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  1. This is totally Gershwin-style! You totally nailed it! It makes me think of "Three Piano Preludes" and I love it! Especially with Setzer's theme - awesome song selection! I may have to play this on my show... I'll send you a note!
  2. I'm doing work for prototypes in the province. Usually just a 5-7 pieces per project... well... sometimes less. I still teach music as a career, but composing sure is fun too...
  3. Nicely done, Andy! So close, but I'm okay with second! "Dirt Devil" was awesome!
  4. Awesome mix - I really like the bass groove throughout the whole thing. I find it a little bit on the long side, but it's never boring or uninteresting. Really nice work!
  5. Yeah, Alfred Music has been cashing in on VGL - it's true, I'm I talked to Tommy Tallarico about it during "Video Games Live" in Calgary and he said that he opened up the scores to Alfred Publishing for Junior and High School Music Programs and he said that VGL is getting no profit from it... just a note. This arrangement is pretty good, it's a little bit "bandy", but not too bad at all! I think that 10 minutes is waaaaaaaaay too long, though, there isn't enough content to fill that much time. The Level 2 "Halo Suite" released by Belwin Music is quite good for younger bands (probably 9 and 10) and a link is here: http://www.windbandmusic.com/?site=article&id=3vEW2zgJPBQ%3D I did it earlier this year and my students really dug it. Alfred also has a much more difficult version of Halo and it's pretty notey, but quite cool. The link for that is here: http://www.alfred-music.com/product_info.php?products_id=3274&osCsid=037e5cbf6ef968a3d03f3f5792794a28 I'm a music teacher, this is what I've learned... Also makes for a very teachable unit on video game music AND ESPECIALLY the History of Video Game Music... students dig the 8-bit era
  6. siven7


    I'm all about the Mac - crashes less, everything works together, programmed for security... really dig it. I'm not toooooo crazy about the MacBook Air because I like having CD/DVD drives and other ports, not having it all through remote wireless to another computer. Just an opinion, very cool machine, though.
  7. Can't wait! Love the hack! Chrono Compendium has always done nice work! This looks great... more in-depth comments to follow!
  8. It's shown me some phenomenal artists, great arrangers and arrangements as well as showing me a group of people who REALLY CARE about game music... man, what a terrific site. Keep up the incredible work!
  9. Hey Larry, anytime you want to do "Into the Score," just let me know! http://www.intothescore.com PS: In terms of shameless self-promotion, Glenn Stafford is going to be on my show within 2 weeks. He is part of the Blizzard Audio Department and worked on he score to "Starcraft" (as well as SC2, which we'll be talking about!)
  10. Winnipeg, Manitoba... Canadian Bacon?
  11. This is fantastic! Way to go to all involved! I've been surfing around on it tonight and it's really thorough and it's solid for research on composers! I love how you've found the composers' official websites too... awesome for information! Great work!
  12. Right on, pixie! I just picked up "The Visit" by Loreena McKennitt and it's a solid album, I can hear the inspiration in your music! Keep up the awesome work and I'm looking forward to "Origins!"
  13. Hey all, I'm Kenley and I have a podcast called "Into the Score," which focuses on the academic study of video game music - so studying Mitsuda and Kondo like one would study Mahler and Beethoven. You can find it at http://www.intothescore.com. It will be the one year anniversary of the show this month, so I decided to shout it out to everyone at OCR, which I think is a benchmark of legitimizing video game musicians as well as video game music itself - my kudos! OCR has been a staple in the show since its beginning last December - playing remixes or arrangements of VGM, an interview with Zircon two months ago on Episode 13 that focused on the "Voices of the Lifestream" project as well as having been showcased twice on the VGFrequency blog. In which case, just spreading the word - comment, criticize, add to discussion and enjoy! Kenley/siven7 http://www.intothescore.com
  14. Solid interview! I agree with zircon - it wasn't vague and it didn't sacrifice detail to be generic... appealed to the people who would want to read it!
  15. I have no will to see it, but now that you've said it was solid (DarkeSword), then maybe I'll give it a go!
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