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  1. Been listening to this one about 3-4 times a week for several months and have not gotten tired of it. At first I didn't like it as much as the previous Lufia remix, but now I see the light. It's a great song to listen to in the early morning, as the first 10 seconds totally make me think sunrise and the initial stretch when you get out of bed. The guitar part is wicked cool and makes me want more.
  2. Intro is long but pretty nice. Storm/rain loop reminds me of Nine's Dying Occlo. I really like how it leads into the goods. Dig the trancey part. I'm big on the long phrases used here. I like the (fm'ish?) saw synth alot, but like other reviews have said, there seems a lot of high end missing from the mix. The synth used in GLL's Create Your Fantasy mix was alot brighter...although if the percussion was brighter I think it would be ok. Overall a good remix that needs some work getting the frequency spectrum filled out, but is definitely staying in my playlist.
  3. This mix is awesome. Theres something about clever vocals and flangers that makes me love a song. Star, you rock. Been diggin your tunes since 2001. Keep 'em coming!
  4. This is one of those songs that grew on me to the point where it defines certain feelings in my life. Often...late at night, when I'm drunk or what not, I visit this site, download the latest mixes and "discover" them by accident a few days later. Such is the case with this masterpiece. One day, just as my robo-fry peak was ending, this song came on. My room was suddenly filled with beauty. But alas...the feeling overwhelmed me and I failed to see the name. My next trip into Chronosis' realm of wonder, I made sure to write down the name of the song. It is now in my regular rotation, it's flowing melodies soothe me either on my way to work or back home. (I so hate work. It is pure evil. But I suppose maybe I only feel that way because I work in games. I dunno). But either way, this is one of those songs that will stick with me forever. Thank you.
  5. This mix still rocks. I been listening to it like 2 or 3 times a week at the least since it was uploaded, and I've never gotten tired of it. A bet this will be on my fav list until I breath my last.
  6. This is really well done. I'm really big on trance and jungle tunes, and this hits the sweet spot as far as trance goes, the intro is just plain awesome. That intro work...I really don't know if I've heard better. Very flowing. Very modern techno, mixing several genres so well, mixing a classical piano style into breakbeats into progressive trance. I felt not at all uncomfortable during the intro. Each part lead into the next very well and intuitively. The bulk of the remix is very enjoyable, sticking with the main theme, yet changing acoustic qualities enough to maintain interest. The end, as has already been mentioned, was too sudden however. I give 4.5/5 only losing points for the anti-climactic ending.
  7. so much i want to make love to dj carbunkle. what? what the hell am i saying? but seriously, this is some awesome tunage. I could never get bored listening to this mix, its feeling is definately "Haunted House". Awesome.
  8. This is really nice. I've been toying with the idea of a song that epic trance is the symphony of electronica, and here we have both classical and modern mixed all together into a good remix. Well done.
  9. Yummy thick synth! Everytime this mix plays I cant help but wave my fist in the air in time with it! Sometimes I subconsiously turn the stereo up to full right before it hits. I love it! The last half of the mix is a bit blah though, could have used some spicing up. All in all worth having if you are a fan of trance at all, though it is not driving enough to be good dancable trance, it is great for sittin at home with your favorite inebriant.
  10. This has to be one of my favorite trance remixes on this site so far. It is more innovative than most "techno" remixes here. I'm pretty tired of downloading songs that have been labeled trance and finding happy horsedoodoo. This mix succeeds in taking me to another place, which to me is pretty much the point of trance music. GLL is making great strides towards becoming a quality trance producer. I listened to this the other day while lifted and indeed i was taken "elsewhere". I look forward to more mixes of this creative quality, no more 'techno' mixes that are basically a 4 to the floor kick and cheeseball synth playing a disgustingly happy melody (most good trance honestly is minor keys i think). Interestingly enough the other song on this site that i admire the beefy lead synth is also an Ultima remix, its the "gates of Creation" mix by potshot. The lead on this remix also is so thick and beautiful. Although probably unintended..the heavy reverb adds alot when layered behind it. On my system at home it makes for some great listening. It is probably a bit much to alot of people, I dont use that much personally, but i think on this song it doesnt hurt it at all. No...I wouldnt change much. The other thing I like is that the song progresses alot more than your previous works, and also much more than other 'genre' music. In fact i would liken this more to psy or goa in that sense...anyway...to wrap up..um... Great Mix! 9 out of 10.
  11. I honestly think this is *the* best dance genre remix on this site. And your solo's kick so much ass, even my bud's that dont like dance are like "Wow, that is some badass jam". Mad props mang.
  12. Massive, soundtrack quality goodness. It's halfway down in my playlist, but I always start from this song now. I play alot of Ultima Online, and this song is perfect for treks across Ilshenar and such. I really need an mp3 player in my truck so I can listen to this while driving to work. As a side note, McVaffe's Super Ghouls n' Ghosts Ice Mountain Symphony plays right after this. Its a good follow up.
  13. This song is so good and cheesy. At first I didn't like it because it was so vocal. But then I listened to it a bunch more times (on my playlist) and it just grew on me. The timing is great. The builds are subtle yet incredibly effective, I love the pause after the intro at 1:22 and subsequent build. The synth goes along perfectly with the vocals after this. The ending is awesome, with the delay on the vocals being absolutely scrumptious.
  14. Thats right nines, if it sounds good use it! I dont know many people that look at a violinist or whatnot and say "Hey! You are using a standard violin! Shame on you!"
  15. I love this arrangement so much I had to register to the boards. Simply gorgeous.
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