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  1. I think one has to know why he's playing SF4 (or any game for that matter). If your only motivation is to win at all costs, then I guess spamming fireballs is the cheapest, least risky strategy to adopt : you stay far away from your opponent so you can't take any damage (especially if it's a non fireball-throwing character like, Zangief, E. Honda, Blanka, you name 'em...). But if you're actually in it for the FUN and the satisfaction of feeling "Wow, I'm playing pretty good today !", then I personally think spamming fireballs (or any type of similar, repetitive strategy) is boring as hell and
  2. Awesome work Doug ! You managed to bring very different elements (church organ, synth bass, rock drumkit, saturated guitar) and blend them in a way that actually makes a helluvalotta sense, and I think that's your greatest achievement on this piece (my humble opinion). I just got a Korg M3 and am trying to come up with my firt ever ReMix (would love it to be a CT piece as I believe it has one of the best ever game soundtracks), and listening to this work of yours both stimulates my imagination and intimidates me... Your mastery of sampling, sequencing and keyboard playing are all evident and I
  3. As said by other users, I think this is a very decent shot at the Ryu theme, which is overall a rather complexe piece, especially due to the fact that many harmonic lines overlap in order to give it its character. I would peronally try toning down a few of the synth lines : if this were several musicians playing, I would think they're all trying to hog the front of the stage instead of letting each other take over in turns. The solo in the middle can also be extended just a bit, it feels a tad short in my opinion... But nevertheless, keep up the good work, this is definitely cool material that
  4. Authenticity. That's what all the small imperfections remind me of : this is not a ReMix done on a computer or using synthesizers, this is an actual band playing live. And although I have great love for computer-bred pieces and admiration for their authors, I must take my hat off to Select Start for their work since live recordings are a completely different ball game, where you can't just correct a mistake in a few clicks and that every sound you hear is actually played by a musician (no sound effects, no possibility of adding up several layers of the same instrument, etc). Yes, this piece is
  5. Kudos to the two of you. I mean, first off, as a pianist, I gotta hand it to you Bladiator, your technique is flawless, and the expression is so goddamn touching, and the way you swoop across the keyboadr at 1:42 is... I simply can't find a word for it. Divine maybe ? But this piece of auditive sweetness wouldn't be what it is without TO's arranging the drums and bass around it and giving this beautiful body a solid skeleton and strong yet graceful muscles blends harmoniously. Hope to hear more from you two. You revived my willingness to start ReMixing myself, hoping to one day attain somethin
  6. OK, so where do I start ? With the breathtaking, awe-inspiring church oragan opening, crushing in its feeling of hopelessness and unescapable fate ? Or maybe the "get your act together" crescendo that ensues with the picking up of the pace, the entry of the piano voice and the beginning of the percussion line ? There's also the continuous rise and fall of morale the piece inspires, as though Jared would enjoy toying with our emotions, impressively well done... Or the "divine enlightenment" feel at 2:10 that just makes you wanna throw your optical camouflage in the gutter and take on the world
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