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  1. giga

    Nintendo Wii

    Internet channel is sort of slow for me, but that might just be my router.
  2. giga

    Xbox 360

    Wait until you play it. It's a great game. agreed
  3. glad to see that chizniz is better than everyone still
  4. giga

    Nintendo Wii

    no sharing ring, then.
  5. ok, it's been like 18 weeks what the crap is happening will there be 5 or no
  6. and his down-smash is great for edgeguards
  7. yes, if redshadow did this thing it would help awesome mix, GLL good jorb' somebody organize the next one plz
  8. Don't hate him because he's beautiful. Although, one of my friends has suggested that the headband Marth wears is actually a tiara. I will hate him because of c-stick spammersThe only thing I spam is Marth's counter because it's a lot better than Roy's. Seriously it is. Actually, Roy's counter is a lot better... but Marth is just a way better character overall. FORWARD AIR.
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