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  1. It's the 10th in where I come from. I'm hyped. Can't wait for the final results.
  2. For those who attended MAGfest, I'm sure most of you have seen the VGmix panel. For those who haven't: http://www.vgmix.com/vg25/viewtopic.php?id=4562 In the thread there's a link to the full panel thanks to Darangen. For those with a slow connection: http://vgmix.com/newfeatures/ Document on most of the new features... What do you guys think? I'm curious to hear your thoughts. Just no badmouthing anything without reason. It's obvious that VGmix has been taking a totally different approach from OCremix, and both will continue to be different. Here's what I wrote in the VGmix forums: "Wow... I must say...I'm VERY impressed by that list. I can see why this is taking awhile to program. This actually dwarfs VGmix 2 in every aspect... It also must've taken a lot of imagination to come up with these ideas. Love the whole RPG integration here. I also like how VGmix 3 will be community-based. Almost everything depends the users and remixers of the site. "Yin/Yang"-style ideas like reviewing in order to post a song are also very impressive ideas. I'm afraid of two things, though. One, obviously, is people being turned off by the RPG concept. On one hand we'll know that these people are too lazy anyway. On the other...I feel the process of managing your actions can be a bit time-consuming... Two...abusing the system...it's going to be very hard to trust every "Sage" on board, you know...despite having complaint options...maybe I'm being too skeptical here... I have a cool idea based on the the whole "Bonuses for 'attacking random encounters'"...although it can be a bit hard to code and implement...how about rewarding "inactive" users with more XP points as soon as they become active with reviewing and such? So that these users don't fall behind? You know...kind of like when you're not as active in World of Warcraft so you get more XP points compared to the normal amount? Also...bonus items that raise stats for people who have been away from the site for a specific amount of time? Maybe things like this will encourage lazy and busy people to come back more... Anyway, excellent work, virt and team. Truly, you guys may have something here."
  3. BTW...did anyone meet-up with LuIzA? I recall her saying that she was going to be there...strange that you didn't have a pic with her or anything, Pixie.
  4. Those are awesome pics. Some of them are pretty hilarious. It really looked like you guys had tons of fun there. The Jake and David shaking hands pic really is a kodak moment.
  5. Ah...glad everyone had fun. I wish I can attend one of these things, but currently I live far, far away. Someday, maybe... I wanna see some cool pictures and videoes of you guys and the panels. David and Jake finally meet up and get a beer together, eh? That must've been a kodak moment.
  6. Okami is such an awesome game. Sure it's inspired by Zelda Gameplway-wise...but it has its own unique flare. The music is so Japanese-oriented...would be cool to see a ReMix take on that.
  7. Wow...glad someone's doing this. Looking forward to your coverage. Take lots of pictures and videos of the game remix panels.
  8. USB mic, eh Pixie? I've heard of that before in OCR when I was asking about mics. Sounds like a pretty cool technology. Is the quality much better when you connect a mic via usb rather than my Shure connected directly to the PC's mic opening? Oh...I was right about the mega vocal collab. Yay.
  9. Sorry I didn't vote, everyone. Congrats to the winners! The rap tracks especially caught me off-guard...was really impressed my the lyrics and how fast everyone can throw those words. Bladiator's intro was especially funny. Clorophil really impressed me. I didn't know that Zyko had it in him, too. Of course, Pixie is as impressive as usual. Loved it. But wow Malcos...very nice pipes, man. You put up a good fight against Pixie, which is of course the most experienced vocalist of them all. Again...congrats to everyone. Looks like Zircon's planning a huge vocal collab here for all the winners.
  10. Just read the message over at VGDJ. Here's my post from there: "This is sad news, indeed. Very shocking, too. To tell you the truth I did not see this coming... I won't hold anything against both of you. However, I was really looking forward to one last "hurrah"...a swan-song if you will..in order to give this excellent project the send-off it deserves. Hopefully the stuff you're recording in MAGfest won't go to waste... You guys had an excellent run. You've influenced a lot of people that videogame music isn't just a fling by promoting OCR as much as possible. Nothing you did went to waste and I hope that reasons you stated in the hiatus post didn't affect this cancellation. Plus, it's possible some people out there who will pick up your torch and light the way for a new podcast project seperate from the VGDJ one. Good luck to both of you. Your voices, enthusiasm, humor, and chemistry shall be missed." After reading through Aurora's post, I see that it's a possibility that this podcast continues with new hosts. That's some good news, at least. I can understand why Zircon put that there, especially since he pasted the very same post on the VGDJ site. I still highly recommend "the swan-song" thing as Pixie and Zircon's last podcast. I really don't like to see them pull out ever so suddenly without giving us one last run.
  11. Vocal sample is from the movie-sequel Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.
  12. Yeah...I think I exposed a little too much. A friend who I lent my voice on a game remix recently encouraged me on "not being afraid to scream in the mic and put in more energy"...I usually sing to myself ambiently (in a more quiet tone) so I wanted to try the opposite with my FF7 entry. Still have a few screws loose here and there...but it's nothing that can't be fixed with a bit more practicing.
  13. lol...I'm a bit too surprised that I went through it myself. I've been listening to my entry a couple of times and criticising myself on my performance. Felt that it could've been a lot better. I've been singing the theme to myself and it sounds better than the take I recorded. Oh well. Guess you learn from your mistakes, eh? On a side note, just sent my votes to zircon. Very, very impressive top 3.
  14. http://www.esnips.com/doc/a644e10a-f83d-4e8a-9fc6-efa6f49fe3cd Right Click on "download file" and "Save Target As". Yes, for those few of you who know...I've attempted this before. Same track, same style. Last one was kind of sucky, though. Had a lot of issues and whatnot. Here's the rundown; I like the original remix. A LOT. Lover Reef. Very catchy. Nice singing. Nice guitar solo. Nice lyrics. As a tribute to it and its remixers, I'm remixing it in vocal/cappella style. Did it in one take. Consider this a backbone track. You won't find much in terms of "arrangement" value, but originality is there. You'll notice that after the track is done, I take it futher. However, all the lyrics I've sung are VERY spontaneous. Just improvised as I freestyled. It's like I channeled something. You'll notice a grammar error in there, too. I kept it to entertain you listeners...classic, eh? Currently, I don't intend to submit this on the site. I just want some suggestions and comments. I want to add more vocals/freestyling in there. Doubling. Layering. Etc. More arrangement quality, too. Wanna change some of the lyrics a bit. Was thinking of this one part...instead of "We've turned to ice/and it's not our way to be/so let the earth quake and melt with me"...this, "We've been petrified/and it's not our way to be/so let the earth shake and dance with me". All comments are welcome.
  15. lol...thanks I guess. I thought it was time for me to step up...even if I'm armed only with my voice. It's apparent that my so-called "ReMix" is somewhat rushed and underdeveloped compared to the awesome enteries I'm listening through right now, but still...I just needed to do this and have a bit of fun in the process...it's my first step to bigger things and improvements, you know. Anyway, nice job everyone. Still need to listen to the rest of the stuff...including yours, Fishy. But overall, this is kick-ass.
  16. Am I the only one who REALLY loves the soundtrack of Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 1? This Shoji Meguro guy is such a genius! He uses this funk rock vibe and has electric guitars in almost every track. Some are more hard rock than others. There's also the electronica here and there. Check out Manipura, Hunting Rare Demons, Battle, Hunting, Spider's Sting, Spider's Sting (Second Movement), Cowards' Hideout, and Anahata. There are many others, of course...but these are my favorite ones, especially Manipura, Hunting, and Spider's Sting (Second Movement)? Would be cool to see a Remixer's take on these, especially ones who know guitar and some electronica. I would love to hear acoustic remixes/versions of these tracks. Piano-based ones would work really well, too.
  17. 1) Exercise More: I actually started on that a week ago. I'm back playing Tennis, thank God. 2) STOP PROCRASTINATING: Procrastination + Studying Medicine = not good... 3) Finish some of the games I bought in 2006: I got a couple of them for every console collecting dust. All I need is to play them. Right now I'll focus on finishing Twilight Princess (the final dungeon remains) and Final Fantasy XII. 4) Write More gaming-related articles and reviews. 5) Collaberate with a ReMixer to get a track done for OCR and/or participate in one of OCR's remxing projects. 6) Learn Guitar: this is very far off but I really want to learn...
  18. Indeed...can't wait for those songs to be posted. I'm very interested in hearing arrangements on some of those FF7 tracks.
  19. THANK YOU. Wow...seriously...this is REALLY awesome. Zircon's beats are catchy as usual, and Sixto plays one VERY mean Guitar....I need to listen to the rest of that solo dammit...been following the dude since he remixed Ken's Theme in The SFII project. Never expected a Zircon/Sixto collab in a million years. Just shows you that anything's possible in this community...
  20. Awww....damn...I wish I noticed this thread earlier. I hate it when I'm late for stuff like this. I really wanted to join a vocal-related compo. Oh well...good luck to everyone here. I'll download those enteries in a bit and see what's going on...
  21. Can someone remind me which track is the "FF7 Main Theme"? Is it the overworld music before Meteor Approaches?
  22. Woah, don't be afraid to incorporate your native language into your songwriting either, its a unique tool that not people have to ability to do. Anyway, good luck with your lyric-writing. Hey...that's a pretty interesting idea. I could do that...it's going to sound weird...but heck, it can produce some unique sounds as well. Arabic is my native language in case you're wondering. Nice post, Vagrance. Thanks.
  23. Thanks Chavous and Leah. Very nice posts there, especially Leah's. I have to admit, I haven't been exposed to poetry like you mentioned, Leah. But I love to write; stories, fanfiction, and professional game reviews/articles (which what I'm currently doing most of my time). I also read novels. But no poetry. All I remember from high school is taking The Merchant of Venice and that's it...it's sad, I know...but that's what you get for learning English as a second language. I'll let you know once I start on something, Leah. Keep an eye out for me.
  24. I debated whether I put this here or in the general discussion, but... Anyway, I'm not asking for an English lecture here. Just a few of questions: 1) About cheesiness...when do you classify lyrics to be "cheesy"? Bad or typical rhymes? When they're about a theme we already heard about a million times (aka Love)? When They're sung in a weird way? I remember David mentioning "good cheese" when in his review of "Lover Reef". 2) Does it have to rhyme? I mean...ALWAYS rhyme from verse to verse? I mean...it technically doesn't have to mimic poetry rules even though it's better when it does. But...doesn't that sometimes result in some cheesiness? I think that as long the lyrics have a good flow and a variety of nice words (aka Ardency in Darangen's Falling Back), it can be good, right?
  25. Vocals don't just fall into two categories, "good" and "bad". There are LOTS of aspects of vocal recording and performance, as well as how the vocals are treated in the mix. Comparing "Rest Tonight" with this is comparing apples to oranges. Hmm...interesting. You do make a good point. It could be that my ears aren't trained to differinciate between certain technicalities. So hypothetically speaking...it's possible that you would say "yes" to a vocal mix with a voice as good as Pixietricks even though the production values aren't up to standards? Or do both the voice and the technicalities of recording have to be "above the bar"?
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