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  1. I have my DS and Bomberman... heh heh heh... 1 cart for 8 people? I think so! And yes, I am bring my Wii60, System link Halo 2 anyone?
  2. I can bring my Wii360 (Sucks that the Halo 3 beta will be over by then) if you guys want me to... And yes.. I will make it to the BBQ.
  3. How much did this cost you guys to put together in terms of budget?
  4. Hmm... I wonder if Jiggles would mind if the two people who gave him a ride last year going back from Jill's place crash with him...
  5. Ya know, I do love the irony of 4 people all around the same area and none of which have a working car... I like to think that the universe got bored all of a sudden and needed some people to toture to keep itself occupied. Only explanation for things like this...
  6. Cherry Hill, NJ or Philly... depends on whats going down. Well, me car is busted so there goes that, plane is not worth it for such a small distance... possibly train or catch a ride with someone who is going from around my area... In pure Kroze Fashion , I will find a way to make it down there somehow... Well, since I got Otakon, and Comic Con coming up near then which both are in a week of each other and then flying back out to LA, I don't have much... maybe $60... I would like to be there friday morning or afternoon but being me, we must account for getting lost, problems with public transportation, UFO abductions, monies, and rips in the space/time continuum, expect me within the year! So yeah.. no clue thus far... I would like to attend both... but that depends on how I am getting down there and monies at the time. I got that whole weekend off so... to sunday most likely if I go to the saturday concert. This also depends on how I am getting down there... And I would be up for the saturday get together and willing to chip in for food... I cook a mean burger!
  7. For those that have been saying that Lost doesn't have a story that they are following, right on the season 1 DVD, Lindeolf and Cruz talk about they have had everything planned out for roughly 5 seasons which they are getting (Since the seasons are now 16 episodes each, 3 16 episode seasons = 2 normal seasons...). Also, it hasn't been getting too wierd at all... we have been prepared that we are going deep into the supernatural aspects of the island from this season in and why everything works the way it has. Its never been a normal "Crash on a island and try to survive" show.. for that, go read Hatchet. They have stated from the very beginning its very Sci-Fi oriented in nature but its not billed as a Sci-Fi show cause its less focused on events and more on the characters going through these events. About Charlie: He chose to die there... yes he could of lived though that but it would of only led to Desmond getting another vision and having to avoid his death over and over again... at least this way he was in control... thats what "Greatest Hits" was about. And besides, he died a hero so what better way could you really ask for to go out? About the Flash Foward: I think that what we just saw is how season 5 is gonna end with seasons 4 and 5 running with life off the island for everyone and the flash backs will be about all the crap that went down before getting off... cause I really don't think they are out of the red yet. With it not being Penny's boat, that means we are getting the second island war (We have heard about the first one many times) and possibly either a revival of DHARMA or Widmore taking over what DHARMA was up to. Who was in the casket: I think it was Locke... Why you ask? Well, he has no family or friends to come, and Jack showing up like that was more of a "Yeah... you were right about everything and I screwed up big time.." thing... and Locke pissed off quite a lot of people on the island, including Kate...
  8. You know it might be a possiblity to get us into Wizard World for free with "Pro" badges... Just list a few names on my site and BAM! Its good working with a independant film company who makes geeky films!
  9. o rly? Well then.. Pixie? zircon? Mind if I tag along with you guys? I'll pay for gas!
  10. The one thats about 15 minutes away from Philly... I live by the Marlton side.
  11. Well now... This is a pain. Is anyone coming from near Cherry Hill, NJ at all? Cause apperantly my ride died (Again... goddamn.. I need a new car.). Now I could take the train but if I can save teh monies its better. On the plus side, I am willing to bring along my 360 with Halo 3 Beta on it if anyone wants....
  12. Oh shit! Random Kroze Kameo! I paid monies... I am gonna TRY to make it but if I can't I will hopfully let you guys know a few days before so someone else can use me ticket.
  13. Oh, I would be defently be able to make this little get together seeing as how I live in Cherry Hill... Philly is hardly a hop, skip and a jump away! And Zircon goes to Drexel? How very interesting... my mother works there in their biomedical department... although its not like I talk to her too much or see her often.
  14. Teh Kroze is saddened that he had to miss such a awesome event due to buses not coming... KROZE SMASH!
  15. GAH! I just woke up... If I can catch a bus up there, I should be there at 2 or so... Meh... Kroze SMASH dealing with people on west coast that keep him up late!
  16. Well... I might be coming to this little "Get together" since its only in NYC and I can just take the bus up. Yeah, I really love to do things at last minute! I'm trying to pull Ian up there too. So yeah... if you see me, do not shoot cause I come in peace!
  17. My, my, my... How this tempts me so... I think I shall notify Ian and see if he wants to go for another roadtrip then like we did (Last minute) for Otakon... Hmmm...
  18. In response to peoples codec problems You MUST have Quicktime version 7.1 (I actually think that is the newest version) due to the type of compression that was used to get the video small... You can find the codec free on quicktime.com I am sorry if this causes anyone any problems.
  19. And the video came out really really REALLY good from its "First" version *CoughcoughLightingHelpsALotcough*... Still, hopfully the three diffrent versions shall satisfy everyone on any connection they might have (Except for those poor poor 56kers... Its amazing those sad bastards still exist..). And the Panel came out great!
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