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  1. It's been 2 years since my first review. I *STILL* have this on my now reduced playlist, and I *STILL* find myself playing it 2 or 3 times in a row.
  2. I've listened to this remix so many times I know it inside and out. The pacing is excellent..when the guitar solo hits...It's like the angels that are singing the main theme spawned a heavenly bard to play for them. The mix of original samples from the game is surely a testament to the original composer's greatness, while at the same time combining it with new content...I just can't say how glorious this sounds. Any words I have would fall flat. It just feels like FFX...it captures the imagination and makes me wish Jared and his guitar playing buddy were part of the original soundtrack.
  3. Bazooie...where art thou? You make Buzz sound more than it truly it is...or perhaps the man/woman behind the machine can lift such seemingly cumbersome software out of it's self made grave? In short this is one of the most played songs in my playlist. If Mr. Bazooie had a nickle for everytime I played this song..why he'd be rich man. And rightly so. This remix screams originality wrapped up in some common techno themes. It is the quintessential example of VG remixes...combining the non-commercial with the pop heart that is techno/dance. Creamy vocoder passages add an air of mysterium...what is this lament in the midst of such happy tunage? What could make this mix better? I can't rightly say...my head is bowed before such might..I could only ask in the most humble way for more smooth transitions and perhaps switching in different tempos. I usually play this mix back to back with Rotator's Orb of Light so maybe where this is where this sentiment comes from? Oh forgive this heretic his trespasses! Bazooie..you must produce more...don't let your talents go to waste! Give me more!
  4. Funky is one word to describe this remix. Original also comes to mind. Repetitive? Yes, but joyfully so. This remix hits me with a fresh, sound, a modern mix of of techno sounds and good ol' fashion groove. The break at about 2:20 was unexpected..but builds back into the main groove and theme in such a fun way that I can't hold it against the remix as a whole. Sometime I play this bad boy several times in a row..increasing the volume everytime. One day neighbors and co-renters will murder me in my sleep because of it...but it will have been worth it.
  5. I tink DJP desribes the nuances of this mix best in his front page review. This is a remix that I will keep in my playlist forever, it covers alot of ground in it's scant 5 minutes. However a re-mastering session would be greatly appreciated, and would only serve to improve a superb first submission from one of OCR's greats, Mr DJ Carbunk1e.
  6. Musically complete, with excellent instrumention and great vocals (voclas? [sic]). This remix just keeps moving in predictable pop sensibility, which makes for satisfying tunage everytime. Yet try to compare this to any song of recent professional release and you will find that free is always better. Tongue in cheek, humorous lyrics which hit home for any gamer mix with exciting lead and drum work that only Star can pull off. Great work.
  7. A great mix of movement and natural type sounds. Pacing is very well pulled off, the mix is not too long nor too short and rises and falls just when it should. A satisfying listening experience.
  8. Do electric guitar solos get old when used through the entire duration of a song? This remix proves that it don't. There are several timbres of guitar going on that play off each other in this remix and it is truly amazing to listen to. Now if only someone could go back and remaster the synth parts.
  9. This remix needs to be re-recorded with a full symphony...it deserves this much. As it stands now, it is one of the most memorable and recognisable FF remixes in my playlist. It covers most of the series to it's date and does so in such a way that makes one remember all the joys of playing the games that the tunes came from. This remix mixes themes from several parts of the older series in such a way that nearly makes me cry for being what now seems to be old. I'll listen to this to the day I die, and always remember these past few years when it was new to me.
  10. This classic remix has been in playlist for so long I can't remember when I downloaded it. And yet I still feel the urge to hit repeat on many occasions...perhaps because it is so frustratingly short, yet so good. When oh when will you return to us with more tunes of glory? When will you grace our ears with more tunage of such high caliber?
  11. Star...this remix has woken me up unexpectedly so many times. It's far louder than most mixes in my VG music playlist. But each time I don't reach for the remote to turn the volume down so I may return to my slumber...nay...I listen and smile. I listen til' it's through and then fall back into cozy sleep and dream good things.
  12. A fun remix, I enjoy it's sound. I wish every fair I went to was playing this tune...it just fits with the atmosphere of excitement and community, all the while evoking feelings and memories of fairs past. At around 2:00 the remix moves into that short late afternoon lunch/break feel, when you and mom and pop are chillin' at a picnic table chompin on hotdogs, corn and giant pickle... and then dives right back into the festivities.
  13. This remix really moves. I've woken up to it a number of times and just thought "damn..today is gonna be a fine day". I love the original track in game but this just gives it new meaning and new life.
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