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  1. I'm won. This remix rocks! I absolutely love it. Remixer takes a rather mediocre SOR 2 song and makes it great. All the instrumentation was nice and clean and just fit into the right place. The thing that just had to top it off though was the C64 sounds, they really added alot to the piece and gave it a good oldskool twist that just rocked my pants off! This one's deffinetly staying in my playlist! Great Remix Gecko Ramori!
  2. Rhythm was cool but the zelda song sounded out of place. Maybe it the zelda theme was taken down and octive or changed the key, or the instrument used entirely to something with more low end or more midrange but otherwise I thought this was pretty good.
  3. Not quite moshible but pretty good. I like this but I don't see what sets it apart from all the other megaman 2 remixes. If the guitars were deeper and had a more hardcore/death metalish feel to them then I would have dug this piece alot more and would actually have gotten up and thrashed around my room but the feel just wasn't there, had the potential but it's the "pussyness" of the guitars that turned me off from this song. I'm not saying the guitars weren't well done but they just don't have to right tone for my liking. Well done and has some nice aspects but I can't start a moshpit off this.
  4. Absolutely Great! I love it! Definitely one of my favorite OCRemixes.
  5. Not bad! Not bad at all! I likey. Still detemining to put it into my playlist though. Very good but if just a couple things were changed to my liking then it'd most definitely be there. First off, more meaty rthyhm guitar would have made me love it cause it would have given me that almost oldskool metallica feel yet with the keys in there it reminded me much of how The Hippos keys sounds. Second, Lead guitar needed to have been brought as well cause your solo rocks. Also the flute at the end could have been brought out as well finishing off the peice very well. Asside from those minor things it was very good and I would encourage you to do more remixes!
  6. Wow! I'm still trying to find the words for this exactly. First listen I thought it was just a bunch of noise. Second listen it was more entertaining and then by the third listen I was hooked. I loved it, though I can't listen to in alot, it sure it fun ocasionally (can even make for good background noise when I'm doing other computer related things). I really wouldn't call this music though, I'd call it an experience. Take that how you will but I really more of felt something rather than heard what I'd call music. Highly suggested for at least one listen if not three or four. 2 Thumbs up! I'd love to hear something similar to this again!
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