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  1. Don't mix up single player and multiplayer in smash. I can't even fathom disregarding a KO for some single player reward in melee. I've been playing competitive for so long though... I've forgotten what it's like to care about trophies.
  2. Yes. From the look of the variety on the pages shown, there must be hundreds, maybe over a thousand of those things. Completely random little stickers. Plus, Sakurai said they will be easier to find than trophies. It may likely give stickers every time you defeat one of those subspace emissary thingies. Sort of like a coin match. ... Who plays those?
  3. Whoa. Been a while. I haven't been posting on the OCR for a while now, been busy smashing and going on smashboards more often now. Here's a recent vid of me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tms3qYU_9QA Oh, and I'm Zelda. Enjoy.
  4. I disagree. Yoshi's lack of a third jump makes him so easy to edgeguard, and very predictable. Yoshi has limited invincibility during the rise in his jump, yes, but most players know what exactly when he's vulnerable to attack and just wait. The fact that Yoshis often use their air dodge as means of a third jump also makes them very predictable and punishable. He is a great character on the ground- I've seen good players own with him. His lack of a jump cancellable shield is another handicap though. Yoshi just loses ownage value when he is knocked off the edge. Yoshi needs that extra jump for sure.
  5. That seriously made me laugh out loud. Not that it's preposterous or anything, just imagine a chain of characters holding onto each others feet.
  6. I am so pre-ordering mine when we can. Where should you go to look into making pre-orders?
  7. Picture updates are so hollow. I hope at E3 we get a trailer that shows all the new added characters moving and attacking as well as the new stages. I want to see this "different flavor" Bowser has this time.
  8. Ditto. I am on smashboards.com often now, but I will stop going on until I've unlocked all the characters and stages after the games release. Here too, I guess. Discussing the new unlockables will be the thing to do after Brawl's release.
  9. You may think that, but it's safe to say the C-stick is "fastest." Here's why. When you use the C-stick, you don't charge the smash attack unless you press Z, which is not something you'll do accidentally. When you do it with the control stick however, you charge the smash attack as long as you have your thumb on the A button. Smash runs in 60 fps, so unless you know you can press A for one sixtieth of a second and no more, you are charging your smash attack before releasing it, and thus, pulling off the smash attack slower. One tends to think that simply pressing A is something done in an instant. Actually, unless you have amazing reflexes, you hold the button down for a few frames during your "press." I would know- I play Zelda. Zelda has the quickest smash attack in the game: her down smash. It is essential to attacking a close foe quickly, because it comes out faster than her slow jab and her grab is abominably slow. I used to use the manual method, but after painful re-configuring of my brain and instincts for the move, I have found myself much quicker to the draw using the C-stick.
  10. Can't be. They only do them facing off the edge. You can't do it facing the other way.
  11. I imagine the wario waft. Speeking of which, how about this picture? Does anyone get what's going on in here? He doesn't seem to be getting hurt... -but Fox is definitly taking damage. Wario's position looks pretty awkward. I don't get it. I'd have to say he's doing some kind of fart blast, unless it's some sort of head butt for his downair or downB or something.
  12. Beautiful. I wonder what stage this will accompany. Cross your fingers for Past Stages: Hyrule Castle!
  13. So, Zelda is confirmed. ... AS A BRUNETTE!?
  14. learn to tech and you won't bounce. press l before hitting a wall/ceiling and you'll regain control.
  15. The thing about Prime music is, it has little melody. Magmar caverns has good music, but its remixed from Super Metroid. There's just too much percussion, and not enough instrument voice IMO. Think about this: can you whistle or hum the tune(s) from the Phazon Mines area?
  16. The great Items or Not? debate should be in there somewhere. Seriously, so much flaming at that time.
  17. YESSSSS!!! Both would be so appropriate. King Hippo... would they implement his weakness? Or soda popinski. He would have his turkey laugh as his taunt.
  18. Good point. If they use that mentality, they could have Kraid as playable character- he wouldn't be much bigger than Bowser! KRAID FOR BRAWL!!!
  19. Kirby is supposed to be 8 in tall. Pikachu is supposed to be like 12 in tall. Both characters then, have been scaled up. I don't see why that would discourage Sakurai from scaling down characters. Edit: Also, about dsx100, you mentioned Ridley would tower over the other characters because of his size. Suppose he was that big. In melee, the biggest characters are all low-bottom tier. DK is in low tier. Bowser and Mewtwo are both bottom tier. Being big is not a good thing. Sakurai made the big characters slow and they boast giant hitboxes, making them easy to combo. Consider how easy it is to land a rest on gigabowser with Jiggs. It's like that with all attacks on the big characters. Only the best players can play competitively with the fat characters. The higher the level of play though, the more obselete they become, until the only safe characters to use are the top 5 in the tiers: Fox, Falco, Sheik, Marth, and Peach (though she's often debatable). My point is- if Brawl follows the pattern of Melee, a giant Ridley would the punching bag ftl.
  20. Exactly my thoughts. I want to be surprised. Also, I don't think it's likely that Nintendo will be posting the hidden characters on the site before the game's release. Maybe they will confirm more unhidden characters though.Like maybe they'll anounce "Bowser stays!" or "DK's in!"- something like that.
  21. Oh good, it's not just me then. I'm worried though... EDIT: Oh, thank goodness, it's fixed! Well, not quite, but at least they explained they're just switching servers.
  22. Is anyone currently having trouble loading the smashboards.com page? It's redirecting me to some server index, and my links of pages within the site simply yield the "Page cannot be found" message. Someone just try to go on smashboards.com and tell me if the same thing is happening with you.
  23. They make BF seem like the only neutral stage there will be. Sakurai says, "You'll play this level many times, so it's nice to see it change a little." That sounds like its a stage he included (as if its the only one) so serious players to be able to play tournament smash. BF is like the MLG contribution.
  24. We can almost certainly expect Luigi's return. He was a hidden character on both SSB games, and will likely be hidden on Brawl as well. I mean, how can you have Mario without Luigi? But didn't Sakurai say something about clones in Brawl?