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  1. I was once at a competition that did music from FF7, including, of course, OWA. And of course, I missed it because my band was warming up at that time. But my friend and I saw the shirts and were like "God damn..."
  2. DoS is on there, so I figured it was only fair. Besides, the music and graphics are all upgraded.
  3. Did we pick up Origins, Chronicles and Anthology? The 1-2, 3-4 and 5-6 collections? They're different from previous releases, I thought.
  4. So, sorry for being a noob, but what's the status on this? The first post's last update was 2007.
  5. Yeah, I've always wanted to go but never got around to it. It sounds amazing...
  6. This is terrible. I don't mean to intrude on your community, as I haven't posted on this site much, but I feel the need to pay respects. I didn't know Reuben at all; his name to me was no more than a bunch of pixels on my screen under Artist for "Chrono Trigger - The Place We Knew". However, the first time I heard that remix, I was stunned; I knew I'd hold onto it as long as I could. And now, after just getting home and checking some forums... It's an awful feeling to see such talent, and such youth, leave us so suddenly. This wasn't supposed to happen, he could have been truly great... Reuben, rest peacefully.
  7. Hello everyone. I've known about OCR for a long time, but I never registered. The reason is, I've been composing and arranging for a couple years, but until this past summer I knew absolutely nothing about electronic sampling and production, et cetera. I'm still studying up on mastering skills, so when I feel confident enough to do so (and maybe when I get a VST pack) I'll start busting out remixes of my own. LS
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