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  1. meh, none of those capture the theme well enough
  2. Yes, it's a bit short, but so was the Pac Man jingle, and yet even that was masterfully extended. The opening bars of this title theme are heard in the Tower theme of Gauntlet: Dark Legacy, so there's an example of the theme being expanded upon right there. It can be done!
  3. The ingame music would make a killer arena rock arrangement, what with the chants of "ROCK! ROCK! ROCK! ROCK!" in it. i wonder why mutagene only did the title theme and not this one.
  4. I'd vote for this, if requests had votes!
  5. Also called "Fatal Rewind" in Europe, the ingame music practically screams "Classic British Punk". You know, with "Oy! Oy! Oy!" and all that.
  6. I'd like to request a OMF 2097 "Desert Arena" Heavy Metal mix. Some A-10 Thunderbolt II strafing run SFX would be cool.
  7. Your production "Invertebrate Retreat" really made me think about Bren McGuire, better known as Turrican. Given as many times as he's had to save the world from The Machine, the song really sticks to him. Would you be able to write a ballad for him?
  8. There have been many remixes of Battle Squadron's "Game Over" theme, but not enough of the main gameplay theme. Let's hear 'em!
  9. i know it, but wouldn't it sound cooler with live guitars and drums?
  10. yeah, the "Let's Go!" soundbite really sold me. y'know, like nostalgia and stuff, cause i first played this game when i was 12.
  11. I think the theme for One Must Fall would make a neat rock ballad.
  12. needs an overhaul!
  13. There's a really cool remix of the Medieval Tribe theme on www.amigaremix.com I'm wondering if someone could make a remix of the Cavelem Tribe's theme.
  14. Namely, "Sarah's Song", "Tyrian, The Level", and "Gryphon of the West". Hell, all of them could use a remix.
  15. yeh, i've got that cd. Came with a DN logo ball cap. After megadeth's cover, it's hard to top. try doing one of DNII's main theme, though. Oh, and DN3d's "Fahrenheit"
  16. I can't remember the name of the tune, but the remixers were "Children of the Monkey Machine", "Beatdrop", and someone else.
  17. this particular tune from Castlevania can't be remixed too often, and I've found that the current remixes posted aren't to my taste. this isn't to say that they're not all good, just that they don't appeal to my own ears, and i'm one out of thousands of listeners, so you, the authors, shouldn't take it pers'nally. to prospective authors, use more pipe organs!
  18. I'd like to see a remix of the theme for the giant's castle from Shadow of the Beast.
  19. also, a remix of the medivo theme from JJ2, if you can do it.
  20. I'd like to request a remix for the music from the level "Buttville Pt. 1", titled "Living on a Landmine" by Tommy Tallarico. I have the track in FLAC format if someone will tell me how to post it, or you can goto Tommy's MySpace page (here) and it's there on his songlist. {EDIT} I think also that this song was played during the bossfight with the robotic chicken at the end of "Level 5", Professor Monkey-for-a-Head's stage.
  21. In particular, the music for level four, "Tooting Common". I believe the official title of the tune, by Patrick Phelan, was FUNKYTUT, or zoolegyptian.mod {EDIT} Actually, I happen to have the mod file on my drive. Is there a way to attach it to this thread?
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