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  1. To tell you the truth, I wasn't sure if anyone else had even heard of this game; I only had a Shareware version of it, but found it highly entertaining. Like djp, however, I felt that the music was the best part of OMF, so I was surprised and happy to see that someone had actually remixed it. This one is definitely staying in my playlist. I love the way it goes back and forth between two technically different songs from the game, and yet if you hadn't heard of OMF or Ocremix, you wouldn't be able to tell it was inspired by video game music at all. That's the kind of stuff I value the most here
  2. This is my favorite Goat remix I've heard so far; an extremely solid metal-based composition that I thoroughly enjoyed. This guy's work has opened my eyes to the heavy metal potential in Castlevania's music.
  3. I always liked FFX's "Path To Repentance", and this inspired remix not only captured the original mood of the piece, but made it more passionate and interesting. The music itself was well done, particularly the intro--but what really made the mix, for me, was Pixie's vocals. That is some serious talent. All in all, great stuff!
  4. I thought this track was quite good, actually. It didn't sound especially complex, but it was certainly evocative. The length was ideal; three minutes is long enough for the mood to fully sink in, but not too long to keep the interest of the listener. It's nice to see a more ambient take on that particular CT song; I respect the artist's effort and have enjoyed the result.
  5. Hi, I'm FrozenHope. As a music (and remix) lover, I wish I'd found this place sooner. So much hard work and inspiration has gone into these songs that anyone who visits this site and takes a look at the songs is bound to realize video game music has just as much quality and potential as other types of music. This place has definitely inspired me.
  6. ...WOW. This is excellent stuff. This remix capitalizes on a vague yet distinct emotional theme that I've detected in the Marble Zone's music. It always seemed tragic to me in a way (and not only because of all the rings I would inevitably lose just getting out of there alive), and even though I've never seen the beer commercial that apparently helped to inspire it...this has become one of my favorite remixes on the site. Wonderful job, DJP.
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