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  1. I have listened to this mix a good number of times now and it keeps getting better so I thought I would come here and say great work and respect. Really original stuff.
  2. I really like the original of this, one of my faves. Good to hear it remixed and in excellent style too.
  3. Nice one, great style. Definitely some boards of Canada influence in there.
  4. Great mix. I really like the melody at about 1:35 which is really brought to life here.
  5. Why is the name retarded? I think its ballsy. hehe. I like the fact that it is both groovy and has the dark undertones. Good stuff.
  6. This is up there with the best street fighter remixes ever I think, and there are a lot of them. When I used to play SF at the arcade I always used to lose against Cammy and I know why. With an arse crack like that and the great music I was far too distracted.
  7. I never did play Pictionary but just downloaded this remix to check it out and I like it. This is a great remix by The Orichalon.
  8. Dr. Mario has the pill but its certainly not chill, more like funk. A Funkalicious mix actually. I like the the "Is the there a doctor in the house" sample. Nice touch. What else you got rotting on your HDD DJR?
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