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  1. What game are you using for reference? The N64? Hmm...yeah, the composers are doing this dramatic thing in three, trying to emulate a film score. A bit awkward to remix. Do you have MSN or something? I could help you out while you mix if you want. Also, Andross' brain has a seperate theme, which might be easier to do. He's in the SNES version too, I think. (never beat that one...)
  2. The list is now up at the forum, under News/Announcements. Avaris, I just listed you as "Orc/Tech/Rock", but I can change it if you want. Anyway, keep the info coming so I can keep it updated. I actually tried to put together a sig a day or two ago. I had trouble finding pictures of a lot of the bosses though, and there was an overabundance of...strange... fanart for many. (Never google image search Bowser. I cannot stress this enough). I'm sorta curious. One of the only tracks that no one has said anything about is Eve, from Parasite Eve. You think I could take a stab at it? I just listened to it and have some neat ideas I'd like to try. If someone else wants to do it that's cool though.
  3. That sounds like a good idea. As official project PDA, I volenteer to set this up. PM me or post your mix style and I'll list 'em.
  4. Dang, I can't even score "official schedule-planner-coordinator-thing-person" !? ...I'm a thing! But seriously, if you are already mixing on this project there is a calendar set up on our forums that is similar to the list on the first page, but shows your WIP due dates. This is particularly important if you've recently signed on, because the November 19th deadline does not apply to you. So there is no need to rush your tracks! That's all I have.
  5. Correct me if I'm way out in left field here, but are you implying you want to skip General altogether and go straight to WIPs? There's a large chance I'm misinterpreting here... Maybe you should just PM Darkesword. He is site projects coordinator, and probably has the best advice out of anyone on what to do in this situation. He can probably answer your questions a lot better than me, anyway.
  6. Hmm. That's a good point. After a week, doesn't the thread just get moved from Gen. to the WIPs forum? So we'd just end up there anyway. Eh, so much for guesswork. It's your call in the end.
  7. Sorry, I must have missed that post. And I, too, am relatively new at this, but here's my two cents: One of the reasons for having a General Discussion thread is to attract remixers who don't browse the Request forum. My only concern would be how many people don't know about this, and would be interested. There are, if I remember correctly, twenty-six tracks on the project, and starting a new thread inviting mixers with only six positions open seems like a strange idea to me. Of course, if there is a history of projects not getting many mixers in G. D., then Rexy's point is more than valid. Like I said, I don't claim to be an expert in these matters. I just write the music On a completely unrelated sidenote: thank you for your feedback James (and Pi)! Mucho appreciated. I'm gonna try some filter tricks on the samples to warm them up.
  8. Hey, don't look at me. I'm mixing on a zero dollar budget. I know the Chrono Symphonic project was mastered though, by Compyfox, I think...? You could contact him. And I'm just wondering when you're planning on moving to Gen. Discussion. We've met the requirements to do so, unless I've misunderstood something. (which is entirely possible)
  9. I endorse this idea fully. Also, I put forward the title "Crescendo to Cooking." By the way, did you get a chance to listen to my new WIP yet?
  10. Hell, we could just record our own voices, and lower/distort them.
  11. Well, it was a bit longer. I cut it from this file. The music makes it hard to use though. I'll file through Mario Golf and etc. quick and see if there's anything useable. EDIT: Some Mario Golf ones here.They're more like animal roars though. Mario Kart's are pretty much the same... I don't think there are any other games where he laughs, at least that I can find.
  12. I can track one down, sure. EDIT:This the one?
  13. Maybe. I'm not sure how good the quality would be due to my microphone. I'll have to test and see. I could play tenor sax, clarinet, soprano recorder, keyboards and accordion (haha!) at various degrees of difficulty; of course this is useless if you don't have a good mike. Also, I'm PMing Pi and Kanjika an updated WIP. So watch out for that in the near future, and send me any comments. No lunch again... this topic has really opened my eyes: I never eat lunch.
  14. I didn't have lunch today. And I was really hungry around lunchtime, so I was working with a growling stomach. That is never fun. Anyway, some people have WIPs in the forum. Although no one except me seems to use it, haha. I do need to get a new WIP up there though, and I'll certainly hook you up with one when I do.
  15. If you still need mixers, I could do a track. Would you mind specifying what kind of style you want so I know what to send as an audition?
  16. They never actually referred to him as Bush though, did they? The episode will hold up better in the future if they don't mention exactly which president they're referring to, and if the character is just a symbol. I'm positive they've broken this 'rule' in the past though.
  17. Hmm. Okay. I'll get going on the rest; I definately have my ideas sorted out. So, in a sense this is like writing a character's theme for a movie. Remixing a theme, whichever. Writing for their character. I sorta just did it without even thinking about it. But more importantly: I had crackers for lunch. I know, I know. It was one of those days where there's nothing to make a sandwich with, I don't feel like making anything...so I start snacking and eventually just wander away from the kitchen in dismay.
  18. ... So, um, I got about the first minute done. It's at the forum. Some feedback would be nice. Or feed. Im'a eat lunch. (Such a lax thread.)
  19. Comments? Did CATS even have a theme? I downloaded the game's GYMs. It doesn't look like CATS had a theme, no. If someone who actually played the game can confirm this, that'd be nice. Suppose someone could do the Intro. Would that be a statement of CATS' theme? I dunno.
  20. Hey! I almost fell for that... I'll do K. Rool's track.
  21. Well, I'd rather choose what track to do after being 'confirmed' for the project. I'll PM you the links for a couple WIPs and I guess you can decide from there.
  22. Wa-wait! I'd like to audition, if you'll have me. I have some remixes that are mostly done that you can hear. I'll understand if you only want notable people that are already prevalent here on though.
  23. First of all, I like what you've done with this. Martin had some good comments though. The detuned pad at 0:46 is awesome, as was said. The parts in the upper registers give the piece more of a rave-y feel. Was that you were going for? The guitar sound at 2:17 could be a bit more distorted to keep in style with the similar sound much lower at 0:15. Finally, the decrescendo at the end was a bit...disappointing. If anything, I would suggest a crescendo; maybe ending on a short chord of that instrument that starts at 0:15. Anyway, this is great. I don't think you need any additional instruments and its only minor modifications from this to a submit.
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