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  1. Oh yeah?! I know the Chief Artist at Firaxis, he's my friend's dad, I'll have to ask him about that. I do to work with him sometimes. Maybe I'll see ya there, hahahaha.
  2. What a fantastic mix. I was just listening to it again and had to post. If they ever, for some reason, remade VI, this should totally be what they used for Terra. Aw, man, I can't even elaborate what a sweet rendition it is. Despite the fact that its very hard rock, it is still downright beautiful. Well Done.
  3. This song actually makes me want an FFVI film for the 'soule' purpose of hearing this song in the credits, just like you said, Malice. Ever since I first played FFVI this song has been stuck in my head, and there are no shortage of remixes of it, many of them fantastic. While some may be more "fun" to listen to, this is no doubt a very beautiful arrangement of it.
  4. You mean with all the songs that have been remixed dozens of times - this one gets remixed twice and you get sick of it? And if you dislike violins - which must exclude you from a LOT of songs not only on this site but in the world of music - that's hardly a strike against the song. I don't see how the song has little artistic value, the arrangment is expertly done. From the melody interplay between the guitar and orchestra, as well as the change. This remains one of, if not my flat-out favorite song on the site.
  5. You know, I know what you're saying. I really feel like I should dislike this song. As I rule I hate the lyrical remixes, and as people have said at first listen their voices don't gel. Alas, I don't know what it is, but I like it. Perhaps because I have no choice but to adamantly respect the musicianship that went into this. And that is incredible!
  6. The comparison to Fool in the Rain didn't even occur to me but it's an excellent observation. Listening to it again makes it very obvious, all it needs is that whistle. Led Zeppelin being my all-time favorite group, the fact that I can compare a Sonic 3 remix to it is an incredible feat. This may be my favorite track on Project Chaos. Well done.
  7. I like how well it sticks to the actual song with a whole new twist. As a lot of Project Choas tracks tend to stray rather far. And, as I said earlier, this is the first remix with vocal that I actually liked. They're well sung and actually fit the song. However, I've got no idea what he's saying. Could anyone post the lyrics?
  8. This the first remix I've heard that I actualyl liked the vocals. They fit perfectly, and that NEVER happens, in my experience.
  9. I LOVE this take on Tifa's theme. I like the way it keeps switching musical styles, while still remaining in the same genre, very nicely done.
  10. This track is amazing. I've always liked Judgement Day, I had hoped for a remix, and this is better than the original by a fair amount. The string-work contains a fantastic arrangement and harmony. The key and stylized changes make this my favorite remix yet.
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