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  1. Super duper super stardom
  2. I enjoyed this game immensely last year. Tough tough tough though.
  3. Just don't tell us next time so we actually have hopes of winning.
  4. I am still "researching". I love colossus #12
  5. And it was going along pretty smoothly before the lock. I think that was mine. Least favorite level was the topic. I think DarkeSword locked it though. And it was going smoothly!
  6. I need to go play it. Brb lol
  7. hey there i have posted twice i rule!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD i like the remixes and im just checking the place out i hope you will accpet me for who i am dont judge u h8ers!! XDDDD well i am single i hope all da laydeeez out there know how to have fun becuase i am one fun guy well i hope to get to kno u all better so ill c u around!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Shadow of the Colossus' last fight was rather difficult. I finally figure out how to get from its hand to its back. After that it was fairly simple. Also, FFX's Lady Yunalesca is tuff. I'm going on a leveling binge so I can get Ultima and actually do some damage.
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