparing to slice him across the chest. He just stood there as the blow was delivered and even with the wound running red with blood he still laughed as he stood there. I stood horrified as I just lay a deep cut into one of my oldest friend but he just laughed and acted like nothing happened. “You may have thought that would work, but I can do much worse things,” Nasir chuckled as he threatened Talus “You will be held responsible for my actions next because you are unlike all others. You have both the symbols of the Legendary Race and the shadow race scarred on your palms. They represent your parent’s gifts to you to aid you but now that will ruin you!” and with that a great wave of darkness overtook the room and sent me into a dark haze… As the dark haze ceased, I found myself once again in this accursed desert with the sun setting casting an orange glow over the golden sand. Staring at my palms I saw that upon my left was the symbol of the Shadow, a black crescent with six stars surrounding it and on my right palm was the symbol of the Lumios, a sun overlooking an hourglass. Going further, I found an oasis and made camp there. A small patch of water resided there in which I took most for my canteen and rested my head against the only tree as I lulled into a sleep caused by the intense heat with a horrid dream clawing its way into my mind. “You have been found guilty of destroying our sacred forest, abandoning your duties to destroy the Shadow, high treason, and the assassination of our Emperor” a knight said reading from a giant book as a mage and the Viceroy stood on each side as we were all in the desert by the transportation of the mage “Because of your many years of service and your exceptional magic skills, we spare you death but leave you stranded in this desert forever to wander” “… and if you should ever return, I will personally kill you” the mage added With that the three people vanished from my sight and I began to wander the desert with no hope at all of what to do. Abruptly I awoke to be surrounded by five heavily armored men all bearing a golden broadsword in they’re hands. They all began to bicker about me saying what I was doing lost in the desert and began to say things like I was meant to be here or something but I cared not for they were taking me no doubt to some sort of civilization.
  11. Im in for the games once again... On the google games my name is CrusaderKnight
  12. Music is a way to talk from within your soul and Reuben indeed expressed that. This loss is tragic but he will live forever in his music and bring happiness to all who listen to it. You have my condolences and dearest sympathies. God Bless.
  13. Ya know if any of you use igoogle they have a gadget thing that tells the last 5 or so new songs on the site. Very useful
  14. PS2: Ratchet and Clank Ratchet and Clank 3 Jak 3 Gamecube: Super Smash Bros. Metroid Prime 2 Echoes Sonic Adventure 2 Battle
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