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  1. Thanks for the link. All the previous links Skrypnyk put in are expired. After I read the judges' decisions thread, I was curious to see what's all the locomotion about. This isn't my cup of tea, but I still found this to be pretty different from the usual. Different is good. Those cutting voice samples with the turntables really make this mix stand out. I wonder where these voice samples are from? Can't recognize any of 'em. I can hear the original melody playing on piano...taking more of a background beat role at times. Too bad this wasn't accepted, it would've made an awesome addition. Thing is, it's going to be really hard to re-sub this one I suppose...
  2. You serious? Man I was expecting something like another world map depending on the character or something. Man...that kind of blows. Digging Valkyrie's story though. So I'm guessing I won't have any problems with other characters.
  3. The difficulty ROCKS like you guys are saying. One of the few games I have no mind to switch to hard to. Been playing hard ever since I started and I didn't switch to normal yet. I can't seem to put my finger on it, but I'm willing to bet that playing on hard is personally more fun for me than on normal, even though I did not try it on normal yet. Some of the 5 star areas get really adrenaline-pumping, forcing me to pull back and regroup my shit together (aka fill up HP, gathering more souls for special attacks, etc). Surprisingly, I haven't been having much difficulty on the main bosses up to now (just beat that fairy queen with relative ease)...probably because I'm equipping the relic which ups my attack 20% in addition to casting the magic which doubles up my attack temporarily. Most boring arc of the story, Necrotic? Wow...looks like I ain't seen nothing yet! The only thing this game is missing are puzzles and/or platforming, similar to Valkyrie Profile Lenneth. Man, if the game had those elements it would've been perfect!
  4. Been playing this game for a week. I'm REALLY impressed by it, especially the sprite-based graphics. Never in my life have I seen sprites look and animate THIS good...you can literally see some of the big characters' chests heaving in and out. I can definitely say that this game has the best 2D graphics in history. The backgrounds are really colorful and full of life, too. As for the gameplay, it's a bit on the repetitive side, yet addictive. It's similar to Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, with less exploration and more action. It's really fun to level-up your character, too. Feed him/her different types of food and/or cooked meals to update HP, and draw souls to update your magical attacks. The item creation system is really unique, too. Always keeps you on your toes to make items...I think it's impossible to move forward without creating items... Localization-wise, this is probably Atlus' best work yet. The dialogue has this medival-ish feeling similar to FFXII. Voice-acting is pretty good. The music is amazing, composed by Hitoshi Sakimoto. I personally find the music here better than FFXII. I'm almost done with the first character. So...anyone else has been playing this game?
  5. Yeah I was so happy to find out that virt was composing for this game. He'll be able to show off his remixing skills as well as make some original music for the game. Lucky guy. I find it a bit ironic to mention Jake side-by-side with OC Remix. Then again, OC Remix is more popular than VG Mix these days due to the latter being on hiatus.
  6. AVG Free Edition. It's better if you get the Pro edition, but the free is more convenient because...it's free, duh. Anyway, AVG is really easy on your computer. Doesn't slow it down. Doesn't take much space. Has free updates until forever. And if you want additional support with ad-ware and such, there are other programs like Ad-ware, Spybot, and Windows Defender.
  7. Nice gig there, people. Seems that Escariot got things going with the sing-along vocals...way to be not shy. I'm assuming that DA is the one standing behind Taucer...kind of shy at first, but then got into it toward the end.
  8. Whoops...disregard my comments about laparoscopy being impossible in this situation, zircon and everyone...got confused between that and something else... I still think that you had a pelvic appendix though.
  9. Classic appendicitis presentation is sudden generalized pain throughout the abdomen lasting for a couple of hours accompanied by severe localized tenderness/pain at the right lower quadrant I believe. You didn't have that at all. Additionally, it's a bit strange that your WBC count came back normal instead of being heightened. You're unlucky, man. Your appendicitis presentation was atypical. This perhaps might be related to the atypical position of your appendix. I'm sure that it's not the usual position, which is behind the Ileum (part of the small intestine). I'm guessing (pretty sure) that you had a pelvic appendix, since the surgery was performed laparoscopically. It's highly unusual, perhaps downright not logical, to perform laparoscopy if your appendix were positioned normally. The only way that you can reach an appendix via lapraroscopy is that if it was positioned in the pelvic area. This case is somewhat fresh because I recently read an atypical appendicitis case similar to yours in my textbook. Yes, I'm a medical student. On going stomach problems, you say? Did you ever go see a doctor about that? I can take a history if you'd like, but it'll take awhile. Anyway, glad to see that you're on the road to recovery, man. Godspeed.
  10. That sounds hilarious. Whoever captured that video should Youtube it or something. Would be interesting to watch. It would also make a nice "get well" present to Zircon.
  11. LOL. That objection pic is funny... Glad you guys had fun there. Pics, please. Singles Reef? Losers' Reef? What the hell happened there? Did people sing Lover Reef or something?
  12. Ahh. That's nice. Definitely a cool first-step to bigger things...
  13. I just read that press release sent via e-mail. I was not aware that you guys are actually going to contribute to VGL itself. That's pretty cool. So how is this going to work exactly? Will a few of you actually perform on-stage, or will VGL perform some of the ReMixes live? Man...appendicitis. Sorry to hear about that. I know that the pain is horrible, but I'm glad everything went well in the end.
  14. I have to add that my friends were FLOORED when I made them listen to this remix. They're not big fans in the videogame music scene and they usually make fun of me because I listen to game soundtracks and remixes, but when I made them listen to this one on my PSP...one of them was like, "what the fuck...? Man, Nintendo should seriously hire this dude! I'm seriously imagining various game storyline scenarios which can fit with this song."
  15. Nice pics. You guys seemed to have a lot of fun. Man...I wish there was some sort of OCR/Game Music meet-up where I live. I highly doubt it though...I'm probably the only fan.
  16. http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR01068/ Ninja Gaiden II: In the Atrium by silent http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR00991/ Final Fantasy IV Tororian Love Song by silent http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR01532/ Mana III At First Innocence by zyko
  17. Finally, a Valkyrie Profile remix! One of the best and most under-appreciated soundtracks ever and so far nothing for OC Remix. Anyway, I like the direction you've taken with this. It sounds more like something from Final Fantasy Tactics...a march, orchestral version of the original. The intro is really cool...nice re-interpretation up to the first 40 seconds. The rest of the remix, however, sounds really close to the original. I suggest to change-up the basic beat a bit so that it sounds less of a cover and more like a remix. Keep at it.
  18. Hey...I don't see Malon's "Lon Lon Ranch Theme" in that list. PUT THAT IN. NOW. Seriously though, interesting idea. Short, sweet, and a nice theme. I get the feeling some romance cheesiness will appear from this project. Still though, anything that's meant to be cheesy is good in my book.
  19. Here's something for the wait...until Nicole gives us a new update... http://www.esnips.com/web/excaliber39sOtherStuff Yeah...I got so hyped up I sang a quick cover of Dreaming Still. Sounds kind of awkward with a male voice. Enjoy.
  20. Very, very nice! Definitely superior compared to the original...no offense to Jill of course. Loving the new drums and violins especially. Overall though, this version has a lot more going on compared to the emptiness of the previous one. It's not that I don't like the original. On the contrary, I listen to it a lot! The basic beat and Jill's vocals rock, yet like I said it does feel somewhat empty to me. It's going to be interesting to see how Jill re-takes the vocals. Changing up the lyrics a bit isn't so hard to do, I believe. What's challenging is changing up the style. Personally, I think that once a specific way of singing over a track gets into your head, it's really hard to do a different take on it. Nice work, Adams! Good luck, Jill.
  21. How about Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter for the PS2? I can go on and on about how excellent this game is. The only game I played in the BoF series if the third installment on PS1, so I was expecting more of the same from Dragon Quarter. Nothing special. Turns out that this game is flat-out the most innovative RPG I've ever played. It has a lot of new elements I've never seen in an RPG before, including the ability to restart to your previous save (or the whole game even) with some of your stuff intact, thereby giving you extra storyline cut-scenes (Scenario Overlay System), the AWESOME turn-based/real-time battle system hybrid, and the D-Counter system which gets higher as you use mote of your Dragon moves...once you get to 100% you die so you REALLY have to be careful or else you'll screw up your game and be forced to restart to the beginning...think of it as a "walking time-bomb" mechanic. Oh...and how about the fact that this is the only PS2 game that has a protected save file that you CANNOT copy to another memory card? Cel-shaded graphics were very moody. The soundtrack is composed by Mr. Sakimoto under the direction of Mr. Mistuda...obviously an excellent pair-up. Any Dragon Quarter fans out there?
  22. Indeed...I wouldn't have known that the guitar wasn't real unless someone mentioned it. Awesome work with this one.
  23. I'm going to repeat what everyone's been saying in this board, but I don't care. Epic. Choir rocks. It's really hard to deviate from a piece as epic as Dancing Mad, hence why I'm very impressed with this ReMix. It manages to pay homage to the original and in the same time be original and creative. It's not just the choir; the orchestral composition itself really stands out. Quality stands out, and the mix gets really creative toward the end. I'm very curious on how were you guys able to pull off the choir. Who wrote the creative lyrics (especially love the "I am Death of Death" bit, very smart)? Who sang the choir basically? Of course, I guess that the voice was doubled up for the choir effect...or did you guys bring in multiple people to sing? You see how confused I am since it sounds very authentic. Unfortunately, putfile is blocked here so I also would perfer a permanent address to host the better file.
  24. Excellent mix. Enjoyed it a lot in my first listen. The drumline seems to pay homage to Metal Gear Solid 2's style of composition (Harry Gregson-Williams). Overall though, this track reminds me of a previous mix...Darke's Torvus Clockwork from Metroid Prime 2. It uses a similar blend of orchestrated and electronic ambiance. Speaking of drums, the bongo drums also really blend well with the orchestral sounds...it also adds a unique flare to the track. Like the bongo drums, the vocals also make this mix stand out. I would've preferred them to be a bit higher than the overall mix, but this volume enables them to blend a lot better into the other sounds. You have a really cool voice, cieli. Reminds me of Enya somewhat. Sephire did a nice job of putting those production values on your voice, too...the volumes, reverb, how they pan though my headphones. If anyone listen to Motoi Sakuraba's stuff, you'll find that this track in addition to the vocals sound like Valkyrie Profile's "All is Twilight" somewhat, one of my favorites. Listen to the arranged one, though...not the original... BTW...towards the end of the mix, you sound like you're singing something, cieli...I could only make out "the sounds of..." Again, really nice job.
  25. Well...I think it's better to see how it all pans out. If it's downright impossible to generate enough interest/talent to each and every track, the tracklist can always be cut-off to "the best of" status. All projects start out like this, and this one is no exception. Start off with a huge-ass tracklist, see who's interested in what, see which tracks are getting the best or the most remixes, and narrow it down to those. Of course, there is the possibility of all these tracks being remixed...but that would take some incredible amount of work and preservation. See, what Electric is doing here is not restricting which tracks one could remix, which is a good thing in my book.
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