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  1. So as you can tell from my account, I'm not at all a newbie to OCR. I just recently logged back into my account to see some 7 year old posts from 2008 asking the community about composition and the sort. Looking at my questions back then, and how misguided and innocent they were (I would have been 14 or so years old), I absolutely CANNOT BELIEVE the positive response I got from the community. I wanted to thank everyone for being so kind, in fact, DarkeSword, I believe some advice from you was quoted in that thread! Now, I am returning to the community (after listening/lurking since middle
  2. This was a well thought out and humerous presentation, that was much worth 10 minutes, and much worth watching multiple times. I love this and you will get an A. My LOL List: Companion Cube(Oh Portal, My Portal) Knocked Up Picture Hey look! I'm drawing pictures! I don't have a picture of James Portnow. Great movie, humerous in many different types of humor.
  3. Thanks for elaborating, I had no idea how to explain it fully. Every commercial song out there pretty much follows that template in Rozo's post in some way shape or form.
  4. Well a song consists of verses, and one unifying chorus that keeps playing after verses. For instance: Rap music. A chorus would usually be considered as a hook, or the part of the song that is played twice or three, maybe even four times. Example: A verse would be written lines for a rap that would change everytime the chorus came around. It usually goes: Verse Chorus Verse etc. but sometimes there are exceptions with two verses in a row and then a chorus. All choruses are mainly the same, and they come multiple times in a song. And so on. It is kind of hard to explain now that I think
  5. Alright, thanks for all the advice, but here's my last question really. I was wondering if any mixers out there that use FL Studio have any free time over the summer possibly. I ask this because maybe if there are any mixers who would want to maybe do a small remix or two with me somehow for the sake of my learning process, not so much me mixing, but possibly some FL mixer out there could show me the ropes and show me some techniques. I could pick up a couple things on the way. I don't know if you guys catch my drift, but it'd be like one of those watch and learn type deals, where I could con
  6. I would pay for three tickets. That's how cool that would be. Except, Link should be played by Matt Damon, Zelda should be played by someone like Angelina Jolie and Ganon should be Samuel L Jackson. Oh and Navi can be played by that actor who played Mini-Me in Austin Powers. Bahahahahahaha. Oh by the way, if you haven't seen this already, three part series. A fan movie about Zelda. Pretty long, about two hours, to two and a half I'd say. Very good in my opinion, its not on the big screen, but its humerous and displays many funny features about the game. Ganon is a real riot too. It's deff
  7. Just a question, but in what order do you guys do songs? By order, I mean do you guys start with the drums first, and then go with the melody, bass, fills? What order do you guys make your songs?
  8. Yeah, I see what you're talking about. I guess that's why in all the competitions I see, MIDI ripping is obviously not allowed. So MIDI ripping is for lazy and cheap people haha.
  9. So do you suggest that I see what this other program is like too? I just looked at reaper, it looks pretty good, I think I might play around with it.
  10. Makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the reply. I guess I never realized how many trials it took before you got even a decent song.
  11. Thanks to you both for the advice, it will be taken into consideration. I think I know what you are getting at Tensei when you were talking about the instruments. Think of my music as being played by multiple people with different roles in a song. When I listen to OCremixes, as I am trying to more and more, I am picking up techniques and ideas and trying to hear what they do when filling a song. And I'm sure time is always a factor when remixing, and as you said no first song is really a good one. Is this how you guys got started making music and remixing (If you do)? In the WIP section?
  12. Hey everyone at OC, I know there is a Introduction section for saying hello, but I have a couple of problems as well so I decided to make a SUPERTHREAD (lol) of a hello and my problems. First off obviously I'm new because none of you have seen me post before or anything. I've listened to all the OCRemix Music for around a year and I figured that its time for me to try to make remixes. I've played around with both FL Studio 7 and 8 for 2 or 3 months(not near enough time, I know), and played around endlessly with VST's and VSTi's as well as soundfonts, samples, effects, etc. I've also watched nu
  13. Okay, coming from a guy who just got his computer upgraded like hell, this is what I would recommend. It all depends on what emulators you are playing on it, what games if any you are going to install, and how much you are going to be doing at once on your computer. Here's the deal. For a graphics card I have an 8800 GT, and they are very,very nice. You won't want to go past that at all because GTS and GTX for the 8800 aren't as different as you'd think. I think in Counter Strike:Source when I played it, it makes about a 20 Frames per Second difference between each. Once you get to a cert
  14. EDIT: Alright sorry for the idiot disregard post, I was late for school and I thought I could get a post in before I left, but I had to leave so I just edited it for the time being. Anyways, about the MIDI ripping. I really don't get the difference/why people MIDI sequence for sites like VGMusic, when you could just make high quality remixes. Also, could someone explain to me MIDI ripping and how it is used effectively?
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