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  1. One game: Dragon Rage. I don't know what the hell I was thinking when I bought this game. Absolutely TERRIBLE.
  2. So, if no one minds me asking, what OCR mixes are "best" in this game? I mean, I know its subjective, but what songs are good? I personally like a lot of the Kirby mixes.
  3. Hi there, back again. I'd absolutely LOVE to hear a remix of "Ride On", the Ragnarok flight theme, from Final Fantasy 8. It's always been one of my favorite Final Fantasy songs, and it would be nice to see it done over in a either trance-y way or as a hip-hop beat. Anyways, thanks if someone decides to pick up this request.
  4. i have a 20 W/Mo, Wycked Woman, and im on almost every day, so hit me up!
  5. I am currently working on a OCR of Shuffle or Boogie, from Final Fantasy 8. I am doing it in a Rock/Metal theme, and I was wondering how to write a guitar solo. I have a live guitarist closely collaberating with me on this, and we are both stumped as to how to write a solo for this specific song.
  6. if i were to do this, i would be doing almost every song in the game.
  7. Cheaper? Did you check the link provided above? It's $165 or something. You can't go $15 over your budget? not my money im spending, its my grandmas.
  8. Ok, this is only a theoretical proposition here. If I were to head up a FF8 remix project, using every usable song from the game, what remixers would be in? Who has the balls to remix a song from the greatest final fantasy game. EVER.
  9. ok....does anyone know of a good controller, with features similar to the E-MU Xboard 49, but cheaper?
  10. ok... I want something with a midrange of octaves, non-weighted is fine with me, i need USB connection, and i need it to be velocity sensitive. I have a good budget cause this is a christmas present from my grandmother
  11. Ok, im back with another question. How do i get the time of the song in seconds in reason?
  12. OK...... I want to be able to control and play samples on Reason. That's.....it....I guess...... EDIT: Is this a good keyboard? http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Evolution-eKeys-USB-MIDI-Keyboard-Controller?sku=701522V
  13. see, thats the thing. I dont know crap about keyboards, and im stuck. I think all i need is a midi controller, but im not sure. What else can a keyboard do?
  14. I am soon to be getting a keyboard. What should I get? I am looking for a cheap, reliable keyboard. If possible can y'all provide a link to it, also?
  15. Relatively. If you can't find it at a local EB/GS there should be a plethora on eBay or so. Make sure you're looking for the Ocarina of Time/Master Quest set, not the Collector's Edition set, because the latter is much rarer and consequently much more expensive. 0o I have the collector's edition. I looked it up on Ebay, and DAMN!!!! I didn't realize it was worth $50+
  16. this is, hands down, my favorite OC Remix to date. I just fell in love. It has that head rattling bass punch that too many people are afraid to use. of course the main synth line is my favorite part, but thats because i love Mother, now dont I? other things i did enjoy about this remix were its ending. In my opinion, this remix is simply the best trance song ive EVER heard. A+++++++++
  17. i liked it. its very.....chipper. I like the way you messed around with the notes from 1:06 to 1:12. i thought that was really interesting, that and the ending to the song, the way you transitioned back to a more melodic approach. All in all, twas good.
  18. I simply fell in love with this remix. It represents all that i would want to do in a remix. Hard, driving synths, beautiful piano, a great intro, and a good drum pattern make this remix what it is: awesome.
  19. I love the intro to this remix. it made me laugh. Then theres that bass kick, which is awesome. but my favorite part has to be the actual synth line of cid's theme, when it get's mixed in with everything else.
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