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  1. Well, I'm at work and away from the program itself, but I'd suggest running the BuzzFixKit, which is, I think, under Buzz>Tools>Fix Kit. It has a bunch of fixes, (duh) including resetting audio drivers and stuff like that. You might find one that helps out; be sure to read the help manual. If you can't find it you may need to dl it seperately. Also, I declare this the Buzzmachines thread.
  2. I'm out. I was doing Racing Chocobos, and all was going well at first. The track got to the point where it was done except for minor adjustments and mastering, but then something interesting happened: the source got to the saturation point was so freaking annoying I began hearing it where ever I went. As a result, I find it nearly impossible to continue tweaking my own remix...and I sure aren't submitting what I have now. This sounds strange, and slightly...complain-y, I suppose, but it's an interesting story and a warning to those who chose to remix this evil, evil, track. So, anyone who does a remix of that saccarine, uppity track has my eternal respect. You are the brave!
  3. Like this: rrrrrratatata zim ZOOOOMM!!! Unnnnntttzzz! Umm. Anyway, question. I'm not sure if it's just the way the "Interpretation" point is worded, but it comes across as a bit strange. How would you help someone else add their own touches to a remix? Isn't that something each mixer learns and does themselves that makes them unique? Hopefully I've just misinterpreted though. I voted for production, by the way.
  4. Ahh! I'm not sure I'm finished with the last two...>_> Oh well. And the second one is Giygas, but his final form is a bit of a spoiler so I didn't want to give much away. But I kinda failed at that, in my opinion. avaris just brought up a good point though, some people's sigs are going to be overflowing with images, what with all these projects/ect.. so I'll make a user bar tomorrow.
  5. Only two reviews?!... Haven't played the game, but- The way this tune constantly switches between the happier electronic tweeting and vocal samples, and the dark pad and flanged bass gives it a dualism that I really like. The beginning has some fun stereo tricks going on that you'll need headphones to appreciate. Groovy stuff dude.
  6. Man, this is a fun mix. The low brass and offbeats really give it a 'marching band' feel, something most Christmas tunes are sorely lacking in (IMO, of course ). I could easily see myself enjoying this year-round though, as it also works as an adventurous song. The orchestration works great throughout, particularly with the use of temple blocks. The syncopated rhythms, as pointed out, greatly spice up the piece and make it really bounce with energy. I'm glad I found this when I did!
  7. Cool. I look forward to hearing it! (I'm a bit of an Earthbound nerd...) Anyway, sig-related news is at the forum. Meaning, I made one and want your opinions on it.
  8. ! Sure thing! I'd be happy to! And Miszou, if you decide to remix Giygas, we have several guitar players willing to play parts if you need them. (Assuming you end up using guitars). But yes...there are Goldeneye mixes on the site, but the Cradle themes quote the Bond music quite literally, making it a bit of a sketchy track to have. You don't want to have worked on it just to have it scratched because of site guidelines, right? Nothing against you or Mr. Trevelyan, of course!
  9. LeChuck? I like the way you think. Also, if we're still looking for more joke bosses, I think we'll need a Bob the Goldfish mix.
  10. I need to stop joking around, methinks... Anyway, I do have the SimCity 2000 soundtrack in MIDI form; I was going to play around with it since I figured the track was my fault. Want to collab or anything?
  11. No, this is the Works In Progress forum, so none of these mixes would be on the site itself (yet). The link is working fine for me though, so you might want to try again. Give it a minute to begin downloading-this host has been giving me some troubles recently.
  12. Bah! He's suggesting that we remix the boss theme from SimCity, which is obviously that dude that gets all pissed off when you cut his funding.
  13. I think we must be thinking of different tunes, yeah. This mix quotes theme nearly exactly a few times, so... The source is also known as Underground BGM (here) and as Crystal Caves on vgmusic. Hopefully I've remixed the right game, jeez.
  14. Well, this is an ambient, very minimalistic mix of the before-mentioned theme from Yoshi's Island. I did it a while ago, and found it while deleting a bunch of files and thought it had some interesting tones to it, so I uploaded it. No plans to submit it, but any feedback would be highly appreciated. And yes. I do realize the volume is rather low. It seems to be a problem with some of my mixes... Maybe my ears are too sensitive... EDIT: The mix, which I forgot...doh.
  15. Probably more of a gimmick than anything else, but if you want to use your Nintendo DS as a MIDI controller this site tells you how. I suppose it could be useful if you decided to shell out for the system instead of a keyboard (but why would you do that? )
  16. If it's f#, you're in G (or E min). This is most likely. If it's fb (which is the same as E, by the way), you're in C (A min?). It's sort of hard to tell from just a few notes. Probably the easiest way to tell what key you're in is to listen for the resolving, or final chord that finishes a suspension. That final note will often be the key you're playing in. There are better ways (as the many artists don't end on the I), but they involve theory, chord analysis, and such. Eventually you just get an ear for it.
  17. I'm going to quote Wikipedia quoting someone else, I guess: The 1957 Encyclopédie Larousse defines a cell as follows: "a small rhythmic and melodic design that can be isolated, or can make up one part of a thematic context. A cell can be developed independent of its context, as a melodic fragment. It can be the source for the whole structure of the work; in that case it is called a generative cell." Basically, a cell is a motif that a song is built on. So, for example, two guitars could play two different cells (melodies, arpeggios, etc.) in tandem with each other, with interplay via fade. I'm not entirely sure if this is what you're describing or not. And the WIP is downloading fine for me. Grr. Computer hate.
  18. You mean like melodic cells? The first thing that came to mind when I read your post was Philip Glass with guitars. That could be interesting... By the way, my new WIP is finally up at the (private) forum. File host is working again.
  19. Sorry for the absence; I've been busy in real life. I'm doing some reprogramming on the K. Rool WIP while taking your comments into consideration. Hopefully a new version will be up soon. I've also been thinking about doing a Parasite Eve mix, and have some plans laid out for that. Unfortunately, I don't have constant internet access yet, but I'll try to keep up and listen/comment the other WIPs as much as I can. So yeah. Standard "I'm still alive" post.
  20. Well tallest, you could actually use Corneria's theme, as Andross' influence extends across the entire- Kidding. (oh my god stolen smiley) Also, way to blow me off on MSN, Pi. Or something. I tried to talk to you and you just logged off. Twice in a row.
  21. I have it from doing the K. Rool mix. Can I email it to you?
  22. It should. It starts with zero CPU usage, and ups that as you add synths/effects/etc.. So you can customize the program around your computer. I can hook you up with some tutorials and extra help if you decide to keep it. Just give me a ring. almighty-tallest, I added you to MSN. Whenever you're free and want to go over that track, let me know. I'll try to keep it open whenever I'm at my computer. Oh, and...new WIP at the forum.
  23. Wow, I've never even heard of Magix before... You definately have a better chance of getting some help with mixing if you're using FL, but a downloaded version doesn't let you save, if I remember correctly. For what it's worth, the program I'm using, Buzzmachines, is freeware. It drives many mixers mad though in that you have to program with numbers and letters instead of clicking little tabs. But if you know how to use it, it's pretty powerful and non-linear. I could help out in that case, but I don't recall a thing about using Fruity Loops. Somebody else would have to help with that. I'm not sure if you could learn to mix with any program in time for this project, but it's possible, since everyone learns at their own speed. But remember that the standards for this site are very high- I very often think my own CtC mix will not be up to snuff. Still, remixing is certainly a skill worth aquiring and you should definately give it a shot if you have the will and the means.
  24. Neato. I added yo- Whoa, you're on now...creepy. How would a mega mix even work? Just editing together sections of each others tracks or writing some new? Eh, whatever.
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