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  1. That almost does sound like a DVT. How has your leg been these last few days? Any improvement? If not, you should take a blood thinner like aspirin.

  2. Hey man, hope you're doing well. Here in North Carolina I'm doing nothing but playing FF14. Got my White Mage all the way to item level 88 and doing Coil of Bahamut. But I'm really getting bored with it. Hope I can put the game down soon.

    Anyway, Work is good. I never tire of injecting people with radioactive drugs. How about you?

  3. Got rid of a few messages.

  4. Absolutely. Testimonies are always welcome here seeing as it is designed to be more of a fellowship thread than a theological one anyway. I never miss the chance to show off my testimony as well.


    "I'm Radiata if you couldn't tell."

  5. Actually, the sig tag is from the previous ocr christians thread. There were several available, but this was the best one. All of them were available to whoever wanted to use it so by all means, go for it!

    Happy new year!

  6. I've been meaning to ask, what is the brown bear?

  7. Congrats. Happy marriage you two.

  8. Congrats. Happy marriage you two.

  9. No, Paul avoided Ephasus because Antonio Pizza wasn't there to help him. :P

  10. I remember when I first started posting on OCR. I was the biggest noob around. Somehow, through all the hate I've gotten because of that, I've developed thick skin. Maybe I should change my name to thick crust. or maybe 'deep dish' lol

    Yea, I knew the flames would come but I also knew that it would only last for about a week. Notice how fast the irreligious thread died?

  11. Yea, something happened to it. Zircon said,

    "Evidently, no one knows where it went. It's definitely gone, but none of us deleted it. Might be some sort of pruning error.... we're still looking into it. Might want to make a new one in the meantime. "

    Are you up to making a new one together?

  12. I just sent a pm to zircon. We'll find out soon enough.

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