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  1. You people need to stop preying on this poor LucasArts fan.
  2. I wasn't going to say anything, but I don't won't have a mix either. I don't think I could come up with anything workable.
  3. ... He's not trolling. As was already said, this is a line spoken by Timbaland in the video linked, followed by "Wow. Just wow." to show his amazement toward the stupidity of this claim. It would have been nice of you guys to actually click the link before resorting to name calling. Sorry to lecture, but calling someone 'idiot' because you didn't read their post right drives me crazy.
  4. Anorak

    ATHF Movie

    The official press conference of the men who planted the Mooninites Also, I imagine that this publicity campaign is going much better than initially planned.
  5. I voted as loudly as I could... Coincidentally, when voted, I marked Another Soundscape's entry as "illegible" instead as "ineligible". My only excuse is that it was late and I was tired. Your entry was quite legible, AS!
  6. Cool, that's a reasonable size. PM me if you want to talk details.
  7. I might be interested in Quantum Leap Brass. What format do you have it in? And how big is it, memory wise? (Although I suppose that figure would change if I were to transfer the files to soundfonts)...
  8. Darkwing Duck would be pretty awesome. The only other song that seems 'appropriate' to me right now is that song that plays in Booster's Tower in Super Mario RPG...My Name is Booster, I think it's called. I can barely remember the game...sigh...
  9. I wrote a song about basketball! This is that thing you clikc. I mean, click.
  10. I'll have something; probably pretty early on too if my mixing luck holds out. I like the source...It's funky...:confused:
  11. Hah! I'm done my new WIP already! This isn't advertising! Nope!
  12. The date is cool with me. Do we have the ability to change topic titles yet? It'd be nice to get the new date up there. Anyway- Anyone heard from Tensei San lately? He's been suspiciously not here for a while. And it's nice to see Kanjika's list added to the first post, but serveral mixers for whatever reason are not on it. Just slap 'em on the bottom, and... *SMACK!
  13. A ten second Google search brings up "John M. Keane". They tend to use a lot of licenced electronic tracks in the show as well; Massive Attack, Lamb, etc.
  14. Well, I suppose you mean well. Other than implying that a project member should be banned...:confused: I have no idea of the validity of any of the statements you - or by proxy, Wikipedia made, since I really have no interest in law, unfortunately. Nor do I really want to derail a project thread into an argument over the legality of video game emulation. It does occur to me to be though, this may be a cumbersome way to extract a single music file. An mp3 of Golden Silver's theme can be found here.
  15. Dash, are you using witchcraft to access the internet again?!?
  16. I would love to help with whatever; arranging, writing, that sort of thing. I'm so busy now though that I could really only do in the spare time of my spare time, if you know what I mean. But once the project I'm on is wrapping up, I should have plenty of time to devote to this. I can have a draft of something (new!) by then too, if you want it.
  17. Thank you very much for the hosting, Escariot. I'm sure it will come in handy.
  18. That's a pretty awesome goal you've achieved-getting an entire orchestra together! I've done orchestration etc. before, but I'm afraid I'm a little confused as to what you're asking. Do you need arrangers to help orchestrate the MIDIs and such that people will be sending in, or are you talking about looking for material to play? I would like to give it a shot either way, but I'm pretty busy co-coordinating a project at the moment. Would any commitments need to be made right now, and could you answer my question as well? Thanks.
  19. Ooh! Ooh! Wanna do Dracula? Uhh...I should probably re-evaluate what I'm doing exactly... I would like to do a collab with someone though... Master Hand isn't a boss on the project anymore; Abadoss is going to do Captain LeChuck in his/her/it's (???) place.
  20. You could put it in the completed WIPs forum. Both are private, so there sholdn't be any problems there... Inquiring ears want to hear though!
  21. I'm mlo. I changed my name to an old handle so I wouldn't be stuck with three letters for all of ocr history. It would be nice if everyone could check in since we did have a little holiday break there.
  22. You got it working? Umm, I'm not sure what to download. You'll probably want the update pack, but I can't be certain what the difference between the other two files is. I found a less confusing mirror if you want to check that out: http://www.buzzmusic.de/. Go to Buzz tab, click buzz packs. Some great packs there that are very up to date. Hopefully that page will work, and if it doesn't, check the BuzzWiki for Buzzpacks. It has a list of mirrors.
  23. I could see how there could be confusion, with -what, four chocobo themes? The Waltz definately has some similarities to Racing though (the way the melodies resolve). I'm assuming you linked to your chocobo mix, bgc- I can only access the forums from, uh, work.If so, I can't tell if you are supporting me or mocking me. I might toss my mix in the thread after the entry deadline has passed as a bonus/joke mix, if it's allowed. For curiosity's sake, or whyever people submit bonus mixes. I have to admit though; it is fairly funny to hear the track progress and hear it grow more bizarre and less coherent as I loss patience with the theme...
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