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  1. Good luck, man. I've been listening to your stuff for years. You've gotta kick out some more rad tracks so get better soon.
  2. Heh, and probably the most sophisticated music ever written for a video game.
  3. It's ridiculous how so many are intolerant to music in other languages. Are you listening to music or reading poetry? I don't know, lyrics have always seemed a secondary thing to me. I'm listening to a musical composition, and if the words happen to complement it well, great. Oftentimes people won't listen to a rock song in another language but they'll listen to Latin opera pieces or even some sort of Spanish music. Whenever I hear someone being shown a foreign song and complaining "But I don't understand it", I tell them "Of course you understand it. Everyone understands notes." It seems like kind of an arbitrary reason to isolate yourself from 80%+ of the music in the world.
  4. The thing that makes it a major scale is the set of intervals. All major scales have the same intervals between their degrees. Not sure if you knew that, but yeah, A major is technically no different than any other major scale.
  5. Get some composition textbooks, study composition. Import songs you like into MIDI editors and spend hours analyzing them.
  6. I checked this out, you two are fun to listen to as always. I hope you guys get something going!
  7. Star Ocean 1 totally needs a remix project. Great, underappreciated soundtrack.
  8. Haha, Protricity is still fucking with OCR? That is hilarious man, it's been like FIVE YEARS since he was a scorned here. Jesus.
  9. One of the raddest remixers around here (Sixto) said he'd be using Reaper if he hadn't already spent a ton of money on Cubase, so I'd imagine it's pretty capable software.
  10. People who are serious about bass playing are rad. Happy birthday man.
  11. Pretty cool site, there's definitely some invaluable information there. Anyone at OCR looking to make a career with their original compositions would probably benefit from checking out the articles.
  12. Sign me up for Rolling Cradle please! I've the urge to rock.
  13. Yeah, it looks to follow the most basic syntactic structures, starting with static harmony oscillating from the tonic to another degree, then following up with a few measures of straightforward dynamic harmony. The chord choices are disgustingly simple and I sincerely hope that's not the only arrangement it can come up with. I wonder what it would do if you input a melody that strongly implied various mid-phrase key modulations. Crash? Hoho... *adjusts cravat, sips wine*
  14. I love how in the video for the product the people are saying, "...and now I'm a brilliant songwriter!" Heh, seems a bit of an oxymoron wouldn't you say?
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