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  1. This was one of my favorite remixes on Project Chaos. I like the transition about midway through. Sounded like a possible gateway between Act 1 and Act 2.
  2. This is the first time I have heard this remix, it's great just like the SonikElektronik remix. Awesome work!!!!!!!
  3. This is a great remix of Zone 1-2. The only thing I thought that was missing was the proper tempo of the music. It could've been a bit faster to match the tempo of the original track. I know there were some comments about the way this ended, but I really liked the ending myself. The sax and trumpets were exceptional also.
  4. I always thought Zone 3 was one of the easier stages on S3K myself, although the boss at the end is tricky. There are several extra lives and tons of rings. Back to the remix, I found that the BGM to Zone 3-1 was a very versitile theme and it has been made into a techno remix(SonikElektronik), an elevaor remix (Pure Black, or Marbles and Cream) then this one. As far as the association to the original track to Zone 3-1, I only had to hear the first second to know exactly what BGM it came from. As a matter of fact, I could've told right off the bat if it was either Act 1 or Act 2. Speaking of which, I don't know if it's been done or may be done in the future, but I wonder if someone will do a remix for Zone 3-2, because the ones I have heard so far are all Act 1. It probally wouldn't be that much diffeent since the songs are rather close in melody.
  5. I am at awe. This is way better than I expected. I was quite impressed with the Sonic 2 Hedgehog Heaven project, but this has left me speachless.
  6. I was thinking when I first heard this arrangement that there were parts of Lava Reef there and that was the case. I have S3K CD for my computer along with the original. The music is different for Carnival Night, IceCap and Launchbase, but the same for all the other zones. I'm surprised that there are no remixes of those songs. Back to this remix, it's right up there among my favorites.
  7. The link was changed, and it works. You just haven't updated whatever link you're using. Thanks, I got the new link, it works now.
  8. OH NO!!!, the link to this arrangement is broken. I hope a new one can be posted. This was a great piece of work.
  9. I was thinking the exact same thing. Really love how the leisurely pace of Act 1 and quick tempo pace Act 2 are put together here.
  10. Hey guys, long time listener and first time poster here. I have to say this is the best remix of Marble Garden (Act 1) I have ever heard. Thirteen years ago when the Sonic3 first came out, the music to this level really stuck with me. This remix brought it all back. Great Job Dan!!!!!
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