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  1. Damn xD I'm running on FL... refills are for Reason right?
  2. This thread's a lil' old to be talking in, bUt I just wanted to mention the perfect soundtrack if you want to listen to "Snow" The soundtrack from the new "Chronicles of Narnia" movie.. the entire thing is screaming "SNOW!!!"
  3. Blarg.. I was hoping for some more input on it by now, but I guess I'll have to make do with what I have. Submiting...
  4. Holy crap Trance-orific Nice! xD What's your synth for those leads?
  5. Excellent sounding sample, but I agree, it is only a start. Nice and relaxing sounding. I'm not sure where you want to take this piece, but I was feeling the urge for a breakdown near the end, some thing fast and juicy. Keep Up the good work - CopiousX
  6. Thanks for the speedy reply DDr... But I got two more questions Are vocals allowed too? And may I use your trance instruments in your demo flp? xD I'm clueless when it comes to making trance instruments from scratch.
  7. Would it be acceptable to edit an instrument line in FL, then export the pattern as a .wav, then import the same .wav into the project. I'm wondering because of when you say "No external samples" Does that count as external if the sample is created entirely with FL?
  8. Is the tablet a Cintiq? >_< I'm saving up for one xD I want a Cintiq sooooooooooooooooooooo bad
  9. This is for the OCR Thematic Composition competition. It's supposed to follow the theme of Sunrise after dark. Arising from the ashes of a hard fought skirmish through the night, dawn brings tidings of light, when suddenly mother Sun rises over the mountains. But soon this sight loses its grasp on the fighters as they look ahead to what could be their last day on earth. This is just one possible interpretation of the flow. But anyway, It would be most appreciated if a few of you could critique it before I submit the song this week. Link: http://actsanc.googlepages.com/trepid_2.mp3 Thanks! CopiousX
  10. I'm in! This sounds doable and I finally have some time Happies
  11. I'm game. Starting it right now I've been looking forward to catching the competition with enough time left. I finally signed on at a good time
  12. Epic, simply epic. The piece takes you along a 6 minute, 39 second journey of symphonic pleasure. Well done Dan.
  13. As I said on IRC, excellent! And I love the mood it creates. Just hope to see those strings!
  14. Hello! Here's an incomplete remix of the Super Mario Land end credits theme. Kholdstare showed the song to me and we agreed to do a collaboration. He's covering the Electronica part and I've done the Orchestral. While we love to get general feedback, what we specifically want to know is if you guys think this song can transition into Electronica. If so, any recommendations? Thanks in advance! Kholdstare ~ CopiousX
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