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  1. You mean the PM you just sent a few hours ago? Yes I did haha. Gimme a sec to reply

  2. Awesome! Can't wait to hear it! :)

  3. The collab and the vocal piece are both original music, and it's my first time doing either! Jumping out of my comfort zone, haha. I actually posted a near-final WIP of the vocal one to see if anyone here is into the style: http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=45955

    OC Assembled is doing a new song?! Awesome! I so wanna collab with you all. I can't wait for the upcoming piece, though! You guys gonna post on the WIP board, or do I have to be patient and wait for an official release? :-P

  4. I will certainly vote if I get reminded or find it again! As for work, I finished a half-hour-long DJ mix like two weeks ago, and I just finished a collab with somebody yesterday. Got a vocal mix and more funk house on the way... just lots of things I owe people, haha. What about you?

  5. Hey Matt! Thanks for the invitation, but I've gotta focus my music time on some pressing deadlines. I look forward to hearing the competition's music :)

  6. Dude--you did the opening for preview #2, right? That is sounding SO good. I really can't wait to hear the whole thing!

  7. Wow, there's a lot of stuff in there! Not sure what to call that style at all! Neat sound bytes that I wouldn't expect to mix together very well... but it definitely works out! I could learn a lot from you, haha... Very funky, liking it a lot ^^

    The one on the project is as funky as I get, really. I like to incorporate funk into house tracks, though! Here's one of mine in exchange:


  8. "Schizophrenic", eh? :P

    I definitely welcome the mixing of lots of genres, since I get bored with just using one. Sometimes I go a little overboard and make things that are like rock/orchestra/house and it sounds a little too weird. Anyhow, I'd love to hear what all you've been working on! If there's anything you wanna share, I mean :P

    (Also, sorry for taking so long to respond. Classes started back up and I got hit with hella projects)

  9. Aw, you put a lot of good work into it, though. I'm excited to hear the completed piece as well--it's awesome to see you guys collaborating. I hope he gives you updates and doesn't just pass you the final WAV! XD

    HAHA that is the most hilarious analogy I've heard for dirty bass. Have you messed around with the nasty sounds, or do you mostly mess with funk and chippy stuff? I've only heard a few of your WIPs, but I like what I've heard so far :)

  10. Thanks dude! I can tell you like funk and such--I hear a lot of it in your stuff (especially the "wacky" one, which is sounding AWESOME. You know the one). I'm also a huge fan of funk and jazz, and I'm going through a phase where a lot of my stuff has a little of its tasty influence!

    I can't wait to hear the final versions of your stuff. This whole thing is gonna be raaaaad :D

  11. Why you gotta stalk my wall posts, X? :-P

  12. Well it's not the be-all and end-all, but it's definitely worth it. I haven't really used anything but for synths. Are you thinking about going into some of the heavier electronic stuff? :D

  13. Hiya Gar! Thanks for listening--I really appreciate it. Waiting to hear more of your Collision Chaos, too! As for effect suites, I don't really know what to recommend. I use Massive and that's essentially my only synth, but it's very versatile. Besides that I just use basic compressors, EQs, limiters, the standard lot :)

  14. Dude! Great work on that one piece. You know the one. You are a darn good rapper :)

  15. Wow. GREAT work on that one piece. You know, the one with all the awesome. I'm thoroughly enjoying all six minutes of it :D

  16. Hey Matt! Yessir, but I was not online long enough to provide you with an adequate response. I have now sent you a response, and I shall get started on that WIP ASAP :)

  17. Wow, your stuff is amazing, especially your album. I'd love to someday be able to make the insane sounds you make now. Keep it up!

  18. Sad that the last thing I posted on your wall had to do with that terrible class. Let me remedy this by saying that I heard your jazzy Song of Storms and it was amazing! I gotta see you play piano someday.

  19. Whoops, forgot that this should be a private message.

    What up dood!

  20. Whoa! CSC 216-001? Me too! :D

    This is crazy. I'm gonna go make cake.

  21. Hey! Just wondering if we have any classes together next semester. I'm taking CSC 216, CSC 226, MUS 306. Figured those were the most likely classes we would have in common, unless you're taking fencing! :D

  22. Lol yeah. Just realized that I confused it... I mixed the names of an old space shooter called "Demonstar" with a new space shooter called "Nanostray." There ya go!

  23. Hahaha nice! I was thinking about minoring in some kind of music as well! I'm in Bagwell. I hope you're not in the Quad because if you are I'm a bit freaked out.

  24. Hey I just noticed your username! I used to play a game called Demonstray a long time ago and I loved it. Now I can't find it, but I still remember all the fun I had with it. Is it linked to that, or is that just a coincidence? :)

  25. Hey! I go to NCSU as well, majoring in Computer Science. Just stopping by to say hi, because I've never met anybody from OCRemix who goes to the same school as me ^_^

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