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  1. Who has rooms here already that aren't already packed?
  2. What is this? Kroze is free to come??!?! ITS MADNESS! So yeah... I will be joining this batch of chaos it seems... I mean, this group needs at least ONE cool person going.
  3. Jiggles is sending me the video in the mail... This way I am working with uncompressed. And yes, he did record the sound with his camera, but we were thinking you were also recording the sound so there was talking from us on it...
  4. Its most likely gonna take a bit longer then a week... Also the sound is gonna be crap because we thought you were recording the sound so we were talking and crap. x.x
  5. We have Time Scars on video just to taunt the ones who didn't come to the concert *CoughCoughLarryAndyJillDaveCough* Yeah, the whole thing was pretty damn epic and the encore songs were PERFECT! The whole weekend was really awesome, Jose and I had a fun time chillin together, helping Dave plan out next years (And following panels) with ideas (Like I am gonna tell YOU GUYS? HA! As if! ).. And the Tetris Ice Cream truck just sealed the deal!
  6. Question: Anyone coming from Jersey or Philly that wouldn't mind helping Kroze save a bit of cash and letting him ride down with ya? I'll help with gas totally. Stupid train is damn expensive especially when I got Comic Con on Tuesday I am flying out to.
  7. That was the place over by the boats... yeah, we left them a two cent tip... Oh how witty we are!
  8. If I am still in line by the time the panel starts, one of you guys that has your ticket can come and get my camera from me if you want.
  9. I am coming down with my video camera (Sadly its not Marty McFly, our HD camera) but hopfully that will work... And if I am there by 10 am or not depends on the train unless someone that is coming from Philly or Jersey and wouldn't mind giving me a lift.
  10. Due to friends being an idiot, they just bailed on me for hotel room... anyone have a spot open in their hotel room for little ol Kroze? I have a Wii and 360... if that helps
  11. The Hero was a she and yes... she did make it into the top 10 because I am a sucker for Dragon Warrior/Quest cosplayers. I was actually hoping to deny more Sora's and Roxas's then I did.
  12. My god... those GIFs are made of pure win... And a lot of those pics came out nice!
  13. Actually, that was the second time we did it... the first time we didn't have it on camera...
  14. We went to this little Cafe and they had a piano there... War followed immediately after the discovery for control of it. Taucer won and played stuff, including Lovers Reef... we all sang it and then we thought to ourselves we should tape it thus showing it to Jill making her cry for the horrible murdering of her part. We came up with two names for it... either Singles Reef or Losers Reef. I personally think that Singles Reef works better but thats just me.
  15. I demand many pics as well... But I also demand VIDEOS as well! Especially "Singles Reef"
  16. Well now... In an amazing turn of events, I will be able to add this one in because my friends car who I was gonna be riding over to Philly with is gone along with them for some odd reason... OH I KNOW WHY! Cause they are fucking unreliable idiots... Anyway, I am adding this along with whoever can get their's in right now...
  17. I put together as many as I possibly could thus far... http://elmway.leftyfilms.com/staff/zircon_ecard.png <-- Its there and it will have to do as I am about to head out to VGL.
  18. Actually... thanks to some string pulling and some hostage taking (Jack Bauer style!), your ticket is with the rest of us.
  19. I'm lucky enough to be good friends with the RT crew and have been to their offices a few times... been following the series from the beginning and started me off doing machinima myself (And getting paid for it... heh). Its sad to see it end but really, Burnie did drag out the last 2 seasons more then he should have... And I am not sure how I feel about what they did with the three different endings.
  20. Thankfully appendicitis gets patched up very quickly... normally within 24 hours nowadays. Here's hoping he will make it in time!
  21. Still looking for a place to stay here... And hope its a cheap hotel seeing as where I am at moneywise due to stupid bills that a roommate didn't pay. Also Escariot: Check your PM's plz
  22. How the hell is it for some reason or another I keep missing all the big group pics? Can we blame a random person for this cruelty?
  23. Please don't tie me up! Kroze promises to be a good Kroze!
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