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  1. I tried to vote for the pictures that most fit the theme. Where's Pyro from? The picture didn't really convey any "femme fatale" for me, but probably because I don't know the character.
  2. I was wrong. These turned out VERY well and fit the theme. Congrats all entries. Age 6's Chrono one is great Also loved the Zombies ate my Neighbors one.
  3. I'm afraid of this turning out to be more of a hot vg babes theme than a femme fatale theme.
  4. Pichu from SSBM. I swear, I don't get how he wins the biggest worldwide Melee tournament two years in a row. jk
  5. Which one? There were three. The SNES one was probably one of the best fighters on the console.
  6. http://www.gametrailers.com/player/45175.html The art style is based on the original comics. Interesting. I dearly hope it's competitive, but the trailer seems geared towards a younger audience. Hmm...
  7. Totally. Like Super Double Dragon. What happened to that genre? And where is martial arts in gaming these days? Fighters, and as a side helping in adventure games.
  8. Fav thread? I would say Street Fighter II, but they're doing it, so... No one can complain with FF7, LozOoT, and Chrono Trigger
  9. Sure, but everyone can be mean in a fighter. Think about their normal dispositions. Zelda is elegant, beautiful, and humble, but not badass. Peach is ditsy, damsel-in-distress-ish, and helpless in the Mario titles.
  10. There's also a battle from ssbm called the same thing. In an event match, you fought a giant samus, zelda, and peach on Fountain of Dreams. Samus is the only one in the bunch I would consider a femme fatale.
  11. imo anonymous is better. it removes any subconscious bias we hold to people, and we rate based on what we see only.
  12. What would be the best site to watch for updates on this?
  13. Don is the MAN. Tech nerds ftw. I always played Don.
  14. Wow. This is something I'll definitely try to follow the updates of. I always get high hopes for these games though, and then am disappointed as I hear more. Judgment anyone? Funny. I just played Turtles in Time yesterday evening for the first time in years.
  15. No, no. You're close, but the rule actually is that you have to get banned often to run the FAC. It's not cause-and-effect.
  16. Since I have played both Wii Trauma Center titles... Trauma Center: Second Opinion had a great story and was actually very engrossing. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Trauma Center: New Blood had a pitiful story compared to its predecessor, but was a great deal more difficult. You say you felt compelled to get 100% on MP3? If that's the kinda thing you like to do, I would recommend Trauma Center: Second Opinion, mainly because the story is great. If you want a challenge, each operation gives you a rating. From lowest to highest, you can earn a C, B, A, S, or XS (Medical Prodigy) on each operation. Try to earn an XS on each operation for a real challenge.
  17. Why didn't people participate in this December's anyway? I would say let's just start February, but not if all we'll get is a couple of submissions... But at the same time I want more FF Christmas submissions. Sindra, why don't you make a decision and we'll go with that?
  18. Seriously, this needs addressing. We need the brass in here to make a move.
  19. Then there's this. It's a FF-esque RPG coming for Wii by Marvelous Entertainment. http://www.gametrailers.com/player/42008.html
  20. It looks to me like an attempt to gain free advertising. They put a suspenseful countdown, and throw in the iconic image of the triforce. Zelda fans get excited, and the entire community is soon abuzz about the webpage. It'd be like if (well, in a few years) an ominous webpage appeared with a countdown and the smashball icon hidden, but not too well hidden, in the image.
  21. I dunno, but we're going to skip January if we don't wrap this up. Plus, now we've got a situation where the winner of each contest waits two months to see their theme. Edit: Can we at least get a theme for January before it's too late?
  22. Looks like a promising website. Are you guys on a budget?