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  1. I should get in on the custom firmware boat myself... Too bad I'm not good with that kinda stuff. That and there's prolly extra stuff ya have to get and there's nowhere in a hundred mile radius that would sell that stuff that I can think of. Bah.
  2. So in on this. For those who do not know, AIM is fiercekashikoi. Let the baddal foar mother Russia begin!
  3. This markeths my glorious return to the forums after the FG died. All hail! Oh, and I'm in.
  4. I completed the first level. I then promptly found fun ways to kill the chicken in the game. The only incentive to complete the game that I have is to be able to kill pamela anderson. Repeatedly. But theres much less painful ways to go about this. Like breaking my arm over her head.
  5. Eh, I know how you feel, kinda. Too bad the FG tournament is dying so young. Still, we at least know people who have roms and stuff, so who says we can't play for fun? Even if the tournament does die (hoping it won't, but seems likely, sadly) we could still keep in contact with other people we played against. I never knew the forum in a time before tournaments became a subforum, but I'd imagine there was a lot more interest, and it probably should be put back the old way, because it's really killing stuff that could have been a lot of good fun. Well, if you go, good luck, maybe I'll contact you and we could play a friendly match of Mario Battle or something If you change your mind, awesome. Whatever you do, I hope to see ya around.
  6. Not playable - he's an assist trophy. And so we witness the death of a dream.
  7. In Tekken 5/Dark Resurrection, Jinpachi is not difficult to fight when the computer controls him. Odd for a fighting game to have an easy last boss, but whatever. Just about any final boss from any iteration of .hack. The only thing that made that game hard was the constant fetch quests where you had to get x amount of rare items from specific world and specific enemy who can only be found in low numbers... but the final bosses were a big letdown. Too easy. Wily in Megaman 8 was weaksauce.
  8. This shall be most entertaining. Those unfortunate few who do not know, my AIM is "fiercekashikoi" Lets-a go!
  9. I'd be wary of making the next tournament SFIII, as much as it would rock. Give it a bit longer, I say. There's sure to be some bugs in the emulator, let them iron it out first. Then we can just change the name of this tournament to the SF3aJJBAT (Street Fighter 3 and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Tournament). Lord knows that even CPS2 emulators are still annoying to play online, CPS3 stuff can't be running that smooth over kaillera just yet. Besides, we need at least one more SNK fighter before we go back to Capcom. I'm sick of six button fighters ;_;
  10. The program Kawaks has an option called "netplay" where you can connect to a server via the Kaillera client. You either join a game or start your own. Now that you know, play in some tournaments, will ya? Check the thread on Garou: MOTW (signups might be closed by now, though...)
  11. The Valkyrie part is killing me. I really like the game, the gameplay is great, music and visuals are amazing, but I'd really love to be able to move from character to character. Not even freely, but doing a certain part of one character's story opens the next part of another's story, you know? It's a great game, but the same character gets old fast. Well, at least the other characters' stories provide incentive to continue (Cornelius looks like a blast to play). This game is hard, too. One of the first games in a while where putting it on hard difficulty actually makes the game harder. What a concept, eh? But really, I like the boss fights. Sure, it always devolves into square, square, square, square, jump away, Heal, rinse and repeat... but it's a pretty intense rinse and repeat, to be fair. At this point I'd give it an 8/10, but as I continue I'm sure it'll get to at least a 9/10, judging by the other character's backgrounds. Good times, kudos to Atlus. Now where the hell is Disgaea 3??
  12. Just about anything at all will slow my awful computer to a mere crawl. So no matter what virus software I use, it slows it down. But from personal experience, AVG has slowed me down the least. It's pretty convenient, the only time I experience bad slowdown is during monthly scans. But again, opening wordpad slows down my computer, so it's tough to judge. But yeah, long story short, the best defense against viruses is to just use common sense. The most your average user should ever need to scan is once a month. I'd use AVG. Convenient, fast, free, updates until hell freezes over, a nice setup overall.
  13. Seeing where I'm going with this? Sure, he had a good career, and we should all be very happy for that. But people have a crazy tendency to not forgive guys who murder their wife and young child. I'm not saying he's Hitler Q. Manson, but there was clearly something unscrewed in there. People could have the best career ever, but when you go and kill your family, most people are going to remember that a lot more than his fantastic wrestling moves. Of course, there is the outside possibility that this was some kind of setup and that Benoit was framed by some other bastard. Seems pretty unlikely at this point, though, based on all the evidence. Condolences the families and friends, reserving judgment of Benoit either way until more surfaces, buuuut... I dunno.
  14. Hey, any one out there up for some practice? Even if I've already played you, I need to practice up as much as I can.
  15. Naturally. Been a'waitin' fer dis one. Furthermore, I beat sega 3-2 (but only because I was cheap after he beat me twice in a row and I picked Hokutomaru )
  16. Bahamut, great link, so many great ones there. Also, SSH kicks ass for his Guilty Gear mixes- His version of Holy Orders is amazing.
  17. The 23rd? Schools out on the 18th, I bet I could get it done by then... Finally get a chance to do one of these! w00t!
  18. Won vs. Hemo 3-2. Way close match, too.
  19. win vs. Broken, 3-1. That was good, you had me a bit worried in one match, it was close. Nice work.
  20. Don't know what's going on, but it's an arcade game, it's a fighter, so I guess I'm in. Let's do it up, yo. Oops, forgot, AIM = FierceKashikoi
  21. Won vs. Hemo 3-2. Good show, jolly good show. Also won vs. Nemitor_Atimen 3-0. Not bad, keep it up home-dog.
  22. Won vs. Keegan 3-1. I think I gotta give him recognition for this: He had a 99 combo ready to utterly crush me in a very close round when I just barely slipped by with a smaller counter. Good games my man, good games. Also, Kamoh, I have changed my avatar back to the Slayer one (didn't notice it disappeared...!), so if you feel it's worth it, you can switch it on the tournament board next time you update it. Thanks.
  23. Crap, I can't believe I missed this whole thing. Well, I'll be in on the next one for sure. I hope.
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