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  1. I like it. It gives me that same feeling I got the second or third time I played through the game, when it starts to sink in just how close I am to the end of it.
  2. Lately I've had RAF/Laura Branigan's "Self Control" on my mind, and this scratches all of that itch. Top job!
  3. I'd figured it was an instrument/voice limit issue, just wasn't sure how the chip decided which one to suspend.
  4. You know when you're playing a game on an old system, and you pause to do something, then you unpause, and one of the instruments in the BGM that's playing is silenced for whatever note it was playing, and then picks up again a second after? What causes that? Why one instrument and not all?
  5. This is the sort of tune you imagine playing alongside the credits scroll, perhaps with bits of concept art fading in and out. Well done!
  6. Well done, fellows! I really appreciate the modern treatment. Now I can count, just a little bit more, on my younger contemporaries having heard of this melody!
  7. My favourite musical memory will always be the first time I heard "Rainbow Islands" as it was played in the Amiga version of Lemmings. The closest second is the title theme to Zool 2.
  8. There's something about the synthesized chimes and 'cantered' pace synth-guitar. It says 'I need lyrics'.
  9. It certainly is popular. I was just on the phone with the billing department at work, and the woman's phone went off, and this was the ringtone. That bugger was loud, too. Like she wanted everyone to hear it.
  10. Would it be too self-serving to promote the fact that Croteam almost exclusively used Lightwave 3D to model the original The First Encounter game? Maybe somewhere in the "insert foldout".
  11. It's a tall order, making an "album" request. But Sam deserves it. I've not seen one Serious Sam remix on OCR since the first Serious Sam game in 2001. Even Duke has had his day. But not Sam. It seems he's cursed to be forever locked in the past.
  12. My only complaint is the decision to cut "Airbased" from even the Bonus disc. I don't download a whole lot of these OC Remix albums (the last two were the Doom and "All American" albums), but it looks like all the music is composed specially for album judges' consideration at the time of it's announcement. Is that how it works?
  13. "Easily disappointed" is someone who's disappointed by a wide range of things. I was disappointed by the absence of a single element (not to mention the surplus of another element). BUT! The whole of the Tyrian soundtrack, or at least the tracks that were scored for the original 1995 Epic MegaGames release (Tyrian 2000 has all of them, but the "OST" included on the CD lacked several tracks) can be found on Alexander Brandon's personal Bandcamp.com page. And there's even little factoids for each track as you play them!
  14. I must say, when I saw the Bad Ass Bosses album, I thought "This might be it! Someone might have included Vykromod!" (I often wondered why he wasn't a contender in GameSpot's "Ultimate Villain" contest. I guess too many people were pre-occupied with FF). And I was greatly disappointed. Who doesn't remember reading the Vykromod DataCube after the very first ever level of Tyrian, which boils down to "I'll be back!", and then reading the second DataCube from ol' Vyk right before entering the last level of the first episode, saying "I'm back, I'm pissed, and I'm more heavily armed than last time.
  15. The title theme of Zool 2 is already a "remix" of a gameplay theme from the original Zool (in the original, you chose from a small variety of tunes, and were stuck with that one throughout the whole game, kinda like how Chuck Rock played the title theme throughout the game if you didn't choose SFX instead of Music; later advancements in Amiga memory management meant individual tunes for individual levels). Even if it wasn't, it's tough to remix a tune that's literally nothing but clicks and whistles, with the odd chicken cluck or gunshot tossed in. Part of the title tune (the recognizable par
  16. One of the best last Amiga games to have been released (and subsequently ported to other platforms; I think the only non-Commodore console that got it was the Mega Drive, and the PC got a CD-ROM version), it was also one of the best sounding, since software developers have had plenty of time to come to terms with the capabilities of the "Paula" sound chipset. The Ancient Egypt-themed stages of Zool 2 featured a "big band/swing club" style tune, presented as best as could be with the best MOD/tracker software available (they certainly got the horn section down pat). I've often wondered what
  17. Which version inspired this remix? The original, PC/MS-DOS version? Or the bastardized PSX version?
  18. "All is quiet on New Year's Day/...../Nothing changes on New Year's Day" Though written about the Polish "Solidarność" movement in 1983, one can't help but bring to mind thoughts of the Y2K panic of 1999. The latter thought is almost synonymous with Deus Ex. You can almost hear the mesh of the iconic piano riff and rhythm guitar strumming from U2's classic rock, er, classic and the synthesizer strains from the theme of Warren Spector's magnum opus (since System Shock, anyway).
  19. Sure, it's short and PC Speaker only. But it was catchy, and that's the important part. Surely something can be done with it.
  20. Funny you should use the word "Rime" for a song used in Dragon Roost, since rime is actually a kind of frost, specifically the frost that appears on windows early in the morning when dew and fog freezes on them.
  21. If you listen closely to the music of TD 2192, every tune coheres to a single theme. So basically, making a TD 2192 OC Remix shouldn't be too hard, considering that almost all the original melodies follow the same theme.
  22. Come to think of it, has anyone ever done a remix of a theme from a mod before? The Nameless Mod offers a practically untapped source for remixes, unless of course you count the in-game jukeboxes/stereo systems, which play remixes of the original Deus Ex's music when activated.
  23. I actually emailed Ray Norrish once and asked if he ever had an official title for the ingame tune, and he replied that he never got past giving them placeholder names, so apparently "ingame4" is the fourth rendition (and the one chosen) for the Amiga version of the game. I don't know if that means there were four sets of instruments playing the same tune, or if there were four tunes, and one was ultimately chosen, he didn't say. I suppose I should have asked. Anyway, I've heard plenty of remixes of the loader theme, but not too many of the ingame theme. Any takers?
  24. I currently do not have permissions to post attachments, but if you need a copy of the module for the second Oriental stage, I can email it to whomever might want to remix it. The tune itself sounds a bit like The Vapors' classic hit "Turning Japanese", so there's a bit of inspiration right there. I suppose you could toss in some lyrics about ketchup, given it being a game about tomatoes.
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