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    Prepare for Kroze's spoiler free, mind blown away review... Ready? You sure? Okay... HO-LY FUCKING SHIT OH MY GOD THAT WAS FUCKING AMAZING. Now first off with the story being very "traditional" and even heavy handed at times, I think its story was AMAZINGLY well done and tasteful despite it being tried and true. What Cameron does with it brings it to new levels. And I don't think calling it a Disney-esc plot is a bad thing in this case... its just HIGHLY accessible to a huge population. It's characters were REAL... like I felt for them. The story WAS Dances With Wolves + The Last Samurai IN SPACE! But it was also so much more then just that. Just because it was predictable and done before doesn't mean the plot is immedately BAD... its what you do with it and James Cameron does a FUCK TON with it. Also, what James Cameron movie DOESN'T have those cheesy one liners? The one liners we keep quoting from 20 years ago! "I'll be back!" "Esta la vista baby!" I don't think it would have been a James Cameron movie without them being there and they helped make the movie feel a lot more easy going. This is a sci-fi movie for the masses keep in mind. We are getting our hardcore Sci-Fi James Cameron movie in 4 years with Battle Angel which he has even admitted to being a much more niche film with how its gonna be. Ignoring all the special effects and AMAZING AMAZING CGI (I haven't even seen the movie in IMAX 3D yet and I was STILL squealing like a fat kid in Willy Wonka's candy factory), It still is a great movie just from the way the story was handled, the characters and the acting... especially from Sam Worthington who I hated with a passion back in Terminator Salvation. he really shows off his acting chops here. Michelle Rodriguez also deserves a mention due to I DIDN'T HATE HER FOR ONCE IN A MOVIE. For once I didn't want her to die horribly in a fire (Still not gonna stop calling her Ana-Lucia though... EVER). The standout actor out of the entire cast was totally Stephen Lang and his portrayal of Quaritch as a military man who will NOT give up, even to the last breath. He went far above and beyond a lot of other movie villains I think because he felt REAL, there was no real point where he went over the top evil at all that made me go "Okay, he is now a larger than life, over the top villain". They gave him weight and depth that Lang was able to portray amazingly well and gave us a guy we love to hate despite being all badass. Now the effects and the CGI... or as I like to call it as I was doing so all through the movie OH MY FUCKING GOD THE WATER! THE WATER IS REAL! THE WAY IT REACTS HOLY FUCK! DID YOU SEE THAT FIRE AND THE REALISTIC SHADOWS ITS CASTING ON ITS ENVIROMENT! OH MY GOD THE WATER ON THEIR FACES AND HOW IT REACTS WTF??!?!? WIND ALSO REALISTIC!!??!?! *splooge* And that was only in the first 10 minutes of the movie.. and yet it didn't stop at ALL for the entire rest of the movie. I now believe Pandora IS a real place... its where James Cameron has been for the past 10 years, laughing at George Lucas who is most likely in the bathtub right now singing Linkin Park songs to himself while crying and posting on his live journal "WHERE DID I GO WRONG?!?!? HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN TO MEEEEEE?!??!?!" For a lot of the movie, my brain just couldn't believe that it was mostly CGI. It all looked REAL. And the Navi are the most realistic CGI aliens... no wait... no.. the most realistic aliens, CGI or not, I have ever seen on film EVER. Their emotions, the way they moved... I was losing myself throughout the entire movie. I do not wanna imagine how long it took this movie to render the CGI. I really don't. All in all, possibly one of the greatest movies I have ever seen and that is even with ignoring the groundbreaking special effects and CGI usage. My biggest complaint was the pacing of the movie was sometimes a bit... well... off... And the thing that happens half way through the movie with Michelle Rodriguez's character feels somewhat out of left field. James Cameron, known for being a merciless editor and cutting 20 minutes of plot oriented stuff from several of his movies out obviously cut a few scenes which I think should not have been cut even though the movie was running long already. The nice thing is this isn't an action film... this film takes its time to build up all its MANY many characters and plot threads and the world we NEED to believe in and care about to make the epic final battle all the more worth it. And once the movie really gets going you best hold on to your pants because it is gonna be one wild ride. This will definitely define a LOT of filmmaking over the course of the next decade. James Cameron accomplished his goal and then some with this masterpiece of a movie and EVERYONE needs to see this film at LEAST once in their lives. I hope to god they are able to make back the estimated $300 to $400 MILLION spent making this endavour of blood, sweat and tears. The amount of love and quality put into this project really shows and I plan on going back as soon as possible to see it in IMAX 3D when I get the chance.... like in an hour... I give this movie 9.5 out of 10. Simply amazing... a true epic cinematic masterpiece of film. Why the fuck are you STILL reading this?? GO OUT AND SEE IT NOW!!!
  2. Hey guys... I know I haven't been around that much and I wish I had more time lately but working with MAGfest and Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series has been taking up a lot of my time... But I come today to ask a favor out of all of you. For the past month, Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series has been in the running for Mashable's 3rd Annual Web Awards category Funniest Youtube Channel and its been a hard fight thus far going up against people with a LOT larger fanbases and followings then us, but we have been putting up a fair fight thanks to rabid fans efforts. For the past couple weeks, YGO:TAS has been going almost head to head with another one of the nominees in the votes, raywilliamjohnson. He, having waaaaaayyy more fans and followers and is also a youtube partner, has a LOT more pull then anything we could hope to pull off, but seeing as how we are kinda the underdog in this situation (And still behind by several thousands of votes) we at least wanna give him a run for his money. I want to ask all of you, fellow OCR members if we can all converge together on the Mashable's Web Awards Funniest Youtube Channel voting and vote up CardGamesFTW for the next 2 days (Because there is only 2 days left in the competition) to see if we can pull off an underdog win against raywilliamjohnson for Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series. Now some of you may not be aware of what YGO:TAS is... Yu-Gi-Oh. You either know it as a children's card game, or a children's anime show. But oddly enough, there are people out there who don't know what Yu-Gi-Oh is - or rather, they do know what it is, and that's why they go out of their way to avoid it. But Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series is different. We of Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series, we take the very concept of Yu-Gi-Oh, and we rip out its guts, replacing them with a bunch of inappropriate, loosely connected pop culture references. Some say it's funny. Others disagree. We rip their guts out too. Our main goal is to reduce the series to a fraction of its actual length, making it more accessible to Joe Public. After all, does Joe Public want to watch hours upon hours of card games in the vain hope of catching the slightest shred of plot? And if so, then why? What is Joe's problem? Perhaps he should have taken that job at the restaurant when his wife told him to. Then maybe he wouldn't be divorced with overdue child support payments. That's why we do what we do. So that Joe's kids will know a better future. We're saving lives, people. Abridged style. The entire series is completely written, voiced (including the girl characters), and edited together by my good friend Martin (AKA LittleKuriboh) as I help with a lot of the technical work and behind the scenes stuff... If you would like to see some of our stuff, just click here. I know some of you may just look at this and see a guy just begging for votes... no, that is not what I am trying to do here... If you see our stuff and think that its not funny or doesn't deserve to win, then by all means don't vote. At the very least, give us a chance. At the end of this, I wanna be able to say we at least fought till the bitter end and gave em hell even if we lose... Remember you can vote once every 24 hours so if you do choose to help us in these final two days, vote on both days... SO WHO IS WITH US?!?!?!
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    MAGFest 8

  4. What the hell is this MAGfest bullshit? This place must suck ass and I hear the staff that work this thing are stupid as hell (Including that one guy who runs that new department of theirs "Media Operations")! Whats even worse is I hear this year for a guest they have some washed up youtube star who got e-famous over making a crappy parody series off a stupid children's tv show! How much more lower can this convention sink?!?!?!?!
  5. Seeing as how I didn't go down to Atlanta this weekend, I may be attending this meetup/BBQ tomorrow if there is any room for a Kroze left.
  6. Hey guys! Here at Firaxis with Dom and Xerol this weekend, we've been hard at work all weekend on editing all footage from MAGfest... INCLUDING THE MEGAS CONCERT WITH THEIR NEW SONG!!! We also put up a video on youtube as a little sample of The Megas show... We think the footage and especially the audio is AMAZING quality! Hope you all njoy and stay tuned for more MAGfest footage including OCR members performing!
  7. Damn, I am just realizing right now that I have once again seemed to ninja my way out of every pic that was taken at MAGfest. You don't catch the Kroze, the Kroze katches you!
  8. Man, it was great seeing everyone again... And yes, I finally did get some sleep on sunday morning and then slept for most of today.. The Doctor Horrible Sing Along with Hale, Escariot and his girl was just way too awesome and Xerol needs to put that shit up pronto!
  9. As I told you in the chat last night, major congrats to both of you... Enjoy being bum rushed at MAGfest over and over due to people asking about it!
  10. The full movie is actually being screened at MAGfest. The whole thing is done, they are just in post-production right now...
  11. Apparently they just put up a low-fi version of the trailer so that everyone can see it and it doesn't completely murder their servers...
  12. Actually, if you read the writer/director's blog you will see that this trailer was actually his inspiration for wanting to do this film. I personally think it looks amazing (especially the CGI) for a film thats all fan made and no budget. Can't wait for the full thing to be out in a couple months.
  13. Well Sam Rami IS in charge of this... *Crosses fingers for Bruce Campbell being thrown in here somewhere*
  14. I am going and will have a booth there... So its just Dyne and I going?
  15. Kroze

    Mother 3

    There are plenty of legal ways to use this patch like do what I did and buy the game from Play-Asia and apply the patch by yourselves.
  16. Kroze

    Mother 3

    OH FUCK YES! Finally the Mother 3 translation project comes through at last and will be done by the end of the week! CELEBRATE!
  17. Can ANYONE please explain this to me? I think that trailer just broke my mind... So in 1968, no one prepared them to fight Helicopters? I don't get it... I am gonna keep my eyes on this baby cause this can only turn out to be hilarious and hilariously BAD.
  18. Seeing as how I don't wanna look like the guy who didn't do it, I now have to respond as well... I'm Kroze of Noah and Kroze. (Yay for being redundant!) I do agree that "tries I have gave" was a bit improper grammar but there have been many songs out there which don't actually use correct grammar (Or spelling for that matter... "Rock wit u" anyone?), but I don't think it ruined the flow at all in the song. And yeah, its odd to see a couple people mention how the lyrics were the most serious out of the bunch and that was refreshing when I really did think that a lot of the lyrics were pretty generic. Although, I think its worth mentioning that the original chorus lyrics were "Yoouuuuuuuuuu and meeeeeeeeee, I just Know we're ne-ver meant too be. From meeeeee to youuuuuuu, I just have to say I gotta gooooo." so I do think the current chorus is a improvement. When Noah first started writing the song before he said I could help (Bribery and blackmail were used... almost too easy!), it was more about a "Psycho-bitch that almost instantly fell in love with me" which I didn't think would work too well with the whole song mood and feeling, so it slowly changed into a "cheating bitch that needs to get the hell up outta here" which I personally think suits the music a whole lot more. I am personally happy how it turned out although looking back on it, makes me want to write a part for Verse 2b so there isn't that few seconds of music before Noah comes in with "I cannot live this way..." but ya live and learn! (HANGIN ON THE EDGE OF TOMORROW!!! Ahem... sorry... couldn't resist...) Congratulations to everyone that was involved with this contest!
  19. I voted as well... Plan on making reviews later since I am kinda pressed for time right now.
  20. Source NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! In a world without Movie Voice Guy..... who will now announce movie trailers to us in theaters? What a horrible loss for the film community... So young too...
  21. I'll be there... And you fuckers BETTER stop by my booth in the Artist Alley and come to the Abridged showing or else!
  22. It appears the Japanese site has gone live.... yet the american site still has no countdown. Yep, thats my Chrono Trigger alright! 2D, Mode 7 usage, combo attacks, kickass chiptune music (including the first known usage of a Rickroll), and all our favorite characters! I personally feel this is a good idea seeing as how there is no fucking way in hell that I bet anyone would allow Squenix right now possibly ruin a classic by completely redoing it.
  23. Come into my web said the spider to the fly....
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