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  1. I would just bring a box and whatever is left over, I'll take out to Comic Con to sell if you would like... "The Kroze bunch"? Wow.. sounds like a disease...
  2. Lots of couch space and carpeted floor... its an actual house... Also kitchen and pool.. and other various shit. So yeah, I could imagine its a BIT more comfy than the small apartment with nothing in it. No offense to Andy or Jill.
  3. Escariot told me to post in here that I am coming... So here I am posting that I am coming... And hopefully I don't get insanely lost once again like last time.. Depending what my girlfriend is doing at the time, she will be coming as well. Damn you Escariot for making me post... Also if you are lucky, I MAY bring a cut of the second episode of Eden: The Zhang Chronicles with new music by Bustatunes and Escariot doing a voice...
  4. I know its hard to comprehend but it could be true.... A friend of mine who is part of the sketch comedy group Loading Ready Run, who has through the years made many many videos poking fun at Uwe Boll and the horrible films he produces recently ran into the man himself while at a Starbucks and managed to score an interview with him. What comes next is something that no one could of ever expected, a highly intelligent and laid back conversation about what Uwe really feels about the film industry shedding the persona we all know him as and talk about his movies and why they fail so hard. You can view the 20 minute interview here. Granted this hasn't made me want to run out and go see Postal but it has made me respect the man a whole lot more than before and a lot of what he says does ring true. Not that I agree with everything he says but it is interesting. I still do think that with the right movie, Boll can make something really good. I always have thought that but with the way he has gone so far, he hasn't hit anything really solid yet and its really hard for me to randomly go see yet another one of his movies (Especially with the rising theater ticket prices) without tons of people telling me that Boll has managed to come up with something that finally works. But from what he said, it doesn't matter if we see it in theaters. He makes everything off the DVD sales and TV viewings so I don't feel too bad about not going to see it. Wondering what everyone else's opinions are here of this video showing a very different side to Boll is.... UPDATE: It just got Kotaku'd!
  5. Hey guys, Bad last second news. Not only did my girl get caught up having to get called into work but I got screwed by my work as well....
  6. Da Kroze can now confirm that he is totally coming with his girlfriend... And by saying that, Da Kroze has just broken Escariot's and Taucer's hearts....
  7. Its GUY LOVE... between two guys...
  8. Hmmm... May 3rd.... Taucer is going and so is Escariot and Jose hopfully... Do I dare end up being the only one from around this area not coming especially when I think I have nothing better to do? Choices... choices...
  9. Hey Tauce, you still want me for that one with Jose? If so, I am still in all the way! Not to mention, isn't the correct name of the track called Kannon's Klaim?
  10. So.. all you guys from MAGfest remember that awesome looking intro I was showing off with Will's music? Well now the full first episode is finally complete and can be seen here: www.bigpushproductions.net Now with 200% moar Will's awesome music! Any comments?
  11. And one more mp3... just cause I love you all so very much... 12 Minute Castlevania Mega Medley from Jamspace No clue who did it so if someone could inform me, that would be nice...
  12. Because I can, I have made a few mp3s of the videos I am currently working on for all of your listening pleasure that take place during the Jamspace concert during Sheal and Snub's set: Castlevania - Vampire Killer Super Mario Bros. 2 Final Fantasy VI - Terra Porno And special bonus track! ROBOROLL LIVE! *Kroze gets back to work on editing footage*
  13. Rickroll? WHAT rickroll? All I have is this Robo's Theme performance!
  14. You obviously just weren't worthy enough for some Kroze Kamera Lovin!
  15. I got one and a half tapes left of video capturing (And the last tape is just my panel/closing ceremonies which we all know both sucked)and then I can get onto editing this fucker. Dear god, what have I gotten myself into?
  16. So it seems Shiek has been confirmed to be in Brawl along with a look at Zelda's Final Smash: (The following is taken out of one of the cards from the CoroCoro Magazine) I'm guessing Naryu's Love, Fanore's Wind, and Din's Flame/Fire. The same moves she's always had. My guess is those are the Japanese version of each goddess's name and therefore not translated. And the whole "Transformation" basically confirms Sheik is in.
  17. Keep in mind that this is not the fully finished product.... And yes, there are errors in there that we are fixing.
  18. Your videos good sir are coming soon.... But now I must die for I has wasted WAY too much energy this weekend.
  19. For monies sure! I'll be heading out within the hour... IT STARTS!
  20. Prepare for my great and unholy arrival at 3 pm tomorrow! Then all of you shall catch Kroze!
  21. Yeah, it ended up in my bag somehow... Bringing it to MAGfest to return it. Sorry about the mixup.
  22. I'll be uploading the vids I has on my camera tomorrow morning... Also gif now plz! Also, is it just me or am I just sitting there in every pic looking like a stoner and playing with my guitar/wiimote? EVERY PIC!
  23. Save it FOR MAGfest Taucer! Don't use up all your "love juice" now!
  24. I should be coming in around 12:30 or 1 to the city... I'll give someone a call when I arrive and you guys can just tell me where you n00bs currently are... Also, if you go to Nintendo World without me, there will be several cutoff heads!
  25. At least bring the guitar since I only have the Rock Band one... and I sadly found out it doesn't work with Guitar Hero games yet Guitar Hero guitars work with Rock Band.... Also Rock Band is a lousy whore that likes to freeze up in the middle of songs or at the end of an epic song depriving you of your win.
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