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  1. The panel was absolutely amazing, and Mister Liontamer sir, thanks for selling me the t-shirt(s) and handing away the last free CD! I don't know who you were working with, but getting a business card was AMAZING! You guys all rock! -dwr
  2. I've finally jumped back in. Completely forgotten that I was gonna do this. Should be putting out good results soon!
  3. I'll be at Otakon, confirmed. Got a hotel reservation and everything.
  4. Hm. Too soon for me, unfortunately. I've requested too much time off in May, I think anyway... so...
  5. Interesting. Tell me more. I could potentially make it out for that... (While still keeping my topic in mind as well.)
  6. More as a curiosity, would anyone be interested in having a meetup in Michigan? (Or attending, I guess. lol)
  7. Chudah's Corner can probably answer this question as well... and they say... "1) Valley of the Fallen Star 3:36" They aren't usually wrong.
  8. ...Wow. And it still goes on. Anybody else leaving? http://dan.st-rp.net/blog/?p=15
  9. Yeah, all right. Maybe I won't lurk.
  10. QFT. Going back to lurking and listening to remixes.
  11. Wow. After reading the entirety of that topic, I feel as though I've lost a portion of my life that I can never get back. Seriously folks. If you don't like something, and you're gonna leave, just do. Nobody cares to hear anyone whining about this and that. Just go.
  12. That's a great idea. However, if anyone's interested, my facebook is under DJ Carter
  13. I'll need to pick up a copy, but I'm game for it.
  14. I'd like to go, but unfortunately, that'd be a 10+ hour drive. Now granted. I'd make said drive, cause I love driving, and I like road trips. ...frickenunemployement.
  15. It makes me sad that this is the last official episode. But, I'm glad that you guys knew when it was time to let it go. I would've rather it gone out like a bang (as I'm sure it did, just finished downloading) then to have you guys sacrificing your time and energy to do something that would be difficult to do with your current schedules. Me salute you. (And dang it. The user bar is staying. You can't make me get rid of it!) Edit: I was gonna ask, are you guys ever gonna release the VGDJ theme? I think that'd be fun to have on my computer!
  16. And this is new? I'd say someone ripped your 'rents off.
  17. lol Your post made me laugh.
  18. After reading this, I've discovered the sandwich still sounds yum. Zircon's Sandwich Stat = +1 Yum.
  19. No matter when it starts, I should still be able to toss in.
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